Vegetable Helper.

Before I race off to class today, I wanted to make sure I filled you in on all the fun things we did on day four.  My job was “Lead Entremetier” – which meant I was overseeing the vegetable crew, rather than making something specific.  I was so happy to be a helper today, rather than on my own making a dish.  We started lecture by talking about food from Western France, including those famous truffles everyone loves so much…

2010-04-28 001 (480x640)

I tasted just a few grains of this salt – WOW!  With truffle flavor, you definitely don’t need much…

2010-04-28 002 (480x640)

As part of my role to help out the people making vegetable and starch dishes, I jumped in to help poor Coretta, who had to tourne SIXTY potatoes.  These are the worst cuts ever to have to do  – so tedious!  Like little potato footballs…

2010-04-28 003 (640x480)

After yesterday’s mess, the pace of the class was much better and calmer today.

2010-04-28 005 (640x480)

Check out what Jeff was working with for his dish.  Any guesses as to what this is?

2010-04-28 019 (640x480)

Perhaps a shot of the big piece will  help…  BEEF TONGUE!  Gag me.

2010-04-28 020 (640x480)

I ran away from the tongue and snuck around the room with my camera a few times to check out what my classmates were doing (and making!).  Mylan was carving beef…

2010-04-28 006 (640x480)

Kim was pounding out medallions of venison (deer meat)…

2010-04-28 007 (640x480)

Midway through class, Chef showed us his demo on breaking down chickens.  Every teacher seems to have a different way to do this, so it’s always interesting to learn all the different techniques.

2010-04-28 008 (640x480)

2010-04-28 009 (640x480)

Christian was making some sort of delicious looking potato pancakes – yum!

2010-04-28 014 (640x480)

2010-04-28 015 (640x480)

As it got closer to time for servi
ce, prep time was over and we started working on getting things ready for plates.  Beef was seared…

2010-04-28 016 (640x480)

Potatoes were piped…

2010-04-28 018 (640x480)

2010-04-28 017 (640x480)

Tomato cups were slid into the oven for melting.

2010-04-28 021 (640x480)

Finally we were all set up for service and ready to plate for our guests.

2010-04-28 023 (640x480)

My job today was to plate all the vegetables and pass them down to my friends with the meat.

2010-04-28 024 (640x480)

2010-04-28 026 (640x480)

2010-04-28 027 (640x480)

After a successful lunch service, we all took turns practicing the venison sauté before we have our practical exams in a few days.

2010-04-28 028 (640x480)

Lighting pans on fire is not something I do that often at home!

2010-04-28 029 (640x480)

Poor Rachel got a bad burn when she accidently grabbed a super hot pan.  :(

2010-04-28 030 (640x480)

All set up for classroom lunch!

2010-04-28 031 (640x480)

Check out the giant pieces of tongue on the plate – eeeeek!

2010-04-28 036 (640x480)

I stuck with this – delicious!  Shaved romano cheese, mmmmm.

2010-04-28 038 (640x480)

And now I’m going to be late – off to another day!&#16
0; :)