Beach Dogs.

With the sun out and shining, yesterday afternoon we decided to let the pups have some play time in the water.  This time we put the harness on Huey so that there was no chance of his collar coming off again, since he is the more active one.

IMG_6132 (640x470)

It was so fun to see them in the water!  Huey had been swimming once or twice as a puppy, but that was before I came along.  And when Indy was only a few months old, Casey dropped him off the edge of a dock at the lake to get him to swim, but he sank like a stone!  Good thing I was waiting in the water for him – poor little guy.

IMG_6127 (640x478) IMG_6129 (640x479)

Huey was all about riding the waves.  He would run out to the wave, and then prance back towards the beach with the tide.  He looked like a galloping horse!

IMG_6131 (482x640)

Indy wasn’t quite so sure what he thought about it all.  He just kept his eye on Huey the whole time to see what he was doing – big brother knows best, right?

IMG_6136 (640x471)

Huey is such a strange and independent dog, and it was really fun to see him let loose and have so much fun.  He was yapping and trying to eat the water while he ran around.  :)

IMG_6140 (640x478)

Indy was still really unsure though, so Huey headed in show his little bro that it was okay, and they would do it together…

IMG_6142 (461x640)

Once Huey came over, Indy was willing to jump the waves and start playing.  :)

IMG_6144 (640x477)

Seriously, so cute.

IMG_6153 (640x480)

This is quite possibly my favorite picture ever.  Huey is obsessed with Casey, and those two have been through a lot together.  I hate that he is starting to get old…

IMG_6151 (472x640) (2)

Beach family!  Not quite a Christmas card photo, but the best you can do with two hyper active dogs.

IMG_6150 (475x640)

I spent the rest of the afternoon laying on the beach with Sarah and Lindsey, reading, talking, and relaxing.  Casey has been inside working like a maniac, hoping to get a few days off at the end of the week.

IMG_6138 (640x475)

IMG_6154 (640x480)

Once we felt good and crispy, and had had enough sun, we headed up to the porch to dry off and enjoy the breeze, without getting any more sunburned.

IMG_6160 (640x461)

Indy loves the beach.  :)

IMG_6166 (640x453)

Me and my favorite yellow pup, back when we were still friends – keep reading…

IMG_6163 (640x480)

Mid-afternoon watermelon break to hold us over until dinner.

IMG_6167 (640x469)

And then a dinner prepared by Chef Casey – delicious Asian stir fry!  Yummmm.

IMG_6171 (480x640)

I am so glad we brought the rice cooker!  Obviously we can make brown rice on the stove, but it is so much easier to throw it in a pot, hit a button, and walk away – especially on vacation.

IMG_6173 (640x480)

Asian vegetables and sautéed tofu, with a delicious soy sesame dressing.

IMG_6174 (640x480)

Check out that STEAM!

IMG_6176 (640x480)

IMG_6178 (640x480)

IMG_6179 (640x479)


IMG_6181 (640x470)

After dinner, we ran out for a delicious post-dinner treat (details on that to come), and figured the dogs would be fine on their own for a bit since they seemed pretty tuckered out.

IMG_6170 (640x445)

I came home after being gone just 30 minutes to discover Indy’s new chew toy – my brand new point and shoot camera.

IMG_6199 (640x480)


IMG_6200 (640x480)

I had it for just over 1 month, and now I can flush those $200 down the toilet.  SO upsetting.  I tried to make myself feel better by saying at least it wasn’t my really expensive camera?  Still sucks.  :(

I tried to move on and not let it ruin my night.  Up next, details on the delicious new island POPSICLE shop that I will be going to every night from now until Saturday!

Waiting for the clouds to roll out so that I can hit the sand…