Final Fifteen Miles In Charlotte.

I set my alarm last night for 6am, hoping to get up nice and early and properly fuel for today’s run.  Apparently my body had other plans though, because I had a really weird night’s sleep.  I remember waking up around 6 and babbling to Casey that he needed to get up and check his email – clearly I thought it was Monday morning. 

My plan was to meet Caitlin at her house at 8am, so when I sat up and saw the clock blinking 7:55 in my face, I had a major “oh crap” moment.  I went FLYING down the steps, g-chatted Caitlin to tell her I had overslept, threw my clothes on and ran out the door.

In the midst of my mania, Casey was nice enough to hand me an English muffin with PB&J and yesterday’s old iced coffee on my way out the door, which I slammed down my throat as quickly as possible.  Driving over to Caitlin’s house, I was pretty nervous to be starting out my long run so poorly prepared or fueled.

It just goes to show that sometimes you have to throw the rules out the window.  I ended up having one of my best long runs since I started training!  In fact, until the end, it didn’t even feel like running – just talking and enjoying company with friends.

Fifteen SOLID miles with wonderful Caitlin at my side.

IMG_1224 (640x426)

We went at a comfortable, slow pace around 10 minute miles, and as we talked the miles ticked by.  I stopped looking at my Garmin after the first few, and decided to just run and enjoy the beautiful neighborhood and great company.

I’ve made it no secret that running has been ROUGH for me this summer.  I’ve struggled with my speed, I’ve lost my ability to mentally push through on the treadmill, and the heat has killed my momentum.  I have gotten a LOT slower.  But I realized on today’s run that running slower is OKAY.  In fact, running slower felt really good – perhaps what my body needed after all?  Eventually I’d like to get back to the speeds I used to run, but for now, I am so happy to just run consistently – no matter the pace.

The two of us ran 9ish miles, and then looped back around to the house to pick up JEN

IMG_1228 (426x640)

The last few miles were REALLY painful, and my legs and hips were aching to stop.  But we brought it home strong and finished all 15 in a total of 2:36:35 – so proud to report that finally – FINALLY – I did this run without walking breaks.  We stopped to get water and Gatorade a few times, but the rest was ALL running – whohoooo!  Running with friends is SO MUCH BETTER.  I love these girls.

IMG_1226 (640x426)

I was 100% drenched in sweat from my run, so much that I actually rolled my extra yoga mat out to protect my poor car from getting soaked on my drive home.

IMG_9798 (470x640)

This was my very last long run in Charlotte – what a way to end it!  But I’ll be back in December for the Thunder Road Marathon, and I’m already counting down until I get to see all my friends again.  After three weeks in a row of great runs with great friends, I am reaaaaaally hoping I find some long-run partners in the DC area.

I got home and immediately raced into the shower.  I get SO COLD after long runs, and a scalding hot shower and coffee are usually the first things on my mind.  Also – LUNCH!

IMG_9800 (640x469)

Delicious orange pepper and avocado sandwich on an English muffin – served on a Christmas plate, because that’s what you do when you’re mid-move. 

IMG_9801 (640x480)

With grapes and extra peppers on the side.

IMG_9802 (640x472)

And delicious coffee, always.

IMG_9804 (479x640)

Since we have started selling off our furniture and putting everything into boxes, the dogs have been very sad and mopey. 

IMG_9807 (640x472)

Last night they were being so pathetic that I went out and got them new dog beds to help them feel a little more at ho
me.  Without the couch they didn’t have anywhere comfy to sit!  They were so excited to curl up in their new plushy beds.

IMG_9809 (640x447)  IMG_9814 (640x471)

I promise they really do fit in their beds, they are just incredibly dramatic. 

IMG_9815 (640x471)

And territorial – Indy immediately went to work trying to figure out how he could commandeer BOTH beds.

IMG_9817 (462x640)

Ahhh the joys of pet ownership.  Now I’m on lunch number two – tomato soup – and still FREEZING cold.  What is it about crazy hot long runs that leave me running for hoodies and sweatpants?

IMG_9816 (640x478)

I am sooooo happy to have a solid and successful long run behind me.  It gave me a much needed confidence boost after weeks and weeks of poor running.  And now it is time for a much needed NAP!  Must rest up for another fun dinner out tonight with friends.