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    A Look Back.

Penne with Green Beans, Tomatoes, and Feta

Wednesday is CSA sample day, and unlike most weeks, this week I only had one recipe to make.  It was quick and easy too, so I was able to spend a lot of my day planning the rest of the week’s recipes and catching up on paperwork. 

I was excited when I saw the recipe for today, because I knew it was one that you blog readers would love – seasonal, fast, and very simple.  I started with fresh basil, garlic, and tomatoes.

IMG_8203 (640x480)

I feel very strongly that NOTHING can compare with in-season tomatoes.  Don’t you agree?

IMG_8204 (640x479)

In a bowl, I combined 2 cloves of minced garlic with 2 tbsp olive oil, salt, pepper, a handful of chopped basil, and about 2 cups of chopped tomatoes.

IMG_8205 (640x480)

Next I moved on to the fresh green beans.

IMG_8206 (640x470)

Washed, trimmed, and rinsed…

IMG_8207 (640x472)

And then plunged into boiling water for about 5 minutes, or until tender.

IMG_8208 (640x480)

When the beans were ready, I strained them out and used the remaining boiling water to cook a few servings of penne pasta.

IMG_8209 (640x480)

When the pasta was juuuuuust about done, I threw the green beans back into the boiling water, and then strained the entire pot into a colander.  To stop any carryover cooking, I ran them under cold water for a minute or two while tossing.

IMG_8210 (640x480)

The last step – TOSS!  I added the penne and green beans to the bowl with the tomato mixture, and then topped the whole thing with a handful of feta and tossed to combine.

IMG_8212 (640x480)

The final product was a delicious penne pasta salad with feta, green beans, and tomatoes – and was absolutely delicious. 

IMG_8213 (640x456)

I love that this was technically a “pasta salad” but because I used twice as many green beans as I did pasta, the pasta took a backseat to the veggies, making it feel indulgent while remaining healthy and relatively low calorie. 

IMG_8214 (640x480)


IMG_8215 (640x480)

I think purple basil makes such an awesome addition to anything – flavor AND color in one simple little herb.

IMG_8218 (640x480)

Another CSA sample success!

IMG_8217 (640x480) 

Tomorrow I’m making dinner for the owners, and starting Friday’s BIG staff lunch.  Lots of cooking these next few days!

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janneke     at 11:00 am

what a great dish! I’m going on a houseboat this weekend with a bunch of meat-lovers so as a lonely vegan i was a bit lost as to what to eat among all the hot dogs. i am definitely making this (minus the feta) and bringing it with me!


Lee     at 11:13 am

That looks great. How many servings would you say it makes?


Annie@stronhealthyfit     at 11:42 am

That pasta looks so nice and fresh and light!


Jackie (Peaces of Earth)     at 11:55 am

I agree, there really isn’t anything better than in season tomatoes! This looks absolutely amazing! So colorful – you eat with your eyes first. ;)


LC @ Let Them Eat Lentils     at 12:03 pm

Oh I miss in-season tomatoes! I keep eating the hothouse ones and they seriously suck. Yours look gorgeous. Hope you get to bring some home to enjoy!


Stacey @ Tipping the (Kitchen!) Scales     at 12:36 pm

That looks so good for something that sounds so simple to make!


Ashley     at 1:05 pm

That salad looks insane. LOVE fresh beans + maters! You’re right, nothing compares to an in season tomato!


Marie     at 2:09 pm

That really does look yummy. I have green beans and tomatoes growing in my garden and they are sooo good when they are “fresh” – very colorful too.


Jennifer (A Running Hokie)     at 2:32 pm

I got green beans, tomatoes, and basil in my CSA box this week. I am definitely making this pasta dish. Thanks!


Kristie     at 3:26 pm

The salad looks great, can’t wait to try it!


Daniel     at 7:38 pm

I made this salad tonight for dinner and it was really good! I steamed the beans and my parents would rather they been a little more tender but I was all right with them. I think next time I would add a tiny bit more salt (kind of salt-phobic, haha) and some kind of vinegar or lemon juice for a zing. I used two tomatoes but I think a few more could definitely work as well.

Thanks for the great recipe! :D


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Glad you enjoyed it! I used 2 CUPS of chopped tomatoes, instead of 2 tomatoes (probably more like five!), so that may be why you thought yours was skimping on the them. Lemon juice would be good too! :)


Heather     at 8:42 pm

wow I wish I was as good at cooking as you!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

haha I used to be terrible! It’s all about playing with food and not being afraid to screw up.


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Brooke     at 8:57 am

Just made this for dinner it is GREAT! thanks!


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