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    A Look Back.

Live From the East Coast.

The plan was to hit the road this morning at 6am, but after staying up until 2am blogging, cleaning, and packing, 6:30am was the best I could do.  We hit the road around 7:30, and I kind of felt like I was still in a sleep coma.  Don’t I look like I’m driving in a light tunnel?

IMG_7397 (640x480)

I think the coffee had worn off by now.  I’m also realizing that I need to drastically improve my driving posture – look how slumped I am!

IMG_7399 (640x479)

Just four short and easy hours through South Carolina…

IMG_7400 (640x480)

Passing through towns called things like Coosawhatchie…

IMG_7401 (640x480)

I was so rushed to get to the beach that I did the unthinkable and skipped breakfast.  So by 11am I was starving and we busted into our little packed cooler.  What better than leftover raw raviolis for car snacks, right? 

IMG_7403 (640x466)

So delicious and creative.  :)

IMG_7405 (640x472)

Before we knew it, we had reached our destination!  Hilton Head Island – the place I spent many many magical summers with my family, and one of my favorite childhood memory spots. 

IMG_7407 (640x480)

We got to the house and were greeted by lots of open arms and smiling family!  After hugs and hellos, we headed straight to the beach so that we could relax all day telling stories and catching up.  Some of Casey’s cousins are here that we haven’t seen since our wedding last May!  Meet Madison – the adorable 8 year old.  :)

IMG_7408 (479x640)

And you guys already know this beach stud.

IMG_7409 (640x470)

It was SO HOT on the beach today!  Much much hotter than what we experienced in Topsail just a month ago.  I also forgot how much more crowded Hilton Head is – so many people!  It was gorgeous and sunny and perfect. 

IMG_7410 (640x466)

Even though I applied sunscreen multiple times, I could tell I was frying out there the entire time. 

IMG_7411 (640x462)

Aunt Toby and the wonderful Haley.  There is nothing I love more in life than being with family.  Now that we live far away in Charlotte, we don’t even really feel compelled to go on vacations anymore to exotic places.  We take every opportunity to travel to see our friends and family – vacations are for visiting

IMG_7413 (640x480)

We stayed at the beach until 5pm or so, and then headed back to shower and get ready for dinner.  My shower confirmed my fear that I am a roasted and toasted tomato.  I am FRIED – I can’t believe how hot the sun is here.  I will be much more careful tomorrow!

IMG_7416 (640x479)

Haley and Kristin cooking up fajitas in the kitchen!

IMG_7417 (640x465)

You know what else is so fun about this trip?  THERE IS A BABY!  I never get to be around babies because all the people that I know who have them live far away.  This is Jackson, Madison’s little brother, and he is adoooooooooorable.  I want to steal him. 

IMG_7419 (460x640)

You can expect to see a lot of pictures of this little fella over the next few days – I am in love!

IMG_7420 (468x640)

The rest of the night we’ve been hanging out at the house just being lazy, talking, and enjoying the relaxation.  Madison has some fun crazy-shaped rubber bands called “silly bands” and she gave me an apple – how appropriate! 

IMG_7423 (640x480)

I am so glad we were able to rearrange a few other summer trips so that we could make it down here for a few days.  I’m planning to get up early tomorrow for a 7 mile barefoot beach run – I’m excited!

Should be another long one in the sun and sand.  Back tomorrow with more pictures from paradise.  :)

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Dorry     at 9:27 pm

That beach is gorgeous! Having a baby around can be so much fun – I love spending time with my nieces. :)


Ginna     at 9:43 pm

Fun! We are in SC tonight! Such a pretty drive!


Jen     at 9:47 pm

I have the same problem. No matter how many times I apply spf 70, no matter how bog the umbrella or hat is, I still get fried. Not fair at all.

Have so much fun on your beach run tomorrow! I hope there’s a nice, cool ocean breeze :)


Chelsey     at 9:53 pm

1. I love Hilton Head – I may be road tripping it down to Savannah next weekend and would love to take a detour to Hilton Head!!

2. You are fried… but it’s okay, it happens to us all. Me included, when I went to the beach this Tuesday.

3. That baby is adorable. I love babies…. I need to live vicariously through others because FH says no babies until I get my masters. :)

4. Those silly bands are so funny. I am glad they didn’t get popular until AFTER school got out… Otherwise, I am sure I would have quite the collection by now due to the fact I would be taking them all away from my students!

Have fun at Hilton Head!!!!


MA*     at 10:21 pm

OMG, my nephew Felipe has given me about 100 silly bands but I do not have an apple! Very cool :)

Watch those UVs lady! Everything’s hotter in the south ;)


kATH     at 6:58 am

OMG it’s a BABAY!!! HAHAH!!

Looks so fun. 7 days till I go!!!


Heather     at 9:39 am

Silly bands are all the rage, you know! :)

Take care of that burn – hope you brought some aloe!!


Cassie @ Tasteful Tales     at 10:41 am

Those silly bands are all the craze! My students try and sneak them in class and fling them at each other haha!!! I have a whole box in my desk of the ones I have confiscated :)


Katie     at 1:17 pm

Very jealous we are not there! ;-( (Stupid work) Give everyone our love. Have fun and get fried for me. I would be right there with ya…I’m the WORST at applying sunscreen…eek!


Melissa @ HerGreenLife     at 4:25 pm

During one summer, I worked as a live-in nanny, and the family spent two weeks on Bald Head Island and some time on the Jersey shore. I happily accepted the duty of staying inside with the baby during prime sun hours. Sun burns are bad enough short-term, but I really don’t want the long-term damage! If it’s good for the baby’s skin, it’s good for mine.


Pure2raw twins     at 8:59 pm

Beautiful beach! Never been to Hilton head. Have a great time.


Kelly     at 11:24 pm

Yikes! Is it possible that your sunscreen has passed it’s expiration? I read once in a magazine that the SPF decreases by 10 for ever year you have it.

Don’t you just love babies? I am immediately drawn to them and just want to play with them every second I can. Brad thinks it’s hilarious how entranced babies and I are with each other. :)


Emilyeatsclean     at 11:28 pm

Ohhh I need the beach in my life….it’s been too long! :(


Kristin     at 8:04 am

Madison read the blog on the long trip back to Ohio yesterday. She couldn’t believe she was included! And her silly bands made an appearance!
After 5 years of missing the beach my toes are finally happy and we created some amazing memories :)
See you in October!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Awwww I’m glad she liked it! Everyone says silly bands are all the rage. :) We LOVED getting to visit with you guys – just wish it could have been longer. If you ever need a babysitter, please feel free to send Jackson our way!


grandmother     at 11:58 am

Hi Em,
Your mom showed me your blog- I love it!
Miss you
Love, Grandmother


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Grandmother – I am IMPRESSED!! I had no idea you were so internet saavy! :) Miss and love you very much.



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