Windy Whirlwind – HLS Day One

I am having so much FUN here in Chicago with all these other bloggers!!  One of the most fun parts has been catching up with my blog BFF, Kath, who brought me this lovely raw carrot muffin from a restaurant she visited before I got here.  Yum!

IMG_9376 (640x454)

Friday morning I walked with a group of bloggers for a bright and early breakfast at the Corner Bakery, who for some reason said photos of their sign and menu were not allowed?  Strange.  I got a GIGANTIC iced coffee to start my day, knowing it would be a long one.

IMG_9377 (468x640)

I ordered the cold Swiss muesli breakfast with raisins, apples, nuts, and other goodies.

IMG_9379 (480x640)

And then I crumbled bits and pieces of my raw muffin into it – hit the spot!

IMG_9382 (640x480)

For once in my life I did NOT finish my food, because it was a lot and I knew I was headed to…

IMG_9383 (640x480)

HOT YOGA!  I was so excited when Kath told me she was signing me up for a yoga class here in Chicago.  Tina, Meghann, Kath, and I headed to Corepower Yoga about a mile away from our hotel.

IMG_9384 (640x479)

Meghann and I have been blog friends for SO long, and even though I already knew I loved her, it was fun to finally connect in person.  We have been internet running buddies from the start.  :)


I was worried that the yoga class would be really intense because we are in a big city (is that weird?), but I found it to be refreshing and just my style.  It was HOT, hot, hot!  The best part was the amazing studio.  Check out the windows and city views!

IMG_9385 (640x480)

IMG_9386 (475x640)

We played in the studio a bit…

IMG_9388 (640x480)

And then took our sweaty selves out of there.  I was drenched head to toe!

IMG_9390 (640x480)

I have been to Chicago many times before, and my grandparents live here, but the fun of the big city never gets old.

IMG_9392 (473x640)

IMG_9393 (640x479)

After yoga and some much needed showers, a group of us headed out in search of a fun lunch spot.

IMG_9395 (640x479)

We walked for a looooong time until we made our way to the Berghoff Restaurant.

IMG_9397 (461x640)

I ordered the Roasted Sweet Potato Panini, which sounded delicious…

IMG_9398 (640x480)

And totally was!  Although mine didn’t have any figs, which bummed me out.  I LOVE figs!

IMG_9402 (640x479)

After lunch was obligatory food blogger fro-yo.

IMG_9403 (640x473)

Chocolate with crushed graham cracker and chocolate sprinkles – I was in the mood for DESSERT!

IMG_9404 (640x473)

I spent the rest of the afternoon helping the HLS committee run a few errands and work out some kinks, and then last night I headed to the official kick off cocktail party.  I decided with all the bloggers and cameras that I would rather enjoy and experience the party than run around taking pictures all night long, so I have ZERO pictures from last night to show you.  :(  Except for this one, that I am stealing from Meghann


So fun to have other Charlotte bloggers here!  It was wonderful meeting all these familiar faces, and I’m hoping to meet a lot more today.  Now I’m off for the official day of presentations, food, and of course, lots more fun…