Goat Cheese and Red Potatoes.

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and reactions to my last post!  I have to admit, it took a lot of out me.  So much, apparently, that I didn’t even blog yesterday – whoops!  Back to it…

After five glorious days off of work, which included a short trip to visit family at the beach, it was due time I got my butt back to the farm and started cooking again.  On various days of the week I have different projects and groups to cook for, and Wednesday is the day that I make recipe samples for the CSA members.

My day usually starts with a phone call to the red shed, to talk to the farm guys and find out what is available for me to cook with that day.  For the CSA members, I always cook a few recipes that were in their weekly email, so that they can learn new ways to use the produce that they get in their weekly bin.  This week’s recipes were utilizing red potatoes and green beans, but as it turned out, they were really short on extra green beans.  So  I ended up just making the red potato dish and doubling the recipe.  Okay, let’s get to the FOOD.

Beautiful red potatoes, ready to be scrubbed.

IMG_7574 (467x640)

Cleaned and cubed for cooking…

IMG_7575 (640x480)

I didn’t have a steamer basket big enough for all these potatoes, and I was running short on time to be able to do two batches, so I rigged up my own steaming contraption with a colander perched in a large pot of boiling water.

IMG_7576 (640x450)

Meanwhile, I finely diced one quarter of a red onion.  I almost omitted this ingredient because I personally hate raw red onions.  In hindsight, they really worked in this recipe – I think it’s all about how small you cut them.  Big onions overpower a dish.

IMG_7577 (640x474)

Since I was running late, I had to eat my “lunch” while I was cooking, and stopped to snack on a juicy orange.

IMG_7578 (640x480)

I’ve discovered that I only like oranges when they are cooled and refrigerated.  Juicy and perfect.

IMG_7579 (640x475)

Chopped up some curly parsley, that I cut out of the beds myself.

IMG_7580 (640x480)

And I crumbed up some soft goat cheese as our potato salad base.

IMG_7581 (640x471)

As local as it gets – from right down the street!  Yummmmmm.

IMG_7582 (640x466)

A stack of sage leaves for slicing…

IMG_7583 (640x480)

All sliced and minced for sprinkling!

IMG_7584 (640x480)

I tossed the potatoes, parsley, sage, goat cheese, and red onion all together with a tangy vinaigrette (sherry vinegar, olive oil, Dijon mustard, garlic, and lemon juice.

IMG_7586 (640x478)

The end result was deeeeelicious!  It looked like it was made with mayonnaise, and all of the members were thrilled when I told them it was actually made with all-natural goat cheese instead.

IMG_7587 (640x465)

This was only my second time making samples for the members, and so far I’m two for two.  I’m finding that I really enjoy talking to the members about how to prepare their food, and giving them new ideas.  I hope when we move I can find some sort of a job in food education!

IMG_7589 (640x480)

I ate WAY too much of this.  Yum.

IMG_7590 (640x480)

Since I was handing out samples today, the farm owners decided to also have me go ahead and manage the CSA bin handout.  Of course I didn’t know that until yesterday – eeeeeek!  I had my camera with me, so I took some pictures to show you our CSA operation.  Here are customer bags filled with various types of produce.

IMG_7591 (640x480)

And each customer also gets a vegetable box filled with even more.  On average, each customer gets $36 worth of produce every week.

IMG_7592 (640x473)

This is the main room we work out of in the shed, because it is the only one that is AIR-CONDITIONED!  :)

IMG_7593 (640x471)

While the boys got things ready, I set up this cute little farm stand, in order to show customers which vegetables were available for additional purchase.

IMG_7594 (479x640)

I made labels for everything with prices, to make things easier and more accessible when we got a rush of customers all at once.

IMG_7595 (640x472)

Look at these beautiful PURPLE kohlrabi!  I believe I am cooking some of these for dinner tonight.  I’ve never worked with them before and have NO idea what to make!  Any suggestions?

IMG_7596 (480x640)

IMG_7597 (640x470)

So much pretty produce.  I think fruits and vegetables are just as beautiful (if not more!) than flowers.  I could take pictures of them all day long.  Anyone else?

IMG_7598 (640x468)

Yesterday was also one of our partner farm days, which means we had freshly baked bread, fresh eggs, and chickens all from neighboring farms – available for sale to our customers.

IMG_7599 (640x480)

I set up my sample station so that customers could snack on my potato salad while we gathered up the items they had ordered.

IMG_7600 (640x459)

Everyone LOVED it – another big hit.  :)

IMG_7601 (640x480)

We set out a plate of cherry tomatoes for the customers to snack on, but I’m pretty sure that I ate at least 50% of the plate – whoops!

IMG_7602 (640x480)

About 30 minutes after we got set up, some very ominous looking clouds rolled into town…

IMG_7603 (480x640)

And we spent the next three hours working in the POURING rain.  I finally stopped rushing around and just admitted defeat that I was soaking wet, no matter how fast I walked.

IMG_7604 (640x479)

Back to the farm this morning to cook dinner for the farm owner’s family!  On the menu – mushroom risotto, something with squash, and something with kohlrabi…