Day two and I can already tell that this week is going to be an exhausting one!  I have a super fun best friend weekend coming up, but in order to get to that I have to finish one class, which means finals and projects, and start a new class, which is always a challenge.  I turned on my camera this morning to find this…


Yesterday’s fast paced day caught up with me (plus a nagging head cold), and I took a short afternoon nap on the couch with the doggies.  Still in my chef’s pants!

And now, a lightning speed dinner post.  Last night brought the return of my beloved camera – aren’t the pictures SO much better? 

IMG_5224 (800x600)

Roasted eggplant – a few of you have asked about this, so I will make it again on Wednesday and show you the step by step.  Have to get through my final exam first!  Roasted these with one small zucchini.

IMG_5225 (800x600)

Green beans with peppery cheast sauce – mmmm.  So many delicious variations of my new favorite topping.

IMG_5226 (800x600)

And sautéed tofu with a teriyaki glaze.  Pretty basic.

IMG_5227 (800x600)

IMG_5228 (800x600)

Running out the door to get to school on time!!  Did I mention I got PULLED OVER on my way to school yesterday?  Ugh – I will tell you about it tonight.  Have a great day!