A Garden of My Own.

First up, a quick business matter.  I’ve gotten a few emails from (awesome) readers letting me know that for some of you, my feeds have been really messed up since the blog move.  (This was my greatest fear!)  If you are getting a “google generated content blah blah blah” message coming up with a really ugly version of my post, make sure you change the subscription address to the following: 


That should make things look normal again!  :)  I am crossing my fingers that the other 1,500 subscribers who are no longer showing up in my Feedburner aren’t lost and gone forever.  Come baaaaaack!

Moving right along, yesterday was a pretty low key day at the farm.  It was a scorching 98 degrees in Charlotte yesterday, so I decided to stay inside all day and get my menu planning and paperwork done for the week.  I will be cooking up so much yummy stuff every day!

Before I left, Tony, the farm manager, offered me some leftover seedlings that they didn’t have room to plant.  Never one to turn down free stuff, I happily accepted.  Little did these poor plants know that I have a black thumb, and kill any plant that comes near me.  From left to right – basil, lettuce, and parsley!

IMG_6960 (640x480)

I’m hoping that a summer playing in gardens will help me turn my murderous ways  around.  My big sister works on a farm too (!) and is an amazing gardener, and my mom has been a professional florist and gardener for like 20 years!  The DNA fairy seems to have allotted all gardening abilities to other members of my family, but I’m going to do my best.

IMG_6959 (640x472)

I got my very first job in high school was I was 16 – working for my mom at a flower and garden center.  While I may not be good at keeping plants alive, I am very good at planting and arranging them.  I started with the parsley, and spaced them out evenly so that they would have room to grow.  I hope they aren’t overcrowded!

IMG_6963 (480x640)

Next I moved onto the basil – SO excited to have fresh basil at my house!  I really really hope that this thrives and grows BIG!

IMG_6966 (640x480)

I had to do all my planting on the porch because just as I started my gardening project, we got a huge THUNDERstorm – scary!  But nothing was going to (literally) rain on my gardening parade – these babies needed to be planted and watered!

IMG_6968 (431x640)

Last but certainly not least – four adorable little lettuce plants.  I give these about a 10% chance of survival.

IMG_6970 (640x479)

I will pray over them daily.  Has anyone else ever grown lettuce?  Any tips or tricks?  I am too embarrassed to tell my farm friends that I am a plant killer.

IMG_6977 (480x640)

All planted up and ready to GROW!

IMG_6975 (640x480)

A little water, and a lot of love.  :)

IMG_6978 (480x640)

When we were finished with our planters, the rain had stopped so we let the dogs back out into the yard to burn off some activity.  Huey proceeded to find the biggest stick in the entire yard, and beg us to play fetch.  Not gonna happen, Huey!

IMG_6982 (640x480)


IMG_6983 (640x480)

Yummy farm food coming up next!  :)