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    A Look Back.


Can you believe that today is my last day at Poplar Ridge?  Hard to believe it was early May when I drove down the gravel path and through their gates for the first time.

2010-05-08 041 (640x480)

I have been so blessed to work in such a beautiful and serene place.  On my best days, I can walk the grounds, eat from the vines, and soak up the sunshine.

IMG_6659 (640x480)

And on days when I am down, I can visit the horses or stare across the acres and acres of green, clearing my mind.


2010-05-08 018 (640x480)

Hard to believe ELEVEN weeks have gone by since my first day on the farm.

IMG_6631 (454x640)

In what felt like a very short summer, I’ve learned more than I could have imagined about farming and identifying varieties of vegetables in the ground.

2010-05-08 010 (640x480)

I’ve explored the gardens and learned to harvest my own ingredients from the farm to the table.

IMG_6651 (640x480)

I’ve made a few animal friends…

IMG_6656 (480x640)


And some really great people friends too.

IMG_8507 (640x480)

By day, I cooked in my running shorts and gym shoes…


And at night, I got dressed up in chef whites to serve dinners of 50+ people.


IMG_7378 (480x640)

IMG_7391 (465x640)

I pulled ingredients straight off the vines…

IMG_8502 (640x480)

And brought them into my gorgeous farm kitchen.

IMG_6999 (640x480)

And with them I made some pretty incredible food…


IMG_7988 (640x471)

IMG_8001 (640x465)


IMG_8802 (640x480)





I have never been one for transitions or change.  I tend to cling to the familiar with every muscle in my body.  Luckily I have Casey, who always pushes me to grow, and makes me less afraid to try new things.

This very weekend last year, I was driving my life across the country in a budget truck, headed towards a new home and a second chance at my career.

[August 24, 2009 204[3].jpg]

[August 24, 2009 203[3].jpg]

I remember feeling so lost and scared, and when we finally got our internet hooked up at our new house, one of the first things I did was check my favorite blogs for a glimpse of something familiar.  But while I was uprooting my life that weekend, my favorite bloggers were at the first ever Healthy Living Summit, laughing, eating, and forming new friendships.  It felt so strange to me that while my life was in total chaos, somehow life had gone on outside of Charlotte.

What a difference a year can make.  For as much as I learned about food and cooking this year, I learned a lot more about myself.  I’m not scared of much anymore, and I think I can handle just about anything.  Fast forward to this year, and I’m getting ready to move again.  But this time will be different – I won’t be depressed and overwhelmed.  I will be excited and grateful that I have so many wonderful opportunities to change and explore.

But before I move again in a few short weeks, I have a few other things planned – starting with this year’s Healthy Living Summit!  I’ll be on a plane at 5pm en route to Chicago to finally “meet” so many of the bloggers that I’ve gotten to know through my computer screen.

It feels very appropriate to close the door on my last day at Poplar Ridge and head straight to the HLS, since my next step will be to continue to explore the writing opportunities and projects that blogging has brought me.

See you in the Windy City!

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Chelsey     at 1:43 pm

Have the greatest time here in Chicago!


Vanessa     at 2:04 pm

Very inspirational post. I sorta related from moving my home in new jersey to charlotte 3 years ago.. Now I’m in a transitional stage and am searching for the next chapter and challenge in my life. Sometimes I wish I could just close my eyes and pick a place on the map and go there and start over. It’s just so hard to know what’s next. I hate change too, needless to say dealing with change on my own.. You’re lucky to have your guy with you.. Good luck with your future! Will loook forward to your posts from D.C.


R @ Learning As I Chop     at 2:13 pm

So great to see how much you learned! I am very jealous of that farm experience


Tracey     at 2:38 pm

Wow! What a great experience you had and the food all looks wonderful. You can cook for me anytime;)

I’m going to be at HLS this year too. It is my first blogger conference and I’m looking forward to it!


Brianne http://beautythroughbalance.wordpress.com/     at 2:51 pm

I love your blog and this recap of your farm experience was so nice! I love the idea of just going away for a few weeks and trying new experiences and seeing new sights, this made me very happy to see.


Cynthia (It All Changes)     at 4:13 pm

I love this recap. It shows such growth and like coming along for the ride. Have fun in Chicago.


Jasmine @ Eat Move Write     at 5:56 pm

What a great blog. I too uprooted my life and moved across country (Indiana to Cali). I didn’t have a job or a home or a friend here in Cali, and in three years, I’ve beautiful a truly beautiful life. Amazing how that works, huh?

Love your blog, girl. Good luck and have fun at HLS!


Lisa (bakebikeblog)     at 7:05 pm

Wow – how quickly did those 11 weeks go! I hope you have an awesome time at the HLS! It sure looks like there are lots of fun times ahead!


Rebekah @ Rebeltarian     at 9:14 pm

dream. job. Such a cool opportunity. I love loved the creations that have come out of it!


MA*     at 9:44 pm

Do you need an editor? I’m looking for an in to the publishing industry :) xo


Tricia     at 10:09 pm

Beautiful introspective post. Life is so much more meaningful when we are able to reflect on our choices and experiences and see how all the pieces fit together. The learning never stops, and thank goodness for that.
So excited for you and all the wonderful things yet to come:)
PS: I have to know what photo #8 of the “incredible food” is, pasta dish with???


missy Reply:

I believe that’s the zucchini pasta with tomato and mushroom sauce – so, so yummy! :)


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Yes it is! Thank you :)


Pure2Raw Twins     at 11:50 pm

Love seeing your journey! It is pretty amazing to see how far we can all grow and learn in one year ;) I have definitely changed from one year ago today! Look forward in following your next adventure!


ilana     at 12:56 am

This was a beee-you-t-iful post, Emily. :) I especially loved the pictures of your year in cooking–what gorgeous food you made! I’ve made some similar life changes recently, but I really admire the way you are embracing yours with grace.
Have fun in Chicago, and let me know you are back in DC–maybe we can meet up for yoga or a hike!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Thank you!!


Neen @ Broad Bean to Runner Bean     at 3:49 am

aww i cant believe it was your last day on the farm this summer has flown by! it looks like you had an awesom summer though! one that you’ll never forget, i hope you have a ball at the HLS. x


alexe @ soyaetchocolat     at 8:25 am

I love this post! I always saw you as a strong women in constant need of new challenges. It’s great to know that you weren’t always like this. People can change. We just have to set our mind on it and really believe in ourselves. Having a good support system (through family, friends, husband or boyfriend) helps too. :)

I can’t wait to see what’s next for you. You’re always the first blog I read in the morning!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

I have changed a lot in the past few years. Thank you so much!


Heather     at 10:06 am

Have fun at HLS. Love all the great pictures!


Ashley     at 10:22 am

Love the story you have told in this post. I’m so excited to see what DC has in store for you + Casey. I know there are great things to come for you both!


Sophie     at 10:56 am

There is nothing like the end of an internship. I did three in college and there was always such a weird calm about it- about what you’ve done and how meaningful it is.

Chicago is amazing! Have such a good time.


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Weird calm is a great way to describe it. :)


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