Our House: The Kitchen Revealed.

After two weeks of shopping, hanging, organizing, and cleaning – the most important room in the house is FINALLY ready to be shared.

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Welcome to our kitchen!

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Let’s start the tour on the “cooking” side of the room.  The minute I walked in to this kitchen I fell in love – hardwood floors, stainless appliances, cherry cabinets, beamed ceiling, and pretty green walls.  And considering our prime location and the typical house size here, this kitchen is actually really BIG!

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My goal for our kitchen (and really, every room of this house) was to eliminate clutter and only keep out what we use every single day.  I wanted to minimize what would be kept on the counter tops, and make good use of cabinets and shelving in order to organize the rest.

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The ONLY thing I wish I could swap is the electric stove.  And actually, as far as electric stoves go, this one is really nice and clean.  But the culinary student in me still longs for gas flames.

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One of the few things I set out on the counters were my cooking utensils – spoons, whisks, knives, etc.  I love having them out in my Ball jars, easy to grab when I’m working at the stove.

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To the right of the stove, I have all my oils and vinegars in a tall cabinet, along with sweeteners and some liquid baking ingredients. 

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And in my ONLY under the counter cabinet, I was able to fit almost all of my pots and pans.  I bought a really handy pot stacking organizer so that they don’t all have to sit inside each other.

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In order to maximize our kitchen’s space effectively and efficiently, we bought this little rolling cart at The Container Store.  A lot of times in kitchens, you see pots and pans and appliances out on display, but I tend to think those things are bulky looking.  So instead of shoving all my nice serving pieces into cabinets to collect dust, I swapped them with the appliances and displayed all my pretty bowls and platters instead.

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Hanging above the cart is one of my favorite food photos from our wedding (taken by the amazing Shannon).  Our cakes were so pretty and delicious, and I love seeing them every time I walk into the room.

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The weird thing about this kitchen
is that there is essentially ZERO under-counter storage – most of that space is occupied by the stove, sink, and dishwasher.  So I went the unconventional route and loaded up what should have been the bottom half of my pantry with all of our appliances!  It is SO easy to grab these and put them back after each use.

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The smaller top half of our pantry is full of things like baking supplies, canned goods, protein powder, etc.  We really don’t eat a lot of packaged food, so actual FOOD storage was not as big of a concern. 

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We do most of our eating out of our beautiful collection of dried goods in ball jars, which brings me to…

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The kitchen shelving!  MOST of what we eat, besides fresh fruit and vegetables come from these jars, so I wanted them as accessible as possible, and not all crammed in blocking each other in the cabinets.  (I got all of my Ball jars at a local hardware store, but if you can’t find them in your area, they are very competitively priced on Amazon.)

In my opinion, if you have to have some things visible in the kitchen, it is so much more visually appealing to show beautiful grains and beans than clunky kitchen wears.  I also brought in a few of my favorite cooking references in order to break up the display a bit.

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The other set of shelving is used to display a few more favorite cookbooks, and our giant half-gallon grain jars.

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There are six total – millet, quinoa, brown rice, steel cut oats, rolled oats, and wheat berries.  You would be amazed at how often we refill these!

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Underneath is our hanging spice display.  At our previous house, our spices were an embarrassing MESS – baggies and mismatched bottles everywhere, making it so hard to ever find what you wanted.  This new display not only makes things so easy to locate, I’ve found that I’m using spices a lot more now that there are right in front of me.

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The jars and hanging racks came from IKEA, and I got some handy little labels from the Container Store that fit perfectly on the front of the jars.

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The very last piece we had been desperately searching for was a small eat-in table to fit in this space by the window.  We didn’t want to overwhelm the room, but also wanted to find something that went with the “look” of our kitchen.  After two weeks of endless hunting at IKEA, Crate & Barrel, World Market, you name it – we found ourselves back at the Container Store.  We ended up buying individual pieces – legs, shelves, wood top – and built this table ourselves.  It started out too high, so Casey got out a terrifying grinder saw, and cut the legs down to perfect table height. 

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After two weeks of finding nothing that we liked, I am SO glad that we ended up with what we did.  It matches the rolling cart perfectly and it looks like they were made as a set.  I think it really ties the whole look together!

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It even has a handy shelf underneath where I have been storing our extra fruit and vegetables.

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And the legs are perfectly spaced to fit a dog bed underneath, in case you need company while cooking.

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On top is the basil plant that my mom bought us (thanks, mom!) planted in an old steel cut oats tin.

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I actually brought this oatmeal tin all the way from NC to VA, specifically because I knew I wanted to eventually plant something in it.  Do you see what I see?  :)

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Wow – that was a long tour!  Hope you enjoy our kitchen as much as I do. 

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Because like they say on MTV Cribs, this is where the magic happens.  :)