Bachelorette Party Fun!

After not getting into bed until 3:30am on Friday night, I slept until TEN in the morning on Saturday!  I don’t think I’ve stayed up that late, or slept that late since the college years.  Once we were up, we got to work making lunch for the bachelorette girls to enjoy at the pool.

IMG_9165 (480x640)

The original idea was to have a catered lunch, but we figured that between me, Haley, and Toby (who is an amaaaaaazing cook!) we could easily make the food for much less money.  Toby made most of the salads ahead of time, so Haley and I worked on sandwich pinwheels.

IMG_9166 (640x465)

We did half the tray with turkey and cheese, and the other half vegetarian with avocado, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

IMG_9167 (640x480)


IMG_9169 (640x480)

We took the spread to the pool where it was enjoyed by all of the bachelorette party guests.  Rollups, pitas and hummus, and delicious bean salad.

IMG_9173 (640x480)

Fruit salad, tomato salad, and gooey brownies…

IMG_9174 (640x455)

We spent a few hours talking and relaxing in the HOT Georgia sun by the pool.  I love pools – I have always wished I lived near one!

IMG_9175 (640x469)

Happy bachelorette and her matron of honor.  I think she had a really fun weekend.  :)

IMG_9176 (640x476)

After we left the pool, Haley and I had a few hours to kill and we were both still a little hungry, so she took me to Roswell’s latest amazing addition – Cloud 9 Frozen Yogurt and Cupcakes!

IMG_9177 (640x480)

They had all these amazing CUPCAKES that were very tempting.  Check out the Golden Girl – hilarious.

IMG_9178 (640x471)

So many different options.

IMG_9179 (640x450)

But when the option is presented, I always go with FRO-YO!

IMG_9181 (640x457)

I have been saying from the beginning that I thought Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal would be the ultimate frozen yogurt topping, and this was the first time I’ve actually ever seen it!

IMG_9183 (640x471)

A trio of cookies and cream, peanut butter cup, and creamy vanilla…

IMG_9184 (640x472)

Topped with fig newtons, shredded coconut, and cinnamon toast crunch – YUM!

IMG_9185 (640x480)

A fun treat after a few hot hours at the pool, and a nice chance to relax and catch up with Haley.

IMG_9187 (455x640)

We came back to the house and snuggled with the pups for a bit, until it was time to get showered and ready to go out.

IMG_9188 (640x434)

Originally when I had planned to come to Atlanta, I was going to hang out Friday night and Saturday afternoon, but skip out on the wild bar festivities.  But when I got here some plans changed, and it turned out I was included for dinner and the night out after all.  Problem was, I hadn’t brought ANYTHING fancy or cute to wear for a night out on the town.  A quick trip to Target remedied that.  I got this entire outfit – dress, shoes, and necklace – at Target for $60 just a few hours before the party.

IMG_9191 (473x640)

It has been so fun for me to get to spend some good quality family time with Haley, Toby, and Kevin.  I feel so lucky to have TWO amazing families!

IMG_9194 (479x640)

Toby and Kevin are so much fun, and hanging out with them is always a blast.

IMG_9195 (466x640)

All dressed up and ready to go!  This outfit might be making an appearance at the Healthy Living Summit next weekend…we’ll see.

IMG_9196 (481x640)

We headed over to bachelorette headquarters to find a GIANT stretch limo waiting for us!

IMG_9197 (640x469)

Fourteen of us piled inside – the champagne started flowing and the music started bumping.  I was in for a wild night…

IMG_9198 (640x480)

LOVE her!  Would not have survived the weekend without my family ally by my side.

IMG_9199 (640x480)

We stopped by the beautiful St. Regis Hotel to take a few pictures of our group all together.  Such nice and pretty girls – very excited to spend more time with them all again at the wedding in October.

IMG_9202 (640x481)

This hotel was stunning – so clean and bright!

IMG_9204 (640x470)

After pictures, we headed to Shout in Midtown for dinner.

IMG_9207 (640x478)

I ordered the veggie option – a vegetarian panini sandwich, that was supposed to come with french fries, but I subbed them out and asked for simple grilled vegetables.  I was surprised when this whole side plate of delicious veggies showed up!

IMG_9208 (640x480)

And my vegetable panini was HUGE!  Mushrooms, spinach, red peppers, squash – all sorts of good stuff.

IMG_9209 (640x480)

You guys know I can EAT, but this was too big even for me.  I ate half and picked at the third piece.  Deeeelicious!

IMG_9210 (470x640)

Since we had a HUGE group of 18 girls, it took foreeeeever to get everyone to sit down, order drinks, and pick out their food.  We got to dinner around 8, and we were still there at 11pm!  Throughout the course of the evening, I had fun talking to the girls I was sitting with, but I could also tell that the evening was taking a turn for the wild side.

Drinks were flowing and the crowd was getting LOUD!  I decided that since it was already late, and being the only sober one in the crowd, I was going to skip out on the bar scene and head home.  I gave the bachelorette a hug goodbye!

IMG_9212 (640x480)

The wonderful Toby and Kevin picked me up at the restaurant and took me back to their place in Roswell.  Part of me was a little sad that things have changed so much for me, and that I’m not really part of that party scene anymore, but a MUCH bigger part of me was glad to be back at home and headed to bed to rest up for my run.  My “new” lifestyle suits me much better.

I hit my pillow around midnight, and set my alarm for 7am so I could get up and run 15 miles before the sun got too hot…