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    A Look Back.

The Hunt Begins.

So much to DOOOO!  This is going to have to be a quick one.  Our day started and ended in airports – starting with Charlotte for a 6am flight to DC!  We were up at 3am and feeling a little groggy  – good thing I was able to sleep from the minute I sat down in the plain. 

IMG_8919 (640x459)

Once we got to the city, we headed to our hotel to drop our bags off, and then set out to explore all day long.  We stopped in Caribou Coffee for breakfast and to check in with email, work, etc…

IMG_8921 (479x640)

Has anyone else tried Caribou’s oatmeal?  The oats themselves were actually really good (I got the 9 grain), but they added a weird jelly-type topping that kind of freaked me out.  I was expecting either dried fruit or fresh fruit, but not jellied fruit!

IMG_8923 (640x480)

Bald is beautiful.  :)

IMG_8924 (479x640)

After walking around the North Arlington area for a while, we were starving for lunch, so we stopped into Whole Foods to take advantage of their awesome salad bar. 

IMG_8925 (640x480)

I love Whole Foods!  (Sorry Earth Fare)

IMG_8926 (462x640)

Fueled on food, we set off and did a TON of walking.  We walked aaaaall over the North Arlington area looking for places to rent, and ultimately decided that it was too hard to do on foot.  We’re planning to head back up there today in a car to be more efficient.  We walked at least ten miles in Arlington along, and my feet were killing me!

Favorite thing about potentially living in a big city – public transportation! 

IMG_8928 (640x472)

We definitely got our money’s worth for our Metro one-day pass!

IMG_8932 (640x465)

Mid-day we headed down to Alexandria for a house showing appointment.  We were starving again from all the walking we were doing, so I ran into a nearby Trader Joe’s and picked up a hummus wrap for us to share.  Also needed a giant coffee, since the early morning was starting to catch up with me. 

IMG_8933 (640x475)

Perfect mid-day snack for refueling – yum!

IMG_8935 (640x478)

Old Town Alexandria was adooooooooorable!  We saw a really cute place that was literally STEPS away from this beautiful park on the water. 

IMG_8936 (640x471)

Such cute houses and a really nice area.

IMG_8938 (640x471)

Unfortunately, the place we saw backed up to a kind of sketch neighborhood, and was waaaaay too far away from the Metro to be realistically walkable, so I think we’ve ruled it out.  But I can’t wait to come back to Old Town to go out to eat and shop!

IMG_8939 (640x472)

The King Street area reminds me of New Orleans – love it! 

IMG_8942 (640x480)

Tragedy of
the day – within just a few hours of starting our walking tour of the city, the strap on my new Anthropologie purse BROKE!  So I spent most of the day carrying my big heavy purse around by hand – NOT fun.  Definitely marching into Anthro when I get home to demand a replacement. 

IMG_8943 (640x476)

Instead of freaking out about it though, I rallied and replaced it with a $2.99 Trader Joe’s tote.  Make it work, right?

IMG_8944 (640x479)

After house showing #2 (not good), we met my friend Blake for dinner at the Busboys and Poets up at U Street.  I got a delicious avocado panini…

IMG_8947 (480x640)

And a big pile of the most delicious sweet potato fries I’ve ever tasted.

IMG_8948 (640x473)

Love having friends in this city already!!

IMG_8950 (640x471)

At 11pm, our day ended back at the airport, where we picked up my little sister Sarah – flying in for the weekend to keep me sane and help us find a home!  While we waited, I couldn’t resist the lure of a Dunkin Donut donut hole.  I figured with all my walking, I had earned it.  :)

IMG_8951 (479x640)

Now the three of us are off on another long day of exploring.  No luck on finding a place just yet.  :(  We just need ONE good option though, so I’m trying to remind myself of that.  Ten million thanks to the reader who sent me to Padmapper – what a life saver!!

And we’re off…!

FYI: Razors and Coffee Don’t Mix!

This weekend is the big “find a place to live in DC” weekend, but there was one thing standing between me and my house hunting – cooking dinner at the farm for the owner and her family.  Based on what we had in the pantry, I decided to do a new version of one of my own old recipes – sweet potato and carrot curried lentils

IMG_8868 (640x480)

Just to shake things up, I also added some kohlrabi since we have an abundance in the refrigerator…

IMG_8872 (480x640)

I worked in an office setting for 6 years before I went back to school, and I own more khaki pants and cardigans that I know what to do with.  Now that I’ve made the jump, I’m going to always strive to find work opportunities where American Apparel v-necks and Nike shorts are the standard uniform.  :)

IMG_8887 (480x640)

The curried lentils turned out fabulous with the addition of the kohlrabi, and I served it next to some seasoned brown rice. 

IMG_8890 (640x480)

Because this recipe made a huge batch, I packed up a tub to take home with me so that I wouldn’t have to make a separate dinner for us – score!

IMG_8893 (640x480)

I was feeling stressed and nervous about the weekend, so before I left I stopped by the horse stables for a little animal therapy. 

IMG_8898 (640x480)

These guys always make me feel so peaceful and relaxed.  Such big and beautiful creatures.  Wish I knew how to ride them!

IMG_8899 (480x640)  IMG_8901 (640x480)

After work, I met Casey at our favorite coffee shop to work on online house hunting for a bit.  The combination of an empty stomach, too much coffee, and house hunting anxiety left me a little jittery and unfocused.  Casey asked me to come into the bathroom and help him trim up his neck hair – something I do ALL the time. 

But I was rushed and not paying enough attention, and as I took the razor to the back of his head, I cut it up a little higher than I intended.  I didn’t think it looked bad, but he was NOT happy, and immediately took the razor to his entire head…

  IMG_8907 (470x640)

I felt SO bad.  He says he doesn’t care, but just last week he told me he was going to grow his hair out a bit.  Guess he’ll need to start over on that one. :(  It definitely made me realize that I need to take a breath and RELAX. 

IMG_8908 (472x640)

My poor bald husband.  :(  I still think he looks great, but I feel really really bad about it.

IMG_8909 (640x474)

After the razor incident, it was time to take a step back and regroup.  Sounds like the perfect time for DINNER!  Soooo glad I had brought home leftover lentils and didn’t have to cook.

IMG_8910 (640x480)

I think curry might be my favorite spice. 

IMG_8911 (640x470)

Brown rice + coconut oil = perfection. 

IMG_8912 (640x480)

Looks a little goopy, but tastes wonderful and spicy. 

IMG_8913 (640x480)

Since we were going out of town, on the side I made a salad of every fresh fruit and vegetable left in the house…

IMG_8915 (640x474)

Apples, oranges, strawberries, cucumber, and tomatoes – do not be afraid to combine fruit and vegetables!

IMG_8917 (640x480)

All tossed in a delicious ume plum vinaigrette – yum!

IMG_8918 (640x479)

We packed and headed to bed early, and the alarm went off at THREE o’clock this morning.  9am and I’m already sitting in a coffee shop in Arlington, Virginia!  Better get going – houses to see and miles to walk.  See you tonight!

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