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    A Look Back.

The Last Lunch.

Can you believe that this is my last week on the farm?  Seems like it was just yesterday that I was pulling down the gravel path for the very first time.  Today was my very last staff lunch, so I tried to go out on a good note.  The highlight of lunch – my cranberry walnut potato salad – recipe coming up next!

IMG_9268 (640x480)

This was absolutely delicious, and definitely the favorite dish of today’s spread.

IMG_9271 (640x470)

For our main vegetable dish, I went with a simple sauté of all the veggies we have laying around on the counters in the kitchen.  The farm owners are headed to California for the next month, so I’m trying to use up everything fresh in the house!

IMG_9275 (640x480)

Guess what that bright orange vegetable is?  EGGPLANT!  It’s some crazy variety I’ve never seen before, and they were shaped like tomatoes – very strange.

IMG_9276 (640x480)

Chopped and sauteed all of the vegetables separately, and then combined them all together at the end.  Sprinkled with fresh slivers of crisp basil.

IMG_9277 (640x479)

I am really going to miss cooking here – it has been such a fun experience working with all this wonderful food.

IMG_9279 (640x480)

My entire time here on the farm, I never did a sandwich dish, so today I recreated similar roll-ups to the ones I made for the bachelorette party last weekend.

IMG_9280 (640x479)

I used Flatout wraps this time, which worked really well because of their rectangular shape.

IMG_9281 (640x480)

They were all veggie, but I did half with a homemade sun-dried tomato goat cheese spread, and the other half with wasabi mustard.  All of them had spinach, arugula, cucumbers, and tomatoes stuffed inside.  These were a hit!

IMG_9283 (640x480)

Today was actually a double-duty cooking day for me.  After lunch, I cleaned up and got to cooking once again – I had to make dinner for the farm owners and their out of town company.

IMG_9284 (640x472)

Since they were such a big hit at the staff lunch, I decided to make my quinoa stuffed zucchini boats again, this time for the family.

IMG_9285 (640x471)

Because they had company in from out of town, they asked for something a little special tonight.  Unlike most nights, tonight I made DESSERT – yum!  I filled a baking dish with a mixture of fresh figs, nectarines, white wine, honey, and sugar, and let it caramelize in the oven for 30 minutes.

IMG_9286 (640x480)

This was soooooooo good!  It doesn’t get any better than baked fruit.  This was intended to be served over fresh vanilla ice cream…

IMG_9287 (640x478)

And because I know it is important for chef’s to taste the food they are serving, I happily obliged with a heaping scoop of vegan coconut meat ice cream.

IMG_9288 (640x480)

And then I remembered that we still had leftover raw cacao chocolate sauce from our last Farm to Table Dinner, and I figured I should probably make sure it was still good…

IMG_9289 (640x480)

Yep, still good.  :)  The final lunch and dinner were both big successes.  Hard to believe that there are just a few days left…

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Kath     at 10:25 pm

Gorgeous photos!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Ahh means so much from my blog bestie. :)


Pure2Raw Twins     at 10:37 pm

All the food looks great! I love finding out new vegetables, so that eggplant sounds interesting. Looks like your time on the farm was a success!


Elizabeth     at 10:39 pm

That desert looked amazing and makes me want to eat desert now. That sounds like the best job ever :)


Julie     at 10:41 pm

I made your quinoa zucchini boats for dinner tonight! I subbed in walnuts ground with nutritional yeast for the parmesan and they turned out delicious. And yay, leftovers for lunch tomorrow! :)


Jennifer@ knackfornutrition     at 10:54 pm

That food is gorgeous. It also makes me hungry!! I love fresh fruit and vegetables. There really is nothing more satisfying!


Dorry     at 10:54 pm

Mmmm that dessert looks delish.


Lisa (bakebikeblog)     at 11:21 pm

What a wonderful array of dishes! I love your creativity in the kitchen!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Thank you! :)


emily     at 11:24 pm

everything looks fabulous, and i’m definitely going to try those zuke boats!


Jackie (Peaces of Earth)     at 1:00 am

Wow, I think you have my dream job! Nothing makes me smile more than eating farm to table and you get to create awesome recipes that make people happy. So cool!!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

I’ve been very lucky to cook there all summer long. :)


JL Goes Vegan     at 5:13 am

You’re going out with a bang! What a beautiful meal!


Tina     at 7:25 am

All of that food looks so amazing. They sure are going to miss having you cook for them.


rachael     at 7:49 am

Everything looks delicious! I want to work there!


Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen)     at 8:14 am

I wish I could have eaten that staff lunch! The baked fruit…YUM! What a great internship! So glad you got that experience. Now you are off for a new adventure! Have a great day Emily!


Chelsey     at 8:33 am

Yum! I can’t believe you’re done at the farm! It does seem like you JUST got there!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

I KNOW, right?


Anne     at 8:38 am



Nicole - yuppie yogini     at 9:27 am

Seems like you’ve had an awesome experience!


Liz     at 9:39 am

Hey Emily! Just wanted to say that I just started reading your blog (I found it on KERF) and I love it. You are an excellent writer, and very inspiring!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Hello and welcome!! So glad you found the blog :)


Ginna     at 9:57 am

Wow! I can’t believe ur almost done there! Any ideas what you will be doing in DC?

I just got some of those flat out wraps and they are great!


Maura     at 11:21 am

Those pictures made my mouth water!! Is it lunch yet?!


Melissa @ HerGreenLife     at 11:28 am

I’m familiar with a lot of interesting varieties of vegetables (we’re growing some stunning Chinese red noodle beans), but the orange eggplant is a first! I love how fresh and colorful meals are in the summer.


Amber K     at 11:52 am

That all looks soo good!


Erika     at 12:24 pm

I just made zuchini boats last night! I made mine with smashed black beans though, but they still turned out good. I does seem like you just started at “the farm” – summer is going way too fast!


Kristie     at 1:02 pm

OK I really want to eat one of the wraps and the fruit.


Robyn @ Wannabe Writer Runner     at 1:33 pm

No way is that eggplant! I have never seen so many amazing and delicious looking farm to table meals, I sure will miss reading about them!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

There will be NEW amazing meals in DC – I promise! :)


Kristen (Kristen, Sweetly)     at 9:47 pm

Hi, Emily! I’ve been reading your blog all summer, just haven’t posted anything before. I love it!!!

That dessert looks so amazing. I can’t believe it’s all fresh fruit with just a bunch of sweeteners. Can’t wait to try that! Thanks for sharing your summer on the farm with us. :-)


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Thanks YOU for reading, and for commenting! :)


elizabeth     at 6:54 am

Hi Emily,

I have been reading your blog for awhile and love it. It is inspiring! I have never baked fruit before, other than apples. Can you give a more specific recipe for tonight’s desert. It looks unbelievable!



Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Hi Elizabeth! I chopped the figs and nectarines, and spread them out in a baking dish in a single layer. Then I added about 1/4 cup white wine, 2 tbsp of sugar, 2 tbsp of honey, and baked until carmelizing around 30 minutes (at 400 degrees). It was deeeelicious!


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