Chicken Popsicles and Other Vegetarian Horrors…

I was so busy pumping iron yesterday that I didn’t get to tell you about what we’ve been up to in Garde Manger!  :)  Day 3 was another prep day – getting things ready for our mini platter presentation on day four.  But I also on leadership team yesterday, so my group was doing double duty.  The first thing we had to do when we got started was strike a HUGE tilt skillet filled with stock.

2010-05-12 002 (640x480)

2010-05-12 003 (640x464)

When we were all finished, we got to work on the day’s assignments.  The first thing I did was make goat cheese cracker dough, to be used for our canapés on day four. 

2010-05-12 001 (640x472)

I tore a hunk off and ran it through a pasta machine to make it even and thin.

2010-05-12 026 (640x480)

And then used a square cutter to make the cracker shapes…

2010-05-12 024 (640x468)

I laid them out on a sheet pan, but wrapped them until day 4, when I can bake them closer to service time.

2010-05-12 025 (640x449)

While I worked on the crackers, my teammates worked on prepping more of our platter ingredients.  Sean made an apple sauce…

2010-05-12 004 (640x478)

While Paul made cucumber cups for our salad…

2010-05-12 005 (640x480)

And I worked on the filling for the cucumber cups – delicious black bean, corn, and pepper salad.  I even used the same vinaigrette that I put on our cold summer vegetable salad!

2010-05-12 019 (640x480)

Once our prep work was finished, Chef called us over so that he could demonstrate making our galantines – a stuffed meat dish that is flavored with seasonings and aromatics and coated in aspic.  To start, we used the frozen meat-popsicles that we made on day 2, and wrapped them in prosciutto. 

2010-05-12 006 (640x480)

Then we took the mixture of ground meat and panada that we made, flavored with various seasonings, and piped it out onto our saved chicken skins

2010-05-12 007 (640x455)

Once piped, the meat popsicle is laid down in a trench on top of the flavored meat mixture…

2010-05-12 010 (640x450)

And then more flavored forced-meat is piped on top to cover.  Chef did two different forced meats for his, but our group just went with one basic flavor. 

2010-05-12 011 (640x479)

Then the whole thing is wrapped like a sushi roll – using plastic wrap so that it doesn’t stick to the table or come out of its chicken skin casing. 

2010-05-12 013 (640x479)

2010-05-12 014 (640x457)

After the demo, my group headed back to our table to make a galantine of our own.  We decided to flavor our forced-meat chicken with dried cranberries, chopped parsley, chopped walnuts, and goat cheese – one of my favorite flavor combinations!

2010-05-12 017 (640x480)

Paul piped the mixture out onto the chicken skin…

2010-05-12 021 (640x480)

And then we added our frozen chicken-popsicle on top.  Sooooo strange!

2010-05-12 022 (640x479)

All rolled up and ready for cooking…

2010-05-12 023 (640x468)

We poached these in the giant tilt skilled until they reached 165 degrees. 

2010-05-12 027 (640x445)

We removed them from the tilt skilled once they were up to temp, and then plunged them into an ice bath to avoid any carry-over cooking. 

2010-05-12 028 (640x468)

I know these seem totally weird right now (and they are!).  Since I am a day behind on my class updates, I’ve already seen how the final product turned out today.  Wait until you see them, along with all the other cool stuff we made!  Pictures coming tonight, so that I am all caught up…

For now, I’m off to HOT yoga with Kath!!