Sunday at Arlington.

We woke up yesterday morning to nothing but grey skies and an endless stream of drizzling rain.  Since we weren’t exactly racing out the door to go sightseeing in the rain, we took our time and had an extra special breakfast.  Vegan French toast – round two. 

IMG_0942 (640x480)

A special breakfast request from our special visitor from Ohio.  Just as good the second time around, mmmm.

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We waited for the skies to clear, and eventually made our way up to Arlington National Cemetery. 

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I have visited the cemetery once before when we visited last summer, but there are always new things to explore and see, and Lindsey had never actually toured the grounds.

IMG_0946 (640x473)

The morning rain had scared off a lot of the tourists, so the place was relatively empty, as far as DC sightseeing spots go. 

IMG_0948 (480x640)

Just a few minutes after we walked in, a gentle breeze rolled in and the sun came out, making for the perfect conditions for afternoon exploring and beautiful photos.

IMG_0952 (478x640)

We toured some of the major gravesites, and saw all of the Kennedy family, William Howard Taft, and some decorated war heroes. 

IMG_0953 (640x477)

On our way across the cemetery, we stopped for a few minutes to watch some sort of recognition ceremony being held for a group of Vietnam Veterans.

IMG_0954 (640x471)

IMG_0955 (640x470)

At the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, we watched the Changing of the Guard – a quiet and respectful ceremony.

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IMG_0957 (474x640)

And then we made our way up to the top of the cemetery grounds to see some of the amazing architecture, memorials, amphitheaters, and more. 

IMG_0964 (640x479)

IMG_0965 (478x640)

IMG_0969 (640x480)

960 (640x479)

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The gravesite of the crew of the Challenger made me really sad.  I was only six when it happened, but I can still remember sitting with my mom in the hair salon, and seeing it explode on live television.  Crazy how those memories can stick with us for so long.

IMG_0970 (472x640)

IMG_0987 (479x640)

The weather was PERFECT – jeans and a t-shirt, my favorite season. 

IMG_0975 (640x471)

Our last stop was to head over the Robert E. Lee’s historical home on the hill.

IMG_0978 (479x640)

It was a GIGANTIC mansion from the 1800’s, all under restoration, but still interesting to walk through and think about all the history that had happened within those walls.

IMG_0982 (640x480)

IMG_0990 (640x480)

I am so happy to live so close to Blake again!  Since college we’ve only seen each other a handful of times each year.  Now we see each other several times a week!

IMG_0992 (478x640)

Now we just need this girl to join us!  :) 

IMG_0998 (477x640)

My sightseeing philosophy is to pick ONE thing to do, and do it completely so that you can appreciate it and not rush through.  We spent about five hours (and countless miles) walking the cemetery and appreciating all those who died serving our great country.

IMG_0980 (480x640)

IMG_0993 (480x640)

After hours of walking and no lunch, we are all famished, so we headed to Dupont Circle for a late lunch/early dinner.  I was so hungry that I have no idea where we actually ate – Luna’s something??  Even though it was kind of a bar-food type of place, I was pleased to find several vegetarian options.  Casey and I split this pile of vegetarian chili nachos (sans cheese and sour cream).  Yum!

IMG_1000 (480x640)

I was a little disappointed that when I ordered the appetizer and asked for no cheese and no sour cream, the waitress responded with, “I don’t know how good that’s going to be.”  I assured her that we would enjoy it.

IMG_1001 (640x480)

My entree was the veggie burger, but done as a wrap, with added slices of avocado.

IMG_1004 (479x640)

It was pretty good.  Not a pre-made burger, but instead made fresh with lentils, red beans, and black beans.  I wish I had read the toppings more closely and opted out of all that red onion – eeek!

IMG_1002 (640x474)

I got sweet potato fries on the side, and they were horrible.  Worst fries I’ve ever been served.  There is a reason you never see sweet potato steak fries – because sweet potatoes are too hard and need to be cooked too long to be cut in such a large size.  These were burnt on the outside, raw on the inside, and I didn’t eat a single one. 

IMG_1003 (480x640)

I didn’t really care though because, let’s be honest – the best part of any meal is the pickle.  :) 

IMG_1006 (479x640)

After dinner, we headed home and curled up on the couch to watch the season premier of The Amazing Race.  I am trying to convince Casey that we need to make an audition tape for next season.  I really think we could win!  We are both incredibly athletic and will push ourselves to extremes, he is really good with maps and directions, and I am a maniac driver that won’t take no for an answer.  :) 

Sadly, we were up at 5am to whisk Lindsey back to the airport.  The visit was just WAY too short.  Looking forward to seeing her again, along with both of our families back in Ohio in just a few short weeks!

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