I Eat Half Marathons for Breakfast.

We’ve been out of town for a few days, so our kitchen is barren.  I didn’t have my usual suspects of rice cakes or an English muffin available for breakfast, so I made my other favorite thing – homemade muesli

IMG_7511 (640x470)

Oats and almond milk, topped with raisins, pepitas, and cacao nibs. 

IMG_7512 (640x479)

I wasn’t totally sure how this would do as a pre-run breakfast, but I didn’t really have any other options.  Either way – it tasted great!

IMG_7514 (640x480) 

Today I was scheduled to run 13 miles – a half-marathon!  It’s weird how when you’re training for a marathon, you basically run at least a half-marathon every weekend.  I wish I could find more real races to sign up for during training!  As of now, I’m running Columbus, and possibly another in Jacksonville with my friend Mary Ann. 

Casey decided it was too hot to run, so he opted to do his run later in the day on the treadmill.  But hot or not, I was not going to plod along the t-mill for 13 miles – nooooo way.  Despite the heat, I headed to the trail, and Casey came with me so that while I ran he could get some work done in a coffee shop.  All geared up and ready to go!

IMG_7515 (454x640)

Feels like 99 – no big deal, right? 


Holy COW – it was HOT out there!

IMAG0011 (426x640)

Casey dropped me off and planned to come back in 2 hours to pick me up.  I was on my own out there!  One of the hardest things for me is figuring out how to successfully hydrate on runs during this extreme heat.  I have tried the Camelbak, and I’ve tried carrying water bottles – both make me feel sloshy and heavy.  The only thing I can do is plan my runs around water bottles and fountains, and do short loops to make sure I don’t go out too far.

The loops are tough on me mentally.  Typically if I’m running more than 10 miles, I like to run all the way out and back, so that there is no way I can cheat the distance.  But with the need for water, this just isn’t possible right now.  Having Casey drop me off was the next best thing.  Even if I felt like giving up, knowing I was out on that trail by myself for 2 hours, I might as well run, right?

I ran most of the time, but did stop to take some walking breaks because of the heat.  I decided that for now, long runs are going to have to be about distance and not pace – 100 degrees will slow anyone down!  I ran out and back to the 2 mile marker over and over again, coming back to the trail head each time for a LOT of water!  I was absolutely drenched in sweat and water – my clothes were sticking to me!

IMAG0013 (421x640)

It turns out that muesli is NOT a good pre-run breakfast.  Thank god for the emergency porta-potty.  I recovered around mile 2, and felt much better once my stomach got on board for the run.  Casey showed up when I had finished 11.5 miles, and he was nice enough to go run to a gas station for Gatorade so that I could finish.  It was really important to me that I get in all of my mileage and not cheat the distance.  Finally, after 13 insanely hot and sweaty miles, I reached the trailhead for the last time. 

IMAG0012 (427x640)

I’m not gonna lie, it felt pretty great to bust out a half marathon before lunch time.  Even though there was no one cheering, and there was no medal at the finish line, I was on top of the world when I was finished.  I credit most of this run to sheer determination, a positive attitude, and a killer playlist.

Best motivators this morning:

  • Eminem – ‘Til I Collapse
  • Glee – Don’t Stop Believing (the Journey to Regionals version)
  • Katy Perry – California Girls
  • Jason Aldean – The Truth

It is such a great feeling to have my run done for the day, and to know that I’m on track with my mileage for my marathon goal.  Here’s hoping I can stay positive as the temperatures continue to climb!

What are you favorite running songs?