Barefoot on the Beach.

Seriously, it doesn’t get better than this…  We were up early again this morning (why can’t I sleep in?) and headed out for a morning walk right after breakfast. 

IMG_6101 (480x640)

Huey and Indy were totally pumped to be back in the sand, and I felt like they were going to dislocate my shoulder from pulling so hard on the leashes!

IMG_6102 (473x640)

We walked 1.5 miles north, into a strong wind, and then turned around for an easy 1.5 miles back with the wind behind us.

IMG_6106 (640x479)

The dogs were pooped after a 3 mile walk, and ready to collapse inside.

IMG_6108 (640x438)

I was still looking for a little bit more exercise though, so I headed back out for a solo beach run.  I decided to go barefoot and see if it was really difficult.  I posted this question on Twitter earlier, but maybe you guys can give me some insight too.  Is it bad for your feet or ankles to run barefoot on the beach? 

I ran 2.5 miles out into the headwind, and I was down towards the water in the hard, packed sand.  Running on the beach was awesome, but the impact on  my feet and ankles was pretty intense.  On the way back, I moved up towards the softer sand, which ended up being a killer workout for my butt and legs since I was sinking with every step.  I absolutely loved running on the beach, but I wonder if running barefoot like that is safe?  I know Ashley has gotten injured from running in her Vibrams, so perhaps this is similar?  I hate getting sand in my shoes, so I might just alternate this week and see how it feels.

I made it home in just under 8 miles total – not bad for vacation, right?

IMG_6116 (640x479)

Casey had a delicious frozen green smoothie waiting for me at home, which I was happy to scarf down the minute I walked in the door.

IMG_6112 (457x640)

Smoothie with a spoon – so good.

IMG_6113 (465x640)

We had a little more dreary rain this morning, and just after I got back from my run the clouds sailed away and the sun came out just for us.

IMG_6121 (640x479)

We ate a quick lunch so that we could get back outside and enjoy the sunshine.

IMG_6122 (640x479)

Gigantic garbage pail salad – romaine, cucumber, olives, tomatoes, watermelon, hummus, and peach salsa, mmmmmmmmmmm.

IMG_6124 (640x474)

Seriously, I’m not leaving.

IMG_6123 (640x480)

What is your favorite beach?