A Walker’s Paradise.

We have a fabulous new addition to our home.  Can you see it?  I love that I can see it from the reflection of Casey’s computer next to me…

IMG_0094 (640x480)

I’m willing to take the risk of showing a tiny peek of my house from the outside, because I am so excited about our beautiful FLAG!  There are flags everywhere in Old Town, and the old brick buildings with all the flags makes it feel so colonial and charming.

IMG_0095 (640x480)

Every morning I get up and walk the dogs, and I’m truly waiting for someone to reach out and pinch me because this neighborhood just seems too good to be true.  Maybe part of it is that we HATED our neighborhood in Charlotte soooo much.  Either way, I am in heaven.

IMG_0097 (474x640)

One of our biggest gripes about our Charlotte house was that we were literally trapped in the suburbs.  You couldn’t walk anywhere, and even walking within the neighborhood itself was dangerous because there were no sidewalks.  Our number one priority for moving was a safe, walkable neighborhood.

One of the tools I used when we were looking at potential homes was the awesome website Walkscore, which calculates the “walkability” of an address based on all of the surrounding schools, shops, restaurants, libraries, etc.  Our current house has a walkscore of 92, or as they call it “A Walker’s Paradise!”  By comparison, our old address has a walkscore of 17 and the description, “Heavily Car-Dependent.”  I’ll take the paradise, please!

One of our goals for our new life in Virginia is to drive as little as possible, and rely on our feet or the Metro for most of our transportation.  Last night was our first opportunity to test out our most recent purchase – a tiny foldable shopping cart!

IMG_0098 (458x640)

With so much shopping and several grocery stores less than a mile away, it only makes sense to walk there – it’s so much safer, and we get all sorts of bonus incidental exercise!  Last night we took the cart out for its inaugural stroll…

IMG_0101 (479x640)

To another Whole Foods!  I am definitely making up for lost time having not had Whole Foods all last year.

IMG_0103 (640x480)

Our grocery strategy here is to go to Whole Foods once a week for one push cart load of bulk items and essentials like Almond milk, canned goods, etc.  Once a month I’ll go to Trader Joe’s and stock up on frozen fruit, rice cakes, and other TJ favorites.  And then twice a week we’re hoping to hit up the Wednesday and Saturday farmer’s markets!  The bulk aisle in WF is small, so I may also look into a few other drive-able options.

IMG_0102 (640x472)

Since our kitchen is smaller here, we don’t want to have quite as much excess pantry stuff that we had before.  Our little cart is a good way to ensure we’re only getting what we need, and what we can fit.

IMG_0105 (480x640)

With our cart all filled up with goods, we headed back for a nice walk home.

IMG_0104 (481x640)

And after a delicious dinner, we all camped out on our new comfy couch.  LOVE those wide cushions!  It feels like a giant bed.

IMG_0117 (640x423)

I am sure you were all so sick of hearing me gripe and complain about our Charlotte living situation, so prepare yourselves to hear me oooh and ahh with excitement about our new digs from now on.  :)

Walking to a Farmer’s Market this afternoon – can’t wait to finally have some fresh, local produce.

How important is your neighborhood to you?  Am I the only one that thinks walkability is a BIG deal?