The Pop Shop.

The first day that we got to the island, we drove around checking out the town, seeing what was still here and what was new.  (Just realized I haven’t told you my Topsail background story – will have to do that next!)  One of the new spots we had noticed up in Surf City was something called Luna Pops – Handmade Frozen Treats.  Sounds good to me! 

Back at the house, a quick Google search led me to the Luna Pop website, where I discovered 80 flavors of popsicle deliciousness.  There was a LOT of “pop talk” and we decided that we had to go immediately after dinner.  We got there about 10 minutes before they closed!

IMG_6183 (640x480)

LunaPops are all natural, hand-made gourmet frozen pops based on Central American palates.  Every LunaPop is made by hand using: real fruit, local dairy products and other unique and seasonal items.  LunaPops offers over 80 mouthwatering flavors, and new flavors are added regularly.

IMG_6187 (640x479)

They even had a whole case of vegan/non-dairy flavors, and all popsicles are made with natural cane sugar or agave nectar – no white or refined sugars.  I was so surprised (and thrilled!) to find something so nutritious and adventurous on this little beach island!

IMG_6185 (640x480)

Soooooooo many amazing flavors to choose from!  And the employee told me that all fruit flavors were less than 100 calories each, and the cream flavors ranged from 100-200 cals, depending on the add-ins.  Healthy and delicious vacation dessert?  I will be at LunaPops every night this week.

IMG_6184 (640x480)

They even had POP art – bahaha.  :)

IMG_6186 (640x479)

The four of us decided to get a combo pack of 10 because we were all so indecisive about which flavors we wanted.  I ended up choosing coconut almond (vegan – made with coconut milk), and honeydew apple. 

IMG_6189 (640x456)

We brought our popsicles home and devoured them instantly. 

IMG_6192 (477x640)

Lindsey went for cookies and cream…

IMG_6193 (640x473)

Sarah got friendly with caramel sea salt…

IMG_6194 (640x472)

And Casey and I both went for the vegan coconut almond…

IMG_6195 (640x471)

IMG_6196 (487x640)

It even had delicious CHUNKS of coconut and almonds in it.  Seriously, I am kind of nervous that I found this place.  I predict I eat 400 popsicles this week.

IMG_6198 (640x478)

I am counting the minutes until it is socially appropriate to start eating popsicles again.  There is a peanut butter pop waiting in the freezer for me…