Getting Creative with Leftovers.

Since I was lucky enough to have today off, I took advantage of the extra day and headed to my favorite little coffee shop so I could focus and get my work done. 

IMG_7546 (478x640)

I spent the morning working on blog stuff and catching up on emails.  Don’t I look intense?  :)

IMG_7534 (480x640)

Now that Casey and I both have laptops, it’s nice that we can get out of the house and work together.  If I worked from home, I think I would go here every single day!  Some people hang out in bars, we like to hang out in coffee shops – to each their own.  :)

IMG_7535 (475x640)

I got hungry mid-morning, and dug into my bag for another one of the Pure Bars I was sent to review – this time it was cranberry orange!

IMG_7536 (640x479)

These are small, but very dense, and  I like the texture a lot better than LaraBars.

IMG_7543 (640x467)

Good ingredient list – nothing cooked, nothing processed, completely PURE…

IMG_7544 (640x463)

Isn’t this place cute?

IMG_7542 (640x472)

We worked all morning and I felt really caught up and good about what I got done.  It is so fun having days off and getting to work at home with Casey – wish I could do it every day!

IMG_7540 (480x640)

By the time we got home at 2pm, I was starving.  I busted out the fixings to make a leftover vegetarian sandwich

IMG_7548 (640x475)

Leftover green beans, tempeh, hummus, and avocado on an English muffin, mmmmmmm.

IMG_7549 (640x480)

This avocado tried to get out of becoming sandwich fixings by getting all mushy and un-sliceable.  But I was one step ahead of him and smeared him all over the top piece of my muffin like a spread.  Gotcha!

IMG_7550 (640x480)

Who says you can’t put green beans on a sandwich? 

IMG_7553 (640x480)

It’s all about getting creative with your leftovers.  Nothing should ever ever go into the garbage can.  The best meals and recipes typically come from combining flavors and ingredients that don’t seem like they should be together!

IMG_7554 (640x466)

Delicious lunch = full belly.  :)

Working on a special post for you guys that I’ve been promising for over a year now… coming soon!