Morning Sun.

Ahhhh so many pictures and stories to show and tell you – yummy dinner out, new houseguest arrivals, and more – but the SUN has finally come out to play, and we are going to have our first glorious beach day after a week of rain and gloom (no complaints though!)…

I am telling myself that you guys understand that since the sun its out, I must be outside soaking it all up (with sunscreen of course).  Back this evening with pictures from the rest of yesterday.

But first, a few quick ones from this morning.  Up early at 7am for a long doggie run on the beach with Casey – SO sunny already that I needed full sunscreen and my Reds cap!

IMG_6315 (640x477)

Back home with two extremely exhausted and salty dogs, and enjoyed a big bowl of homemade muesli and strawberries on the balcony.  Best view on the entire east coast!

IMG_6313 (640x469)

IMG_6314 (640x479)

Off to the beach with my latest read, Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer – I will definitely do a post on this when I’m done.  Really good so far!

IMG_6317 (640x477)

See you when the sun goes down!  :)

IMG_6318 (640x468)