A Beautiful Bloomington Wedding.

Yesterday we were lucky enough to attend the beautiful wedding of Casey’s good friend Bill and his (now wife!) Jen.  We are staying with Casey’s parents in Indianapolis this weekend, but we drove an hour down to Bloomington, Indiana for the wedding – any IU readers out there!?!  :)

IMG_8329 (479x640)

After all the drama of trying to find a dress for the wedding, I am SO glad I got the one I did!  I felt really comfortable, and clearly I was loving the pockets.  :)  I also wore my favorite shoes – purchased for my rehearsal dinner last year!

IMG_8327 (640x480)

On the hour long car ride to the wedding, I drank a Kombucha that I stole from Casey’s mom – I LOVE this stuff!

IMG_8331 (640x480)

Excited to get to the wedding – LOVE weddings!!

IMG_8334 (640x480)

The wedding was at a beaaaaautiful place called Deer Park Manor – a big event venue surrounded by beautiful green space everywhere.

IMG_8335 (640x479)

We were really early (for once!), so we walked around the grounds for a bit before we headed in.  Just as we pulled in it started to sprinkle rain – not good for the outdoor ceremony!

IMG_8336 (476x640)

Big solar panels – very cool!

IMG_8337 (479x640)

Beautiful tropical flower arrangements.

IMG_8341 (480x640)

And fun wood-grain place cards!  Loved these…

IMG_8339 (640x447)

IMG_8342 (640x479)

The wedding was supposed to start at 5, but it was outside and mother nature was not cooperating.  So they opened up the cocktail bar early while we waited for the rain to stop.  The dance floor was in this big beautiful space that is actually a SWIMMING POOL!

IMG_8344 (640x479)

See the outer edges of the pool?  They laid a stage over the top!  Very cool, but it actually made me really nervous.  It kind of bounced when you walked on it!

IMG_8345 (452x640)

Finally the rain slowed to a very slight drizzle, and we all headed outside to see Bill and Jen get married!  The rain was actually really nice because it cooled down the 90 degree temps.  Loved these beautiful lanterns!

IMG_8347 (640x480)

The rain stopped just in time, and there was thunder rolling in the background all through the ceremony.  I actually thought it was kind of romantic.  :)

IMG_8348 (640x461)

The beautiful bride and groom!  Bill has been a great friend to Casey for many many years. 

IMG_8349 (640x480)

Jen was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen.  I LOVED her dress, and thought her hair was gorgeous.

IMG_8350 (480x640)

Husband and wife.  :)

IMG_8351 (640x480)

The rain finally stopped and the sun came out, and the tables were set up and ready for dinner. 

IMG_8352 (640x472)

The entire atmosphere was so beautiful.  I loved their colors and the simplicity of the decor. 

IMG_8355 (474x640)

Pretty rocks and waterfalls.

IMG_8356 (640x475)

Fruit and cheese hors d’oeurves – yum!

IMG_8358 (640x465)

Check out the awesome ice sculpture bowl for the fruit cocktail – beautiful tropical plants and orchids frozen inside!

IMG_8359 (640x480)

We hung out with Casey’s friends Tim and Jamie, Steve and Allison, and Nick and Meghan the entire night – SUCH a nice group of people.  I feel lucky every time we come home and get to spend time with them. 

IMG_8369 (480x640)

We enjoyed cocktail hour sipping on our signature club sodas with lime.  :)

IMG_8364 (480x640)

Soon enough, it was dinner time!  LOVED the water pitchers that were actually milk jugs.  I used milk jugs at my wedding too!

IMG_8365 (480x640)

I have no idea how many vegetarian guests they had at the wedding, but I was so excited that they offered us a vegetarian option on our reply card – so thoughtful!

IMG_8368 (640x480)

Yuuuummmmm.  Giant stuffed portabella mushroom, and two stuffed tomatoes that tasted like PIZZA!

IMG_8371 (640x479)

And then the most exciting part of every wedding – DESSERT!

IMG_8374 (640x480)

They had a giant cupcake tower that was half empty by the time I got there!  Thank goodness I didn’t wait any longer.

IMG_8377 (471x640)

Having three flavors to choose from made things difficult, but ultimately I went with carrot cake.  For about 10 seconds I considered having two, but then I realized that was completely unnecessary.  The cupcake was delicious – a LOT of frosting.  I scraped about half off and enjoyed the moistness of the carrot cake underneath.

After dinner, everyone hit the dance floor.  There was a LOT fun dancing and people watching.  :)

IMG_8379 (640x475)

Aaahhh I love weddings.

IMG_8381 (640x480)

Such a fun, fun evening with friends, and a rare treat to be back at home.  I realize now how much late nights affect me since I don’t do them very often.  We went to bed after 1am and slept until TEN today!  Couldn’t tell you the last time that happened.

And now for a little bit of business, we still need to pick the winner of the Ball Home Canning Discovery Kit!  The lucky winner is…

Bethany @ Not Unless I’m Being Chased – I would love to can some homemade spaghetti sauce. My Italian co-worker gave me her family recipe (only after promising to be BFFs and invite her to all future major life events — weddings, baptisms, etc. haha)
It takes 2.5 hours to make, so I only make it for special occasions because I rarely have enough time. It would be awesome to have a jar just ready to open. :)

Bethany – email me your address and contact info, and I will get the kit off to you as soon as possible!

Off for more family fun – have to soak it all up in the short time I’m here!  :)