Pigged Out.

This morning started out slow and lazy – the way it should be before a big race.  I ate a HUGE breakfast – oatmeal, fruit salad, and a green smoothie.  I was stuffed when we finally got ready to go for the day!  Our first stop was downtown Cincinnati, at the Hilton Netherland Plaza Hotel.  Casey’s parents are staying here while they are in town, and they were nice enough to get us a room of our own for tonight, so that we don’t have to deal with the hassle of driving and parking near the starting area.  Check out our awesome room – it is HUGE!

IMG_5553 (640x464)

IMG_5555 (640x463)

Our windows look down right onto Fountain Square – I love Cincinnati!  :)

IMG_5558 (640x480)

And look who came with us downtown – the fabulous Lindsey!  The first year she ran the Pig with me, and last year she was our superstar spectator with hilarious posters.  She hasn’t missed an expo yet!  :)

IMG_5559 (478x640)

Our group headed over to the expo just one block away – so convenient. 

IMG_5560 (640x478)

Flying pigs everywhere!

IMG_5561 (640x481)

The expo was super crowded with lots of booths and people.  We weaved our way in and out of all the merchandise and samples…

IMG_5564 (640x480)

I bought a super cute new t-shirt.  I always end up buying something at every expo – I am a total sucker for good marketing.

IMG_5566 (640x469)

We eventually made our way to packet pickup.  My bib number is 2568.  I wish it had been a 24, but I guess it could be worse.  I am so superstitious!

IMG_5562 (640x471)

There was a terrifying little girls’ cheerleading championship going on in the convention center at the same time, so there were 8 year olds everywhere covered in glitter and tons of makeup – scary! 

IMG_5568 (640x472)

We left the expo and headed home to Hyde Park to pick up these two lovely ladies – my mom and adorable little sister who just got home from college last night!  I hadn’t seen her since Christmas, so I am super excited that she is able to be here to cheer this weekend. 

IMG_5572 (640x480)

We made our way over to Habanero at Newport on the Levee – one of my favorite local burrito joints.  It is actually the exact same pre-race meal I had last year before the Flying Pig – stick with what works, right?  Casey and I also had our rehearsal dinner catered from here – a giant make your own burrito bar – yum!

IMG_5575 (640x480)

IMG_5576 (640x478)

I ate a burrito the size of my head, and a pile of deep fried tortilla chips.  Aaaahh the perks of distance running…

IMG_5577 (640x480)

The Tofu Tango – tofu, pinto beans, eggplant, salsa, peppers, and grilled veggies.  Mmmmm.

IMG_5578 (640x480)

I also got to catch up with my fabulous friend Leah, who met us at the restaurant.  We have been friends since high school – over 15 years!

IMG_5579 (640x461)

When dinner was over, we said our goodbyes to Leah, Lindsey, and my family and made our way back to the hotel to rest and get to bed early.  First things first, I unpacked my loot.  We got another awesome Flying Pig duffle bag – I use my old one all the time!

IMG_5580 (640x480)

My adorable new t-shirt – the front says “sorry I’ve got to run (with my dog)” and the back says “leash and collar – $14.95, running shoes – $90, running with your best friend…priceless.”  :)

 IMG_5582 (640x458)IMG_5583 (640x449) 

Also got lots of fun product samples…

IMG_5584 (640x456)

And of course the official marathon t-shirt and my bib number.  The shirt is a little too 70’s disco for me, but at least it’s a good fit and nice fabric – much better than last year!

IMG_5585 (640x468)

Now I’m off to hydrate and hit the pillow.  I am starting to get VERY nervous…

…back tomorrow with all the details!