FYI: Razors and Coffee Don’t Mix!

This weekend is the big “find a place to live in DC” weekend, but there was one thing standing between me and my house hunting – cooking dinner at the farm for the owner and her family.  Based on what we had in the pantry, I decided to do a new version of one of my own old recipes – sweet potato and carrot curried lentils

IMG_8868 (640x480)

Just to shake things up, I also added some kohlrabi since we have an abundance in the refrigerator…

IMG_8872 (480x640)

I worked in an office setting for 6 years before I went back to school, and I own more khaki pants and cardigans that I know what to do with.  Now that I’ve made the jump, I’m going to always strive to find work opportunities where American Apparel v-necks and Nike shorts are the standard uniform.  :)

IMG_8887 (480x640)

The curried lentils turned out fabulous with the addition of the kohlrabi, and I served it next to some seasoned brown rice. 

IMG_8890 (640x480)

Because this recipe made a huge batch, I packed up a tub to take home with me so that I wouldn’t have to make a separate dinner for us – score!

IMG_8893 (640x480)

I was feeling stressed and nervous about the weekend, so before I left I stopped by the horse stables for a little animal therapy. 

IMG_8898 (640x480)

These guys always make me feel so peaceful and relaxed.  Such big and beautiful creatures.  Wish I knew how to ride them!

IMG_8899 (480x640)  IMG_8901 (640x480)

After work, I met Casey at our favorite coffee shop to work on online house hunting for a bit.  The combination of an empty stomach, too much coffee, and house hunting anxiety left me a little jittery and unfocused.  Casey asked me to come into the bathroom and help him trim up his neck hair – something I do ALL the time. 

But I was rushed and not paying enough attention, and as I took the razor to the back of his head, I cut it up a little higher than I intended.  I didn’t think it looked bad, but he was NOT happy, and immediately took the razor to his entire head…

  IMG_8907 (470x640)

I felt SO bad.  He says he doesn’t care, but just last week he told me he was going to grow his hair out a bit.  Guess he’ll need to start over on that one. :(  It definitely made me realize that I need to take a breath and RELAX. 

IMG_8908 (472x640)

My poor bald husband.  :(  I still think he looks great, but I feel really really bad about it.

IMG_8909 (640x474)

After the razor incident, it was time to take a step back and regroup.  Sounds like the perfect time for DINNER!  Soooo glad I had brought home leftover lentils and didn’t have to cook.

IMG_8910 (640x480)

I think curry might be my favorite spice. 

IMG_8911 (640x470)

Brown rice + coconut oil = perfection. 

IMG_8912 (640x480)

Looks a little goopy, but tastes wonderful and spicy. 

IMG_8913 (640x480)

Since we were going out of town, on the side I made a salad of every fresh fruit and vegetable left in the house…

IMG_8915 (640x474)

Apples, oranges, strawberries, cucumber, and tomatoes – do not be afraid to combine fruit and vegetables!

IMG_8917 (640x480)

All tossed in a delicious ume plum vinaigrette – yum!

IMG_8918 (640x479)

We packed and headed to bed early, and the alarm went off at THREE o’clock this morning.  9am and I’m already sitting in a coffee shop in Arlington, Virginia!  Better get going – houses to see and miles to walk.  See you tonight!