Counter Burgers & A 30-Day Yoga Challenge.

Last night we were excited to head out for a fun dinner on the town.  Less than TWO weeks left to enjoy the pretty green views from our front porch…

IMG_9616 (480x640)

With just a few short weeks here in Charlotte, we had our final visitors!  Casey’s Aunt Tracey and her friend Steve are in town for a business meeting, so we met up with them to enjoy Charlotte’s best burger joint – the Counter in Southpark.  (Why did I not get a picture of them?  Fail.)

I was the only one of the group who had been to The Counter before, so I guided our group through the menu, starting with two Hobo Packs for the table.  Parchment packs of freshly grilled vegetables – soooo good, without too much extra butter or oil like you typically get in restaurants.  One of the healthiest appetizer options I’ve had to date!  After running 15 miles that morning, our veggies went from this…

IMG_9618 (640x467)

To this…

IMG_9621 (640x480)

In about 30 seconds.  I was starving!  Next up – the main courses.  I love these clipboard checklists, even though I always choose waaay too many things.  Check out all my X marks!

IMG_9620 (640x480)

I went with a veggie burger on top of a salad of mixed greens with avocado, roasted corn and black bean salsa, grilled onions, black olives, sprouts, pineapple, and dijon balsamic dressing. 

IMG_9622 (640x479)

Believe it or not, there is a veggie burger underneath all those toppings.

IMG_9623 (640x480)

Check out Casey’s monster stack – he opted for the 2/3 lb burgers instead of the 1/3 lb, which ended up being two huge veggie burgers stacked on top of each other.  Quite the mouthful!

IMG_9625 (480x640)

Our group also split a trio of sweet potato fries, onion straws, and regular french fries.  Pretty sure I dominated 90% of the sweet potatoes.

IMG_9627 (640x480)

At dinner, Tracey and Steve gave us this mysterious unlabeled bottle that looked just like wine…

IMG_9628 (481x640)

But clearly wasn’t, since they know we don’t drink anymore.  Turns out it was organic grape and blueberry juice – YUM!

IMG_9630 (470x640)

I took a sample straight to the face.  This juice makes a delicious mocktail mixed with sparkling water – thank you Tracey and Steve! 

IMG_9632 (472x640)

She also brought me a few avocados, because clearly I have a problem.  Looking forward to devouring these for lunch, mmmmm.

IMG_9631 (640x462)

After a fun night out, it was early to bed for us since I had a 6:30am hot yoga date with new friend Jen!  Which brings me to my next topic…

Life has been so crazy and disorganized these past few weeks that I haven’t even gotten to TELL you guys about m
y fun yoga challenge!

My 30-Day Yoga Challenge

When August 1st hit (weeks ago!) and I knew I was going to be moving in a month (sniff), I decided to give myself a yoga challenge – go every day for 30 days.  My teacher has told me that the only way to really see the effects of yoga is to do it a LOT.  So with one month left at my favorite studio, I bought an unlimited pass and have gone every single day since.  (Confession:  I have missed three days due to Chicago travels, and long runs.)

Today was day 23, and I am just NOW telling you about it.  Better late than never, right?  I’ll be back with a full recap on day 30 to assess how 30 days of straight yoga has affected my practice and my flexibility.  The best part of all?  Look who is doing it with me!

2010-06-05 07.21.22

Casey even went by himself when I was in Chicago – true dedication to the challenge.  We are both really excited to see if yoga can make us better runners and athletes.  And with that, a fun yoga tutorial post coming up this afternoon… (Two posts in one day, what?  I promised you guys more, so I hope you’re ready for it!)