The Post-Vacation Blues.

I’m not gonna lie, yesterday was a rough one.  I spent the better part of my morning feeling sad and weepy, moping around the house and pulling the covers up over my head.  I got hit with a whole wave of emotions – Lindsey and Sarah leaving, beach vacation over, back to Charlotte with reality of school being over, etc.  It was a lot to deal with all at once, and I decided to wallow in it for a few hours and just let myself be sad. 

The more time I get to spend with my friends and family, the more I realize just how much I miss them.  Plus Casey’s family is all together in Indianapolis right now, and I am really really bummed and sad that we aren’t there too.  The minute we got back to Charlotte, Casey and I both had the same realization – why didn’t we stay at the beach for another week??  I have this whole week open and he works from home, so we easily could have just extended our stay.  GRRRRRR…..

We debated re-packing the car and heading back to the coast or up north to our families (and are actually still considering it…), but for now we’re just working on un-packing, laundry, and all that other post-vacation stuff that needs to be done.  To lift my gloomy spirits, Casey suggested we go out to dinner and try something new.  I pulled myself together and even got (sort-of) dressed up!  Summer is officially here – shorts, sandals, and tank top weather!

IMG_6413 (480x640)

And a chance to show off some fun new items!  New necklace from Anthropologie that I bought when I was in Columbus a few weeks ago.  And this fabulous new purse (also Anthropologie) that Lindsey gave me as a graduation gift last weekend!!!  LOVE her and love the purse – isn’t it so perfect?

IMG_6414 (640x478)

We decided to venture across town to an all-vegetarian Indian restaurant called Woodlands.  I had read about online, but for some reason we had never actually been there!  Because it was an all-vegetarian restaurant, they many more unique menu items than you traditionally see at Indian restaurants – not just the standard fare.  For our appetizer, we decided to branch out from the usual naan or roti, and get some new things since they had so many options.  We started with Peas ParathaWhole Wheat Bread Stuffed w/ Peas, Potatoes, Mildly Flavored Spices.

IMG_6415 (640x466)

These were really good, sort of like pea pancakes!  And the peas were FRESH – yummmm.

IMG_6416 (640x470)

IMG_6420 (640x480)

We also got the Woodland’s Special Spring DosaStuffed W/ Fresh Grated Vegetables & Hot Chutney.  A “dosa” is White Lentil & Rice Crepes Filled W/ Onions & Potatoes.  Holy cow!  We were not expecting this much food!!

IMG_6417 (640x480)

These two things easily could have been our entire dinner – I can’t believe how much food came with the dosa!  Not only was it huge, it was AMAZING!  Some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had.

IMG_6418 (640x466)

We both agreed that we are going to come back to Woodlands and just get dosas as our meal – sooooo delicious!  I want another one right now!

IMG_6419 (640x480)

IMG_6421 (640x476)

By the time our actual entrees arrived, I was already kind of full.  We considered having them boxed up for later, but then they looked so good that we couldn’t resist.  Casey’s dish – Pav Bhaji – Mashed Vegetables w/ Special Herb & Spices, Served w/ 2 Rolls…

IMG_6422 (640x479)

IMG_6424 (640x480)

And mine – Dal MakhaniBlack Lentils & Red Beans Delicately Spiced & Cooked w/ Ginger, Onion, Garlic, Tomatoes & Cream (substituted to have no cream or butter)…

IMG_6426 (640x480)

We shared, and each took a little bit of both…

IMG_6427 (640x480)

IMG_6429 (640x479)

Hands down some of the best Indian food I’ve had.  Totally authentic and unique – can’t wait to go back!  Big thanks to Casey for pulling me out of my funk and taking me out for the night.  :)

IMG_6432 (640x471)

Now I have an entire WEEK with no plans and nothing scheduled – eeeeek!  I don’t do well with free time – I always feel like I should be doing something.  My plan is to do a lot of cleaning, organizing, and blogging, so that I am all caught up when next week comes.  We are also still considering packing up the car and heading home to visit our families…

Coming up – big news about my summer!  By the skin of my teeth I have pulled off an awesome internship.  Can’t wait to tell you guys all about it!  :)

How do you guys deal with the post-vacation blues?  I am always so sad when it is over!