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    A Look Back.

Making Progress.

Yesterday morning came waaaaaay too early, and we were up at 5:30am to take my mom to the airport.  I was so sad to see her go.  :(  We literally never would have made it through the driving, dog transport, cleaning, unpacking, etc. without her.  THANK YOU, MOM!

After we dropped her off, we took advantage of the fact that we were already out driving around and stopped to get some home organization stuff that we needed.  We had zero success at Target, a lot of success at the Container Store, and then headed to this giant Whole Foods up in Arlington because we were staaaaarving. 

IMG_0040 (640x480)

Even though it was only 10am, we had been up since 5 with no food, so lunch sounded like a good idea.  Pretty sure we were the first ones through the hot bar for the day!

IMG_0036 (640x480)

I have been wanting to try their vegan chocolate pudding since the first time I went there back in July.  This stuff was AMAZING!  I’m going to try to recreate it here at home after my next trip to the grocery store.

IMG_0037 (640x480)

Delicious early morning lunch at Whole Foods, while still wearing my pajamas and last night’s makeup.  :) 

IMG_0039 (477x640)

Afterwards, we headed home to assemble and use all of our new organizational purchases!  Our kitchen is absolutely adorable, but it is a LOT smaller than our old one, so it’s taking a little adjusting.  We knew we need a little more storage and counter space, and we got this fabulous rolling car to put on the side wall.

IMG_0045 (480x640)

The top is the coffee maker and radio station…

IMG_0046 (640x480)

And on the bottom, I finally have a place for setting out some of my favorite serving bowls and pieces.  Also a good spot for the fruit basket.  (And a few extra copies of Better Homes and Gardens of course!)

IMG_0048 (640x478)

And on the wall by the door, we hung a few of our shelves, and adorable spice containers. 

 IMG_0043 (479x640) 

These are just progress pictures – final kitchen tour is coming as soon as we get the rest of the pieces in place!  We still have this wall under the window where we’d like to put a small eat-in table, but we haven’t found the right one quite yet.

IMG_0056 (480x640)

Outside, the patio is coming along.  One side has chaise loungers (that are typically occupied by dogs, not people). 

IMG_0050 (640x476)

And the other side has our comfy sitting chairs.  I absolutely LOVE this outdoor space – it is so quiet and peaceful.  Perfect for reading, blogging, or dining outside.

IMG_0051 (640x480)

This side of the living room is starting to look like people actually live here…

IMG_0057 (640x479)

While the other side remains a disorganized mess.  We also don’t have TV yet – horrors!  MUST have TV service by the Survivor premiere next week.

IMG_0058 (640x479)

Upstairs, our office / guest room is starting to come together too!

IMG_0059 (640x457)

Since we don’t have a d
ining room here in our new house, we came up with a creative solution to be able to still use our (expensive) beautiful dining room table.  We sold our desks and turned it into a double-work station – I LOVE it!  I want to go get a big piece of glass cut to protect the top, but in the meantime we’re just using a lame tablecloth. 

IMG_0061 (640x454)

On the other side of the room, we got this fabulous chaise couch!  Indy wanted to make sure he modeled how comfortable all our couches are.  :) 

IMG_0060 (473x640)

We are looking forward to hopefully having many visitors here in our new fun city, so we wanted to make sure we had a nice spot for people to stay.  We actually got this mini-sectional at IKEA, not typically known for comfortable couches, but this one is pretty great.  Watch how it works.  Two little loops sticking out of the bottom of the cushions…

IMG_0063 (640x480)

Pull them straight out to bring out the drawer…

IMG_0064 (640x480)

Angle up to pop up the cushion…

IMG_0065 (640x472)

Viola!  A full sized bed!  Very cool.  It’s perfect for this room because pulled out it doesn’t really take up any additional space, unlike a traditional pull out couch that comes into the middle of the room. 

IMG_0067 (640x480)

So now we are FINALLY all caught up – wooohooooo!  Hoping to make a lot of progress today so that I can show you some finalized pictures.  Also reaaaally need to find my camera charger.  :(  Headed to the grocery store this afternoon so that I will have a delicious home-cooked meal to share with you tonight – yay! 

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Robyn @ Wannabe Writer Runner     at 3:48 pm

Love the spice holder and little coffee station! Great way to use every space you have.


Elli D.     at 6:00 pm

Hey, the kitchen accessories are absolutely awesome! I like the style. Overall, your house looks pretty good and clean considering you have just moved there very recently. Btw, the patio is my favorite place to relax at home, you are gonna love it, I’m sure!


debby     at 8:58 am

GOsh I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Whole Food and I Like your blog too :D


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Erin     at 7:14 am

I have that EXACT same couch in the khaki color. I love it! The storage area is one of my favorite features. I keep mine out as a bed all of the time since I have an elderly shih tzu that falls over alot and has never understood the fact that the couch goes in 2 different directions, so the more space there is, the less I have to worry.


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