Weekend Whirlwind.

One thing is for sure, whenever I am with these girls we are going going GOING all the time!  We are always so excited to see each other that we pack as much as possible into our time together.  This weekend has been no exception.

Saturday morning started with lazy times just hanging out in the house, having breakfast, and playing with the cutie pie dogs.  Check out the new puppy, Teddy the Pomipoo.

3-5-10 169 (480x640)

And her big brother Dougan – such cuties.

3-5-10 171 (640x479)

After breakfast, we headed up stairs to get ready.  It’s so fun having friends who both have so much STUFF – these two are both all over the makeup/clothing/product shopping scene, so they keep me up to date on the latest fun new stuff.  I didn’t pack a single piece of makeup or hair stuff for this trip because I knew there would be plenty to borrow.

3-5-10 174 (640x480)

All three of us our obsessed with Bare Escentuals makeup, so I just borrowed theirs all weekend.  It’s more fun to try other people’s fun colors anyways, right?

3-5-10 172 (640x480)

Once we were ready, we headed to our old college shopping grounds – Easton Shopping Center!  I LOVE this mall – definitely one of the best I’ve been to, and it reminds me of all the fun we had here in college.  Check out what was right in front of us when we walked through the doors to the outside area – YAGOOT!  My favorite tart yogurt from Cincinnati!

3-5-10 175 (640x477)

We skipped the ‘goot though because we hadn’t had lunch yet, and I was totally pumped to see a Cosi just around the corner.  I fell in love with the place in Washington, DC last summer – so many great soup and salad options, plus amazing flatbread!  The girls were up for giving it a try, so we headed there for lunch.

3-5-10 176 (640x471)

I got the Cosi Signature Salad with the “lighter side” option.  It was delicious!

3-5-10 177 (640x480)

It came with one of their delicious flatbread pieces, yuuuuuuum.

3-5-10 178 (640x480)

It was a nice lunch outside on the patio – I wish we could do this every Saturday!

3-5-10 179 (640x479)

After lunch we headed to our next fun adventure of the weekend – the Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D movie! 

3-5-10 180 (640x480)

I wasn’t sure what to expect out of this, since I’m not a huge 3D fan, but it was seriously AMAZING!  I really felt like I was at an actual concert!

3-5-10 183 (640x480)  3-5-10 185 (640x480)

All three of us were dancing and singing right there in the theater – it was SO much fun!  This show is only running for two weeks and I am seriously considering seeing it again.  Kenny Chesney is one of my absolute favorites, and I am so sad that he isn’t touring this summer.  :( 

3-5-10 186 (640x480)

After the movie, we ran around Easton and did more shopping.  I scored a pair of $188 Joe’s Jeans at Anthropologie for THIRTY dollars!!  We also went to Urban Outfitters on the OSU campus, not realizing that today was the spring football game for OSU which meant drunk people everywhere and major traffic – whoops!  We raced back to make it home in time to head out to Lindsey’s BIRTHDAY dinner…

3-5-10 187 (480x640)

We went to a cute place called Thai Orchid, and I got a yummy tofu dish with brown sauce.  No pictures, but I assure you it was delicious.

3-5-10 190 (640x472)

When dinner was over, we headed back to the house for birthday cake.  This cake was called cassada – it was filled with strawberries, cream, and custard, mmmmm.

3-5-10 191 (640x480)

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Lindsey…

3-5-10 194 (640x480)

Happy birthday to YOU!  :)

3-5-10 195 (640x480)

YUMMMM.  We did presents and hung out and talked until after midnight!

3-5-10 196 (640x480)

With two late nights in a row, I had no trouble falling asleep!  Today we have a fun morning adventure planned, as long as the rain hold out (!), and then I’m off to the airport.  I don’t want to say goodbye, but I’m excited to see Casey and the dogs tonight too!  Back later from the ATL…