Lazy Daze.

Welcome to our beach house – the Lazy Daze!  So cute.

IMG_6071 (640x457)

It is actually a duplex, and we have the top floor (totally better!), all to ourselves.  We have a nice big comfy living room area with fabulous high ceilings.

IMG_6058 (640x479)

Best of all – the VIEW!  We are right on the ocean, and with all these windows, you can see literally see water in every direction you look. 

IMG_6059 (640x478)

Topsail is a really long narrow island, with just one main road running down the middle of the whole thing. 

IMG_6070 (640x470)

If you are lucky and your house is positioned just right, you can see the ocean from one side of your house, and the sound from the other.  We totally lucked out with this house – we are ON the ocean, and there is nothing built between us and the sound on the front side of the house.  Check out the view on the other side!

IMG_6060 (640x477)

We have four bedrooms that are all pretty much the same.  Each has 2 beds, and the house sleeps 8 people total.  We only have 4 right now – so much extra room!

IMG_6083 (640x471)

Classic beach house kitchen – it’s really open and great.  LOVE the big island counter for prepping and hanging out. 

IMG_6061 (640x480)

Speaking of kitchens, I kind of brought mine…

IMG_6062 (640x470)

I’ve talked before about staying healthy on trips and vacations, and I think that the most important thing you can do is plan ahead and be prepared.  I made lists and meal plans weeks ago, and packed up an insane amount of things from my own kitchen in order to make healthy cooking easy and stress-free.  I brought my rice cooker, mini food processor, blender, some spices and oils, and a huge load of low-calorie snacks from Trader Joe’s.  Now I can relax and know that we have lots of healthy options, and we don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive island food.

IMG_6063 (466x640)

And speaking of food, I had delicious oatmeal this morning straight out of my travelling rice cooker.  The only thing better than oatmeal and peanut butter…

IMG_6064 (640x473)

Is oatmeal and peanut butter enjoyed with a view of the ocean!

IMG_6066 (640x467)

This is the boardwalk off the back of our house – right out our back door.  It’s so nice and convenient to be right on the beach.

IMG_6068 (640x471)

We got up early this morning and took a long beach walk with the dogs.&#16
0; They are having SO MUCH fun!  I think we may have to move to the beach permanently.  :)  They had their first splash in the ocean, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Huey so happy.  He was literally prancing in the waves!  Especially when his collar slipped off and suddenly he was free in the water.  He was in heaven, and I was having a heart attack screaming “get him, get him!” to Casey.  He was captured and we all headed home sandy and salty.  :)

We spent the morning passed out in beach chairs, reading magazines, and being generally lazy – the way it should be.  A few afternoon thunderstorms rolled in, so we took the opportunity to run to the grocery store to grab the rest of what we needed.  I had brought all of our snack food and staples, but we needed a lot more fresh produce.  Including…

IMG_6073 (640x471)

WATERMELON!  Okay, it is officially summer now.  :)

IMG_6078 (472x640)

IMG_6079 (480x640)

Since it was still kind of overcast and dreary, we decided to hang out on our wonderful covered porch and enjoy the waves and do some more reading.

IMG_6081 (640x466)

Just as I was starting to think that the rest of our beach day might be rained out, the sun came back!  I took a long beach walk with my little sister – it is SO fun to have her here!

IMG_6085 (640x479)

We got back from our walk, showered up, and I got started on tonight’s dinner – Mexican night!  It is always a challenge cooking in a new unfamiliar kitchen, even with all that I packed from home.  For some reason this house has NO pans – so weird, right?  So everything was prepared in sauce pots!

IMG_6093 (640x478)

Our spread included romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, homemade guacamole (thank you Casey!), two salsas, shredded cheese, whole wheat tortillas, Mexican rice, refried beans, and a sauté of peppers, onions, and tofu – YUM!

IMG_6095 (640x480)

I decided to have what I usually make at home when we do Mexican night – one tortilla, and a big Mexican salad bowl. 

IMG_6096 (640x480)

I could definitely eat Mexican food every night and never get sick of it.  We have been to Mexico twice, and have eaten ourselves silly both times. 

IMG_6097 (640x480)

Why do I always overfill my burritos?  There has to be some sort of trick that I don’t know…

IMG_6099 (640x480)

Now we are relaxing and watching TV, and I’m planning on heading to bed soon.  I never want to go home!