Virginia here We Come!

Monday morning I woke up feeling anxious that it was our last day in the city, and that we still didn’t have a place to live.  We decided to pass on all of the other houses we saw for various reasons, and put all our eggs in one basket – very scary!  We sent our application info in to the house in Old Town and crossed our fingers.

With the day open to exploring, and since it was our last day in this big fun city, we headed up to the Mall to show Sarah around a bit more.  I love all the beautiful architecture in DC!  Even office buildings look like palaces, and there are museums everywhere.

IMG_9021 (480x640)

My two favorite exploring partners.  :)  Did I not mention that my sister showed up in DC wearing an Ocho Cinco jersey?  Cincinnati fans are way too proud.  (And yes, she is a DG too!)

IMG_9022 (469x640)

The three of us had fun walking the mall and spending our last few hours together.

IMG_9023 (640x480)

I love our new home city!  Ten million thanks to Casey for putting up with my panic attacks, doubts, and constant need for reassurance.  I am a high maintenance mover!

IMG_9024 (640x479)

We headed up Pennsylvania to visit the Obamas on our way to lunch.

IMG_9026 (640x479)

The White House is so cool in person – much smaller than you would expect!

IMG_9028 (640x478)

We had about an hour to kill before we had to head to the airport, so we stopped at The Brown Bag for a quick and early lunch.

IMG_9029 (473x640)

I went with another delicious vegetarian sandwich – avocado, mushroom, tomato, lettuce, and olive tapenade on sourdough. 

IMG_9031 (640x480)

Totally hit the spot!

IMG_9032 (640x464)

We said our sad and teary goodbye’s to Ocho Cinco mid-day and dropped her off at the airport, and then spent the rest of our day hanging out back in Old Town.  Since it was Monday, Casey needed to work, so I hung out and caught up on emails (although I’m still behind!) and relaxed the rest of the afternoon.  We flew home late last night and were greeted by slobbery kisses from our cutie pie dogs.

All day yesterday and today were spent on pins and needles, emailing back and forth trying to secure the lease at our #1 spot.  All the worries and fears were finally relieved this afternoon when we got the big THUMBS UP from our new landlord!


I think I’m still slightly in shock that it’s all really happening.  Thank you guys for your patience and support, and for letting me whine and be a sporadic blogger all week long.  Now comes the fun part – selling off 80% of my possessions, packing up our house, and driving ourselves across the country yet again.  Last time we moved I was a complete neurotic mess.  This time I’m just going to relax and enjoy the ride…