Roaming Around the Farm.

Since my laptop ate my post last night, let’s try this again – shall we?  Thursday morning was another early morning run day, so I found myself ravenously hungry for lunch by 11am.  Lucky for me, my wonderful husband had packed me a delicious vegetarian sandwich – score! 

IMG_7032 (640x480)

I spent the first half of my day writing a paper for my Johnson & Wales Co-op project – booooo.  I thought my paper writing days were over!  I finished my paper just in time for our lunch break, but since I had inhaled my lunch earlier, I decided to go explore the farm a bit and walk around the grounds.  I found lots of big GREEN tomatoes, just waiting to ripen…

IMG_7038 (640x471)

There are SO many tomato plants!  Rows and rows…

IMG_7046 (640x479)

I am afraid they are all going to ripen at the same time, and we are going to have tomato OVERLOAD!  Expect a lot of tomato-heavy dishes and recipes coming up.  Any suggestions for what I should make?

IMG_7039 (640x460)

I also found some curvy cucumbers…

IMG_7041 (640x457)

And more gigantic cucumbers, ready to be picked.

IMG_7043 (465x640)

And then I discovered what is quite possibly my favorite thing on the entire farm – BLUEBERRY bushes!

IMG_7048 (640x480)

All different stages of ripening – pink, purple, and blue – soooo beautiful! 

IMG_7049 (640x480)

You guys know how I feel about fresh berries – total obsession. 

IMG_7050 (640x480)

I couldn’t help myself…

IMG_7052 (640x480)

Mmmmmmm, so worth it.  Doesn’t get fresher than that! :)

IMG_7066 (640x480)

I still had some time left in my lunch break, so I headed down the hill to my other favorite spot – the horse field.

IMG_7075 (640x473)

As I made my way towards the fence, this sweet girl came over to introduce herself.

IMG_7067 (640x480)

Even though I was a little nervous to be so close to her, we decided to take a picture together to celebrate our new friendship.  Moments later she sniffed my hand and made me jump about 10 feet in the air. 

IMG_7070 (640x479)

She even let me pet her silky mane.  I am so fascinated by these beautiful and strong animals.  I feel like I should add “ride a horse” to my life list – I need to get over the fear!

IMG_7071 (640x480)

After a few minutes together, she started to feel a little camera shy.

IMG_7074 (479x640)

And decided to head back to her other friends in the back of the field.

IMG_7076 (471x640)

Just as well, because it was time for me to COOK!

IMG_7083 (480x640)

Cooking in flip flops – doesn’t get better than that.  :)

IMG_7102 (640x478)

But I wasn’t on my own – Lucas decided to hang out and keep me company while I blanched, sautéed, and toasted all afternoon. 

IMG_7079 (473x640)

Details and pictures of my delicious lunch feast coming up next!