Pate En Croute

So before I can tell you about my super cool Grand Buffet today, I have to finish showing you all that we did to get to this point.  Day 7 of Garde Manger was our last preparation day, and we had a lot to get done to get our platters ready.  Each platter is supposed to have one salad, one canapé, one galantine, one pate en croute, and an assortment of pickled vegetables.  

I started by getting all of the individual pieces of our elements together.  I cut out some tiny bread rounds…

2010-05-18 001 (800x600)

And turned them into little golden toasts for our canapés!

2010-05-18 028 (800x600)

I also cut out little rounds of spinach leaves to go on top of the toasts.  I promise all these random pictures will make more sense when you see it all come together as actual FOOD!  :)

2010-05-18 022 (800x600)

I diced up the garnish for our pate en croute – red bell pepper, cilantro, and jalapeno. 

2010-05-18 002 (800x578)

We took a morning snack break to see how our mozzarella roulade turned out…

2010-05-18 006 (800x599)

Deeeeeelicious!  Everyone is getting homemade mozzarella for Christmas this year!

2010-05-18 008 (800x600)

Next we watched Chef Campbell a demo on how to assemble the pate en croute.  First he rolled out the dough nice and thin, and placed a buttered en croute mold on top. 

2010-05-18 009 (800x559)

Then he cut out a piece and draped it inside the mold…

 2010-05-18 010 (800x600) 2010-05-18 011 (800x572) 

And piped the forcemeats into the mold with a piping bag.  Piping meats is soooo creepy!

 2010-05-18 014 (594x800) 2010-05-18 015 (584x800) 

Finally, he cut out a cover piece and laid it on top, and ran a knife around the edges to cut of the excess dough. 

2010-05-18 018 (600x800)    

After the demo, we headed back to our stations to make our own pate en croutes.  Ours was a turkey forcemeat, with a frozen turkey inlay (meat popsicle!).  We rolled out our very buttery dough.  Yesterday, when I read that we were supposed to use the “rubbing method” to make our dough, I remembered that rubbing is the method we used to make buttermilk biscuits.  But apparently I forgot I wasn’t actually making buttermilk biscuits, and left the giant hunks of butter folded into the dough – whoops!

2010-05-18 025 (800x600)2010-05-18 027 (800x597)  

We piped in our turkey forcemeat…

2010-05-18 032 (800x598)

And then added the turkey popsicle…

2010-05-18 034 (800x598)

Covered the rest up with more forcemeat…

2010-05-18 036 (800x583)

And then finished off the top so that it was ready to bake!

2010-05-18 040 (800x573)

For some reason when we baked these we had to add a foil chimney – I guess to release some pressure from the crust? 

2010-05-18 043 (597x800)

At this point my camera disappeared for a few minutes.  Apparently it found Chad playing with a giant cow intestine…

2010-05-18 037 (800x584)

And Megan making goofy faces.  :)

2010-05-18 038 (800x572)

I am totally in denial that it is all about to end!… Back in a bit to show you the culmination of all our hard work, and our Grand Buffet platter!