Adventures in Ethiopian Cuisine.

Went to a KILLER hot yoga class this morning (with Casey again!), and seriously thought I was going to pass out.  When it is 95 degrees outside, the yoga studio feels like 120 – insanity.  But I always feel so cleansed and relaxed when it is over.  Oooooooooooooohm.  :)

Afterwards, we showered and headed out for our new favorite weekend activity – coffee shop work days!  For some reason I am much more productive outside of my house.  I think it might have something to do with two furry distractions.

We went to our favorite little Dilworth coffee shop down in Matthews, and I caught up on lots of back email and blog stuff.  (Hello bra strap – whoops!)

IMG_7172 (640x480) 

Matthews also has the BEST old timey hardware store I have ever been to – it feels like you walk in the door and get transported back to the 1960’s.  Ever since I got the big ball jars for our grains, I’ve been dying to buy more for the rest of our bulk goodies.  But I was telling myself that I needed to wait until we move so that we wouldn’t have to move a bunch of glass jars.  Practicality lost the battle today, and I bought 12 pint jars and 12 half-pint jars to organize the rest of our messy pantry.

IMG_7177 (640x479)

As much as I love shopping in bulk, it has been driving me crazy to have a sloppy, disorganized pantry with bags of nuts and seeds everywhere. 

IMG_7176 (472x640)

We got home and I immediately got to work, pulling out bags and dumping them into the jars. 

IMG_7180 (466x640)

IMG_7181 (465x640)

Things looked soooo much better immediately, and I’m also glad to know that my things will stay fresher now that they are in tightly closed glass jars.

IMG_7183 (640x480)

IMG_7185 (640x470)

Dried fruit, pepitas, sesame seeds, shelled hemp seeds, red lentils, green lentils, walnuts, almonds…

IMG_7187 (640x474)

IMG_7188 (472x640)

Me and my bounty – so happy to feel organized.

IMG_7191 (640x470)

Check out that pantry NOW!  Unrecognizable! 

IMG_7193 (640x480)

IMG_7194 (640x480)

I left my beautiful pantry behind to head uptown for our favorite type of food – Ethiopian!  Casey and I never go out to eat, but Mesekerem is one of the few places we have been to on multiple occasions.  We love all type of ethnic food, but Ethiopian is hands down the favorite. 

IMG_7195 (480x640)

I knew Kath had never had Ethiopian food before, and since Matt is a baker, I thought he would be intrigued by the spongy injera bread.  We invited them to join u
s for a fun Saturday night double date. 



I got the same thing I always get – the vegetarian sampler.  It comes with a giant piece of injera and six types of veggie goodness for sampling, mmmm.

IMG_7198 (640x480)

IMG_7199 (640x479)

The veggie sampler included two types of spicy lentils (my favorites), a split chickpea dish, carrots and green beans, cabbage and potatoes, and tangy collard greens.

IMG_7200 (640x480)

To me, the best part about Ethiopian food is the INJERA!  It is a spongy sour-tasting “bread”, that is more like a light chewy pancake.  It looks like a dishtowel, smells like a hot dog, and tastes absolutely DELICIOUS!

IMG_7201 (640x463)

Casey and I actually tried to make these at home, but we had the wrong ratio of teff flour to water so it didn’t work.  We will definitely try again as soon as we buy more teff!

IMG_7203 (640x480)

It was a really fun night out with friends.  I’m starting to feel very sentimental and nostalgic about Charlotte now that moving time draws closer and closer.  While this city may not ultimately be the best long term match for us, we’ve made some great friends and had a truly life-changing year here.

IMG_5383 (640x427)

Sniff…I hate when things come to an end.  I think that once we have the next step of our lives planned out, and I have a better sense of what I’m doing job-wise I will feel a lot better.  We’re heading out of town next weekend to go explore what will hopefully be our new hometown – stay tuned!  :)