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The Frozen Gourmet.

I have been so busy showing you recipes and fun farm food that I haven’t told you one thing about this week!  And let me tell you, it has definitely been one of those weeks.  I have a huge school project due tomorrow, family issues at home, and our big trip to DC this weekend all weighing on my mind.  The absolute LAST thing I wanted to do when I got home late from work at 6:30pm was think about exercising.  Just as I considered blowing it off altogether, a little Tweet came across my screen telling me that Celeste was teaching the 7:15pm hot vinyasa yoga class tonight, and within five minutes I was in my yoga pants and back in my car heading to the studio. 

When I got home from work I was feeling sort of down and sad, and I knew I didn’t have it in me to push myself to do a hard workout.  So instead of giving up, I looked for someone else to push me.  And push me she DID!  I felt so much better the minute I hit the mat.  Yoga leaves me feeling peaceful and relaxed in a way that nothing else does.  I left the studio feeling refreshed and ready to face the rest of my week. 

Dinner tonight was LATE (after 9pm!) and super simple.  Since I’m not an every-meal-every-day food blogger, there’s a lot of stuff I eat that you guys don’t see.  And so often I am left wonderful, nice comments from people complimenting my culinary ability.  I thought tonight, just for fun, I would show you a completely non-gourmet or creative dish – just a few simple frozen ingredients, thrown together very quickly to create an easy, healthy dinner.

IMG_8861 (640x480)

The fact is, there is NOT always time for chopping lots of fresh vegetables, making sauces from scratch, and devoting hours of your evening to your dinner.  But that doesn’t mean that an easy healthy dinner is out of the question.  Instead of heading to the fast food drive through, it is MUCH cheaper and easier to just head to your own freezer.  Tonight’s dinner – veggie burgers with Asian stir-fried vegetables – nothing to it. 

IMG_8862 (640x480)

I heated up my wok and tossed in a bag of frozen broccoli, one bag of frozen stir-fry vegetables, and a handful of frozen edamame and corn.

IMG_8863 (640x479)

Once the excess water was cooked out, I tossed it all in a bit of soy sauce, and added freshly diced avocado at the very end. 

IMG_8866 (640x480)

Meanwhile, I heated up two of my very favorite vegetable masala burgers from Trader Joe’s…

IMG_8864 (640x480)

Nothing special, but still tasty and healthy, and in the end that’s all that matters, right?

IMG_8867 (640x459)

Our original plan for tomorrow was to work a half day and then drive to Charlottesville to spend the evening with the now-departed Kath and Matt!  But issues finding a dog-sitter left us here in Charlotte Thursday night – so sad to not see our friends.  :(  I’m working on training the dogs to take on a little more responsibility and not be quite so dependent, but until that happens, we’re in charge.  :)

The upside to not leaving until Friday though is that Casey found super cheap last minute flights for Friday morning, so now we get to fly instead of drive – SO much better!  And the cherry on top of the trip is that my wonderful and fabulous little sister is also flying in and meeting us there to help us search for our new home!!  Sarah has the rare ability to keep me calm and anxiety free – not always an easy task.  Crossing my fingers that we find a wonderful place to be our next home…

Off to bed – goodnight!  :)

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melissa     at 10:48 pm

I’m with you on this one!! When it’s a late night and I need something quick, nothing beats some Morningstar burgers and veggie steamers!!


meg     at 10:50 pm

frozen veggies are where it’s AT, although i usually just steam them. (but i’ve recently been sauteeing my corn in olive oil, mm!)


Chelsey     at 10:51 pm

I totally love going to workout classes so other people will push me when I dont want to! Glad you had a great workout.

Love dinner – sometimes simple = best. I don’t have time every day either!


Lisa (bakebikeblog)     at 11:08 pm

Isnt it wonderful how a yoga class can be so uplifting! Such a perfect ‘cure’ when things are not 100% :)


Emily     at 11:16 pm

I love the phrase, “frozen gourmet.” That was me last night…we’d just got back from vacation, so no fresh produce in the house to be seen. I was so happy to cook up some veggie burgers & frozen green beans–they were so satisfying and delicious! And so quick to throw together, too. :)

Best of luck on the housing search…I know that it can be super stressful!


