Goodbye to Topsail.

Wow – sort of fell off the map there for a minute.  Sorry guys!  Friday was our last day of vacation, and we tried to soak up every last minute of being at the beach and being together.

Sarah and I continued our tour de watermelon, ensuring that no juicy bite would be left behind.

IMG_6371 (640x480)

Blake reluctantly tried his first green smoothie – I think he liked it!  But then he promptly washed it down with a beer…

IMG_6370 (480x640) IMG_6372 (478x640)

We didn’t want to get too much more sun because we were so burnt from the day before, but Sarah and I couldn’t resist playing in the waves one last time…

IMG_6375 (640x480)

Casey came out and joined us, and we floated and bobbed in the water for about half an hour.  The water is so peaceful when you get out past the breaking point.

IMG_6376 (640x480)

The dogs did what they do best – slept all day long.  :)

IMG_6377 (640x480)

After our beach time was over, we got dressed up for one last night out in Topsail, and headed to Lindsey’s favorite restaurant, Beauchaines 211.  Before we left, we attempted an ocean front photo shoot, but the wind was not really cooperating with all of our long hair…

IMG_6378 (640x479)

IMG_6383 (640x479)

IMG_6384 (640x480)

IMG_6385 (640x474)

We headed out front to the sound side to try for a less windy location, but sadly my photographer didn’t tell me that the sun was not cooperating.  :(

IMG_6388 (640x470)

IMG_6393 (479x640)

Thanks to my self-timer, I did get a good one of the whole group!

IMG_6396 (640x476)Unfortunately our dinner wasn’t very good.  I had called ahead and asked if they could accommodate 2 vegetarian/vegan meals, and a nice lady called me back to assure me that it would be fine.  I guess that message was never passed along to our waitress, who had very little interest in helping us find something on a 100% seafood menu.  I ended up with linguine with a few vegetables and no sauce, and Casey ended up with asparagus and French fries – total fail.

But the company was great, and it was a fun way to celebrate our last night together on the island.

Saturday morning we had to be checked out of our house by 10am, so we got up around 7 so that we could squeeze in one last beach walk.

IMG_6398 (640x480)

My favorite part of our week was getting to do these early morning walk/runs with Casey and the dogs.  A special little piece of the morning when no one else was out, and we had the beach all to ourselves..

IMG_6399 (480x640)

We attempted another beach side photo shoot, but the wind just didn’t want it to happen…

IMG_6401 (640x481)

IMG_6403 (469x640)

And with everything packed up and ready to go, it was time to hit the road back to the mainland.  It was so incredibly special for me to get to spend an entire week with Sarah, and I am SO glad she was able to come.  I spent the whole week trying to convince her to come live with us this summer!

IMG_6406 (640x458)

Goodbye Topsail, until next time…

IMG_6407 (640x471)

The drive home was not nearly as fun as the drive there, but that is to be expected.  I think the dogs are depressed that we left the beach.  :(

IMG_6410 (640x480)

Back in Charlotte – Lindsey, Sarah, and I went to an afternoon matinee of the Sex and the City 2 movie, and then camped out on the couch and watched Glee.  The girls packed up and headed back to Cincinnati this morning, and now I am really really sad that they are gone.  It was such a special treat to get to spend a week in paradise with the people I love most, and I realize even more just how special it was now that they are gone.  :(  Spending the rest of my day planning my summer and sorting through loose ends from vacation.  I miss the beach!