Farm Lunch Flashback.

Before I head into work today and start working on cooking my next staff lunch, I still need to show you the fun things I ended up serving on Friday!  I actually did some of the prep work on Thursday, since I had to make both lunch and dinner on Friday.

IMG_7083 (480x640)

Part of my purpose at the farm is try to educate the staff there about different types of healthy food – I want to get past the broccoli and potatoes mentality.  For lunch I decided to make a grain salad as our main dish, so I started with one of my favorites – bulgur. 

IMG_7080 (640x480)

I don’t eat a lot of bulgur at home anymore, because I try to stay as gluten-free as possible, but I knew the staff had never tried it before and it would be a good grain to start off with.  I soaked it in some boiling water until tender and cooked. 

IMG_7095 (640x480)

In the meantime, I trimmed and washed a pound of fresh green and yellow beans.

IMG_7093 (640x480)

Then I dropped them one handful at a time into a pot of boiling water for a quick blanch. 

IMG_7094 (640x480)

Cooked for five minutes and then strained them out with a skimmer, and ran them under cold water to stop the cooking. 

IMG_7096 (640x480)

On the menu was a three-bean salad, including fresh lima beans.  But since the lima beans weren’t fully grown yet, I used a pack of frozen beans left over from last year’s harvest.

IMG_7089 (480x640)

I boiled the beans for 20 minutes, until tender, and then drained and cooled them in a colander.  Aren’t lima beans so pretty?

IMG_7092 (640x480)

I mixed the beans and stored them overnight, since I was prepping for lunch the next day. 

IMG_7098 (640x480)

The farmhouse kitchen is such a warm and inviting place to cook!

IMG_7103 (640x479)

Once my bulgur was done, I got the rest of the salad mix-ins ready to go.  Chopped up a bunch of dried fruit – cranberries, cherries, and apples.

IMG_7090 (640x480) 

And a few cups of chickpeas for protein…

IMG_7091 (640x480)

Mixed it all together and stored it overnight as well – I am so glad I was able to get prep work done the day before, because Friday was BUSY!

IMG_7104 (640x480)

When I got to work on Friday, I found out I would be cooking in the pool house.  Not a big deal, except that I had to take ALL of my prepped dishes and ingredients across the farm to a different kitchen.  Several trips later, I got everything to my new spot. 

IMG_7120 (640x480)

IMG_7135 (640x472)

I got to work immediately on my salad – I didn’t want to start it early and have it wilt on me overnight.  I thinly sliced up about 10 small bulbs of fennel, and cut segments out of six big oranges. 

IMG_7122 (640x480)

I washed a giant bag of endive, and tossed it all together with an orange yogurt salad dressing.

IMG_7123 (640x479)


IMG_7125 (640x480)

With the salad finished, I put the finishing touches into the bulgur salad – chopped fresh HERBS!  I think having an unlimited supply of fresh herbs is my favorite thing about working at the farm

IMG_7131 (640x480)

The bulgur salad turned out AWESOME, and I think it was a great way to introduce new grains to the staff.  Lots of people went back for seconds and thirds, which I always take as a good sign.  :)

IMG_7128 (640x480)

IMG_7129 (640x480)

Happy cook!  :)

IMG_7134 (465x640)

Next up, I finished the green bean salad.  Topped it with toasted almonds and shaved parmesan cheese, mmmmmm.

IMG_7136 (640x472)

This salad turned out SO good – I couldn’t stop sampling it while I was cooking. 

IMG_7138 (640x469) 

Final fennel and orange salad, all dressed up on a pretty platter.  :)

IMG_7139 (640x480)

IMG_7140 (640x471) 

At this point I still had some time on my hands before my lunch guests arrived, and I also got word that there would be 12 people at lunch, about 4 more than I was expecting.  We have a major cucumber surplus on the farm right now, so I decided to throw together my delicious orange and raisin cucumber salad so that we would have a little more food for the group. 

IMG_7142 (640x480) 

It was a HIT!  It was fun to see everyone enjoy one of my personal recipes so much. 

IMG_7143 (640x480)

I am making lunch AGAIN today, and I have NO menu planned – aaaahh!  Better get to work and figure out what I can have on the table by 12:15…