Allie (Live Laugh Eat)     at 11:26 pm

I love the freezer!! I put everything in there and always look inside for quick meals…and ice cream :)


Mandiee     at 11:41 pm

It’s actually really nice to see how everyone, even amazing gormet food bloggers, live life and prepare quick and easy meals, too. I definitely believe that healthy doesn’t have to take a long time! Your meal looks delicious by the way :).

As for yoga, I’m so glad it was just what you needed. I practice everyday and am currently training to be a registered yoga teacher. I’m so glad to hear that you make time in your busy schedule for a little relaxation and “you” time. I hope that everything that is on your mind resolves, or at least that you will be able to get through it with ease (yay for yoga helping with that!) And on the bright side, you will get a chance to see Matt and Kath when they are better settled and you are more relaxed.

Have a lovely day!


Dorry     at 12:42 am

I love an easy and simple dinner…especially when it’s late and you just need to eat! It sounds like yoga really set the tone for the rest of your week and it’s AWESOME that y’all get to fly since you’ve been doing a lot of driving lately. :)


Jackie (Peaces of Earth)     at 3:03 am

Ahh, yoga. There is nothing quite like it!! I’m happy that it relaxed and calmed you. :) Sounds like you have a great weekend in store, good luck finding the perfect home!


Stacey @ Tipping the (Kitchen!) Scales     at 3:43 am

Thanks for this post! I’m not one that is big on cooking, so I am always eating easy meals like this. I want to experiment more in the kitchen but time just seems to disappear! You are right when you say that as long as it’s healthy that’s the main thing!!


Ashley Solomon @ Nourishing the Soul     at 8:09 am

Thanks for the post. I’d love to see more about “quick” healthy foods! Have fun in DC =)


Heather     at 8:34 am

you sound like you have a lot going on! Good luck and try to stay sane!


Alice     at 8:49 am

Frozen veggies save the day quite often in my life. Love TJ’s variety!

Good luck searching in DC. Not sure if you guys are using them but I’ve heard good things about UrbanIgloo.com Here are the Yelp reviews http://www.yelp.com/biz/urban-igloo-washington

I love living in Cleveland Park!


Liz     at 10:08 am

Good luck finding a place! Tweet me if you have any urgent questions about neighborhoods while you are here :)


Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life)     at 10:44 am

I’m a wonderful dog-sitter! Plus Koda loves it when she has friends “spend the night”. Given I am up at the lake, and not right in Charlotte, but if you ever need a dog sitter, holla!

(…except for this weekend… I’m leaving to go out of town in the morning too ;))


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Omg you are so nice! Wish I had known!


Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen)     at 10:47 am

Oh Emily, I hope the stress dies down soon! I am totally with you on the easy meals. Sometimes it is just nice to not have to clean so many dishes and rest your brain! I hope you have a great day!


Erin     at 11:44 am

I know I already gave you a big pep talk on your last searching-for-housing post, so I’ll keep this short.

You’ll find a GREAT place, I’m sure of it! Just take lots of deep breaths, and take turns freaking out. (That’s what we did a month ago…Andrew would freak out and I’d talk him down, and then it was my turn and he’d help me!) Trust your instincts and believe that you’ll find someplace great, and you WILL! Honestly!

And just know that yes, there will be stress and anxiety, and yes, you will have a few panicky moments. But you’ll get through it and will have a place you’ll love!

Hang in there! We’re all rooting for you!


Robyn @ Wannabe Writer Runner     at 2:26 pm

It’s amazing how good frozen things can be sometimes. I love Amy’s meals. And they’re so great when you’re strapped for time or don’t have energy to cook. Glad yoga made you feel better!


Annie@stronghealthyfit     at 2:30 pm

Good luck with everything!


Marci     at 2:34 pm

Even your quick and from the freezer meals look pretty. And yay for flying. We are airpane people over driving. However, getting anywhere from Houston is a long drive, so flying wins a lot.


Jen     at 3:31 pm

Finally, a dinner I could make ;) I’m glad yoga is such a great outlet for you.

And I totally would have walked your dogs for you tonight and tomorrow morning- I come with good references :) But so glad you found cheap flights. I know you’re sick of being in your car!


kATH     at 9:58 pm



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