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    A Look Back.

Sunset Over the Sound.

Finally!  Yesterday was our first full day of glorious sunshine!

IMG_6319 (640x465)

We started our morning with our usual 5 mile run with the dogs – they were so pooped when we got back.  That sun was HOT! 

IMG_6329 (471x640)

I had my water bottle at my side all day long – it’s amazing how dehydrated you can get in the sun, even when you are surrounded by water all day long!  :)

IMG_6330 (479x640)

We acted like a bunch of beach bums all day long – alternating between applying more sunscreen, reading our books, and jumping in the big waves.

IMG_6332 (640x480)

IMG_6323 (640x478)

IMG_6322 (640x480)

IMG_6324 (640x480)

IMG_6335 (640x473)

IMG_6337 (640x480)

Mid-afternoon, I needed a break from the sun, so I headed inside for a snack of delicious quinoa cereal.

IMG_6339 (640x473)

Leftover red quinoa with Almond Breeze on top, mixed with raisins, cinnamon, almonds, and a little bit of stevia for sweetness.

IMG_6342 (640x480)

The sun was insanely hot and intense, and I figured I’d had my share for the day, so we headed up and enjoyed the shade of our oceanfront porch.

IMG_6343 (640x480)

With beautiful Topsail views…

IMG_6321 (640x472)

And great friends!  Lindsey, Cookie, me, and Blake.  Cookie was one of our good friends from the summer that we lived here on the island – so fun to see her again!

IMG_6349 (640x480)

While we hung out inside making dinner and catching up, we were treated to another amazing Topsail sunset over the sound side…

IMG_6351 (640x480)

IMG_6353 (473x640)

IMG_6355 (640x479)

For dinner, Casey and I had planned a meal of healthy vegan burgers and fries.  I decided to do sweet potatoes and Idaho potatoes for two batches of fries, so that we could have a little variety.  Unfortunately the beach house oven had other plans, and was creating all sorts of crazy temperature variations and hot spots.  The sweet potato fries ended up a little mushy…

IMG_6358 (640x480)

And the regular potato fries ended up a little burnt…

IMG_6359 (640x480)

But they all tasted good, and that’s all that matters, right?  I set out the condiment spread so that everyone could customize their burgers.  Cookie is vegan too, so she provided the veganaise and delicious pickles – yum!

IMG_6360 (640x480)

Casey made our signature vegan black bean burgers, which were a big hit – YUM!

IMG_6363 (640x480)

One of our tricks for keeping meals like this lower calorie is using English muffins instead of buns – only 100 calories and just as satisfying!

IMG_6362 (640x480)

Dinner was delicious, and after we cleaned up we all hung out in the living room playing a wild round of my favorite board game – Scattergories!  I LOVE playing board games on holidays and family vacations.

I think I need to invest in more board games – what are your favorites??

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Emily @ The Front Burner     at 12:05 pm

I TOTALLY have Apples to Apples too!! Second favorite! Who wants to come play it with me? :)

Lisa – the Hunts ketchup was really good! nice to not have the bad ingredients, and also tasted great. I am a ketchup fiend. :)


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