Filming a Cooking Show In My Kitchen!

So I have a ton of fun recipes and pictures to show you from today’s farm cooking (including kohlrabi!), but I couldn’t wait to show you something even more exciting first.  I’ve been working behind the scenes for a few weeks with the awesome team behind CLTBlog – a local web resource for everything Charlotte. 

They have some really fun projects coming up, including one featuring yours truly!  We are putting together a local healthy cooking television segment, and the filming started today – so cool!

The concept was that I would choose a simple, healthy recipe and show viewers how to shop for the items, as well as prepare and cook it back in the kitchen.  From the grocery store to The Front Burner – a complete meal. 

filming at hhm (470x640)

I met the CLT group at my favorite grocery store – Healthy Home Market.  What I thought would be a small production was actually multiple cameras, a three-man crew, a microphone down my shirt, and a lot of people staring at me.  I was super nervous and felt totally awkward for the first few minutes, but I think (I hope!) I got the hang of it after the first few takes.  I walked and talked – giving healthy and economical shopping tips as I made my way around the store picking out ingredients. 

photo (1) (480x640)

Once we finished shooting footage at the store, the whole crew headed back to my house to shoot the cooking portion of the show. 

IMG_7658 (480x640)

While the crew got everything set up and ready for the shoot, I got all the ingredients prepped and ready.  What was I making?  The famous vegan bean burgers of course!

IMG_7659 (640x478)

It was so crazy to have all this super high tech stuff happening in my house! 

IMG_7661 (640x480)

IMG_7663 (463x640)

They even rigged up a camera above my head so that they could shoot straight down on the cutting board.

IMG_7670 (640x480)

And once it was all set up, we were ready for lights, camera, ACTION!

IMG_7673 (640x480)

See the camera above my head? 

IMG_7674 (479x640)

I found the actual cooking part of the segment a LOT harder to do than the grocery store scenes.  I think at the store I felt really natural and comfortable, but trying to cook and make it interesting for television was a totally different animal.  It is HARD to be personable and confident with all eyes on you!

IMG_7675 (640x472)

IMG_7676 (640x480)

IMG_7680 (479x640)

IMG_7677 (480x640)

One for the bloopers reel?  :)

After all the prep work was done, we shifted the set over to the stove so that we could do part two – cooking the burgers.  Look how insanely intense I look!  As I explained to the very patient and understanding camera crew, I am a writer, not an actress!  :)

IMG_7683 (640x480)

I waited while the guys reset all of the light and equipment.  From the first time we set foot in this house, I always joked that the kitchen was set up perfectly for a cooking show – with the floating island stove and the cutout window at the cutting board.  Little did I know it would actually come to life!

IMG_7685 (640x469)

IMG_7686 (469x640)

For the cooking bit at the stove, I decided to rock my Front Burner apron – thanks MOM!  :)

IMG_7687 (640x480) IMG_7689 (640x472)

Shaking off my nerves again…

IMG_7690 (640x473)


IMG_7691 (640x473)

The rest of the shoot went well, and when all was said and done, I think I did a pretty good job.  I probably have a bit more work and practicing to do before I send in my application to Next Food Network Star, but for my first time I’ll take it. 

Soooo many thanks to the awesome team from CLTBlog for reading my blog, finding me interesting, and trusting me with their video segment.  I can’t wait to see the final cut!

Like I said, I have joked about having a “cooking show” kitchen, but never thought something like this would actually happen.  Here’s hoping that the rest of my culinary dreams might come true…