The Beginning of the Move & The Next Step.

Let the chaos begin!  The packing/selling/organizing phase has started and the house is in shambles.  I’m okay with it though, because it is making everything feel very real and exciting.  Just for fun, let’s take a short trip down memory lane, at my last ten-ish years of moving.

  • 1999 – 2003:  the college years involved two moves each year, one into a dorm room, one home for the summer.  I never lived in the same place twice – sorry, mom!
  • May 2003:  Move to Topsail, North Carolina with my best friend as part of our post-college rebellion/denial.  We worked as maid in a hotel – best summer of my life.
  • September 2003:  Move back home with my mom.  Depression ensues.
  • November 2003:  Get my 1st apartment with same best friend (Lindsey). 
  • August 2005:  Lindsey and I decide we are bored with our apartment, and move 2 blocks away to a much bigger and nicer space.
  • June 2007:  Take the plunge to move in with Casey, my boyfriend of 1.5 years at the time.  Lindsey and I finally move apart after 8 hilarious years together, and she gets an apartment just down the street.  :)
  • August 2008:  Casey and I realize we hate our first dingy, out of date house, so after a year there we decided to move to a much nicer one less than a mile away.  This also marks the first time I moved outside of the zip code I grew up in – big moment for me. 
  • August 2009:  Life throws a curveball and we move to North Carolina in a 24 foot moving truck.
  • September 2010:  We are moving to Alexandria, VA in less than two weeks!

Despite all of my moves and experience, sometimes you just can’t avoid your house turning into something that looks like this…

IMG_9525 (640x473)

Or this…

IMG_9550 (472x640)

Why is it that when you’re moving you discover that you have way more STUFF than two people should ever own?  Seriously – who needs this much gift wrap?  And why is it so unorganized?

IMG_9526 (478x640)

Perhaps I should I be concerned that my packing mania has prompted Casey to hang a Do Not Disturb sign on his desk, facing in my direction?

IMG_9539 (640x473)

Or that my desk has become so cluttered with things I am avoiding that my actual laptop has become a landing zone for dishes?  Good thing I have two keyboards!

IMG_9548 (640x465)

Believe it or not, there IS a method to my madness.  In fact, I’m going to do a few posts on how to move and keep your sanity!  Ironic, right?  :)  The dogs are NOT happy about the boxes coming out, I think they are sensing the change that is about to come.  I keep telling them that they will love our new place so much more!

IMG_9556 (640x480)

And speaking of what comes next, let’s talk about that for a minute.  Here is a quick Q&A on the details of our move, since these are the questions that we get asked most frequently…

1.  Didn’t you JUST move to Charlotte?  Why are you leaving already?

Yes, we “just” moved to Charlotte, almost exactly one year ago.  Although if you look at my history, a year is actually a pretty long time.  We moved here for the purpose of going to school at JWU and UNCC, and now that both of our programs are over, there is nothing specifically tying us to Charlotte anymore.  In the year that we’ve been here, I think we’ve both grown to realize that we are more urban/city folk than we originally thought.  While the ‘burbs and the country sounded good at the time, it’s just not the right fit for us.  We have made wonderful friends here in Charlotte that I am very sad to leave, but they are also good enough friends to know that we need to try something else.  And they have all promised to visit!

2.  So you’re leaving Charlotte, but why DC?  What is there?

Well first of all, what ISN’T there!?!  We are both really active, and also both really nerdy.  The thought of having unlimited access to free museums gives me chills.  When we decided we were going to leave Charlotte, the next obvious step was choosing where to go.  Originally we planned on moving to the west coast, but our families weren’t exactly thrilled about the idea.  Afraid that I would never see my mom again, we switched gears to our favorite east coast city – Washington, DC.  No, we don’t have jobs or family there, we just love it.  And for me, that is enough.

3.  So what will you guys be doing in DC then?

Ahhh the job question.  First of all, we live a very portable lifestyle, which makes big transitions less difficult for us.  Casey works from home as a consultant, so he can literally take his job anywhere.  We also choose to rent houses instead of buy them, which makes picking up and leaving as easy as 30 days notice.

Casey will be continuing to do what he does here in Charlotte – consulting for his company based back in Ohio.  As for me, I’m going to try working at home for a bit too.  I’ve been lucky enough that through the blog and some good publicity, I’ve gotten a few freelance jobs writing articles and recipes for a few publications.  I’m going to explore those for a while and try to grow my freelance career.  My hope has always been to cook and write about my style of food, never to work late night kitchen hours or be a line cook.  And with a little momentum, that hope is actually starting
to come true…

My other plan is to greatly increase the attention I can give The Front Burner.  It has grown and changed into something I really love, and I’m hoping that with almost full-time attention, I can make it into all that I know it can be.  What that means is a LOT more posting, more recipes, more tutorials – more, more more.

I know you guys love recipes and how-to’s, so I’m planning to have a least a few each week to help keep your mouth watering.  I hope to continue to cook and expand my culinary repertoire by experimenting and playing with food – just in my own kitchen this time, instead of the farm.  For now, I think I have plenty of things to keep life busy and interesting.

Thank YOU readers for helping me through each and every transition, and for helping me make my dreams into realities.  The journey is only fun because we’re doing it together.


And with that, I’m off to start my day with a bit of relaxing yoga, before another day of moving and packing ensues.  Happy Saturday!