One Year Later: The Wedding Recap.

It’s hard to believe it has been a whole year.  In some ways it feels as if it was just yesterday, and other times I feel like we’ve been married so much longer.  Our wedding day was so special to me, and so surreal – every single person I loved in this world, all together under a big white tent filled with music, laughter, and love. 

I never blogged about my wedding, and only shared a few pictures.  Back in my wedding blog-reading days, I read a line that seemed like it was literally taken from my thoughts – “Part of me doesn’t want to share my wedding with the world.  I think I’m afraid if I shake it too hard the glitter will fall off.”  So now, a year later, it’s finally time.  Because a year of marriage has taught me that May 9th will sparkle forever…

I woke up in an amazing gigantic hotel suite with all of my sisters and bridesmaids with me – the perfect way to start the day.  We all headed to the salon to start our day of pampering. 

Malone Wedding-34 (640x427)

While the day was a celebration of me and Casey, it was also so much more than that.  How often do you get to have everyone you love together?  I felt so lucky to have these girls by my side.  (Plus Mary Ann, who must have been getting her hair done at the time!)

Malone Wedding-38 (640x427)

My goal for the wedding day was to be as relaxed and casual as possible.  We left the salon and headed over to my house, where I set up a fun bridal brunch for all of my bridesmaids. 

Malone Wedding-41 (640x427)

My mom had come over earlier and dropped of bagels and fruit salad, along with the gorgeous flowers she had arranged for the rehearsal dinner.  Oh the joys of having a florist for a mother!  :)

Malone Wedding-40 (427x640)

With our hair done and stomachs fed, we headed upstairs for makeup and finishing touches.  I never really like how professional makeup turns out, so I was perfectly content to sit at my own dressing table and do it myself on my wedding day.

Malone Wedding-71 (427x640)

Did you notice the shirts that Mary Ann made for all of us?  Operation:  Mrs. Malone.  Too cute!

Malone Wedding-59 (640x427)

With hair and makeup done, it was time to get dressed…

Malone Wedding-44 (427x640)

I had been soooo nervous that my dress wouldn’t fit after so many alterations. 

Malone Wedding-76 (427x640)

Huge sigh of relief when it was successfully zipped and I could breathe comfortably.  I absolutely loved this dress.  I got it the very first time I went shopping.  It was about ten sizes too big and 75% off at a tent sale, but I knew it was mine the minute I tried it on…

Malone Wedding-81 (427x640)

My bridesmaid dresses were real sundresses from Anthropologie.  I searched for them for months and months, and fell in love when I finally found them.  I even got one for myself! :)

Malone Wedding-105 (427x640)

The other piece of my ensemble was my cameo necklace – worn by 5 different women on my mom’s side in all of their weddings…

Malone Wedding-92 (427x640)

Malone Wedding-89 (640x427)

Right on time, my mom showed up just as I was getting ready to put it on. 

Malone Wedding-95 (427x640)

Dressed and ready – time to head to the church.  I remember standing there just trying to take it all in before the reality of it all hit me at the church.  It was so strange to not talk to Casey all day long, and I wondered how he was doing and feeling too…

Malone Wedding-103 (427x640)

I drove myself to the church in my wedding dress.  Everyone thought I was crazy, but I just wanted to feel like myself.

Malone Wedding-113 (427x640)

When I got to the church I saw my flowers for the first time.  Oooohhhh how I loved those flowers!  We picked our wedding day to be in May for the sole reason that I was completely in love with the idea of having a bouquet of peonies.

Malone Wedding-109 (427x640)

My mom spent the entire two days before the wedding making all of the flowers for the rehearsal dinner and all of the wedding bouquets.  I was so excited to finally see them for myself!  On that note – Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  :)

Malone Wedding-107 (427x640)

I knew that Casey had arrived at the church when Shannon went and fetched his ring for photos…

Malone Wedding-165 (640x427)

She assured me that he was hidden away on the other side of the church, so we headed outside for pictures of all the girls.  I was not a very traditional bride by any means, but for some reason I was really adamant that we not see each other before the ceremony.

Malone Wedding-124 (427x640)

Three sisters – obsessed with these girls…

Malone Wedding-127 (423x640)

Malone Wedding-138 (427x640)

Malone Wedding-139 (427x640)

Since Shannon was with us, I don’t have any pictures of what Casey was up to all day long.  But I know that he had a great day with his brother and best friends.  They all went to an old-school barber shop and got hair cuts and shaves, and then had a nice lunch together at one of our favorite restaurants back home.  It sounds sappy, but there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing Casey happy, and I was so glad that he got to have a fun day with his friends – many of whom live far away…

Malone Wedding-145 (640x427)

Malone Wedding-158 (427x640)

Malone Wedding-151 (640x427)

Malone Wedding-136 (427x640) Malone Wedding-159 (427x640)

The church was all set and ready to go….

Malone Wedding-117 (427x640)

And before I knew it they were playing the interlude and our moms were lighting the candles.  I had spent countless hours agonizing the music for our ceremony, and when I finally heard it I kind of fell apart.  I peeked through a side door right at this moment, and heard “One Hand, One Heart” from West Side Story being played by just a single flute.  Tears started flowing big time.  I couldn’t believe it was all really happening…

Malone Wedding-168 (640x427)

Casey and the groomsmen walked out…

Malone Wedding-178 (640x427)

And the doors opened for me.  I made the very looooong walk down the aisle all by myself…

Malone Wedding-189

But it didn’t matter that I was alone, because I saw this guy waiting at the other end…

Malone Wedding-193

And because it takes way too long to relive an entire wedding in a blog post, the rest of the story will tonight!  :)