Hillbilly Heaven.

We have officially entered the "eating healthy takeout” phase of our move.  You don’t think Qdoba is healthy?  I beg to differ.

IMG_9835 (640x454)

I got my standard “naked” burrito with double veggies, double salsas, a pile of lettuce…

IMG_9836 (640x464)

And a monstrous glob of guacamole.  No complaints here!

IMG_9838 (640x471)

Yum!  We actually got Qdoba our very first night in Charlotte, after driving 9 hours in our cars and moving truck, and then unloading the truck for hours.  It was like a beacon of light at the end of a torturously long move.  Pretty sure I slammed a full burrito that night.

IMG_9837 (640x480)

Yesterday I tried to be responsible by sitting down for a few hours to deal with setting up new utilities, cancelling old utilities, forwarding mail – all that good stuff.  One of the other tasks on my list was scheduling a large trash pickup.  For as long as we lived in Cincinnati, we always lived in a more urban-type neighborhood, where you simply take your trash and trashcans out to the curb, and they disappear every Tuesday morning.

After we moved here to Charlotte, we moved in and then happily piled all our garbage and boxes and things on the curb on our first trash night, only to find that they remained there post-trash-pickup.  Turns out that out here in the ‘burbs, you can only throw away what you can fit in your trashcan.  There are no garbage men here – just a truck with a giant arm that reaches around and picks up trash cans.  If it’s not in the can, you can’t throw it away!

So for an entire year, we’ve been stockpiling old broken stuff in our garage because we were too lazy to figure out how to get rid of any of it.  We considered lighting it all on fire (fun), but our wooded backyard could have made for a potential disaster.  So the very LONG story short here, is that after an entire year of only throwing away a can’s worth of trash at a time, I called yesterday to schedule our large trash pickup.  Imagine my surprise when they told me they would actually be coming around…TODAY!  Lots of scrambling ensued, since I now had about three hours to gather it all, instead of three days as planned.  We worked until it was dark, turning our lovely suburban home into a hillbilly nightmare.

IMG_9840 (640x480)

One of our poor neighbors was outside hedging his perfectly manicured lawn while we were piling old carpets and broken vacuums high to the sky.  Crossing my fingers that they actually take all this stuff, or I might have to revisit that bonfire idea.

IMG_9841 (640x476)

After an intense morning yoga class, moving and carrying boxes all day, and hours of junk removal, I was craving something delicious for a late night snack.  We never really have chocolate or snack stuff in our house though, and even if we did, our pantry is 95% packed.  But I wasn’t giving up.  I headed to the next best place – my freezer…

IMG_9844 (640x456)

Yes, you are correct – that is our wedding cake.  If you’ve read any of our wedding recaps, you already know that we were not exactly the most traditional bride and groom.  So who cares about tradition when it comes to eating the cake, right?  Cakes are for celebration, and I think we have a lot to celebrate right now.

IMG_9845 (640x480)

Plus I just really really wanted cake, and Casey didn’t argue.

IMG_9846 (640x480)

And with that, I’m turning on very loud rap music and heading back to the closet for a few more hours so that I can take a much needed break this afternoon.  THREE more days – aaaaaaahhhh!