The Stormy Sea.

We woke up Tuesday to another overcast morning – the type of day where you want to just stay snuggled under the covers with a book (or a dog!) all morning.

IMG_6202 (640x480)

When the sun came out, I made my way down to the beach with a few Runners World magazines, and had a nice lazy day in the sand.  I came up for lunch around noon, and continued to eat my weight in watermelon.  We’re going to need to get another one!

IMG_6205 (459x640)

I also took down the peanut butter Luna Pop – hooooooly popsicle.  This was so good!  I can’t imagine what I would do if I had access to these at home…

IMG_6208 (480x640)

It was still pretty overcast after lunch, and starting to sprinkle, so we headed to my favorite little Topsail Beach bookstore so that Casey could pick up a beach read. 

IMG_6210 (640x473)

I love kitschy little vacation shops.  I always end up buying weird things that only seem appropriate at the beach, and then get them home and realize I have no place for them.  I guess I just need a beach house! :)

IMG_6212 (640x472)

We also stopped by a cute new little bakery called Just Baked, where I grabbed a gigantic Italian baguette to serve with dinner.

IMG_6228 (640x480)


IMG_6229 (480x640)

Back at home, we headed out to our ocean side balcony to see if the weather had improved…

IMG_6226 (640x480)

It was INSANE!  I guess there is a big tropical storm headed up from the Bahamas, that is causing major storm surges along the east coast.  In all the time that I lived here (I know, still haven’t told you about that!), I have never seen the ocean this wild.

IMG_6220 (640x475)

There was literally NO beach – the tide was up so high that it was coming up our staircase.  It was kind of an eerie sight, like the water was taking over the land.

IMG_6223 (640x478)


The waves were huge and the current was so strong!

IMG_6246 (640x478)

So like any responsible vacationers…we decided to go for a swim!

IMG_6247 (458x640)

It was so weird – even just 10 or 15 feet away from our stairs, we would end up in waist deep water because the water would rush up so fast.  The current was crazy strong, it took major leg strength just to hold ourselves up and stand in place.

IMG_6248 (640x462)

We also had to work overtime to make sure our bathing suits weren’t swept away to shore!  The water was rough, but really fun.

IMG_6250 (640x480)

IMG_6251 (640x474)

Casey came out and joined us (after playing photographer), and then we all decided that we were cold and ran inside for hot showers.

IMG_6252 (640x480)

We spent the rest of the night relaxing and eating dinner, and just feeling generally lazy – as you should be on vacation.

IMG_6235 (640x480)

Despite the camera incident, I am so glad we brought the dogs with us.  They are having so much fun that they can barely stay awake when they come inside.

IMG_6231 (640x479)

Best friends forever.  :)

IMG_6236 (640x479)

Back to the balcony with my book!