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    A Look Back.

Sweet Home Virginia.

Ohhh my gossshh I have so much to tell you guys about!!  Sorry for the disappearing act – I am JUST now getting internet access!  Let’s start at the beginning…

Thursday night, Casey and I wanted to get the entire truck packed up, so we spent our last night in the house sleeping straight on the rock hard floor, with just a pillow and blankets.  I barely slept a wink, and when the alarm went off at 5am I was already so anxious about the move.  We spent about an hour getting every last little thing into the cars and truck, and then said our final goodbyes to our big blue house on Brynmar.

IMG_9929 (640x480)

My mom and I cleaned every nook and cranny so that the house would look fabulous when we left.

IMG_9932 (640x472)

Casey headed out first since he wanted to get a head start, so I waved goodbye in the darkness of the morning. 

IMG_9931 (640x465)

The funny part is that just seconds after I took this picture, I heard a horrible SCRAPE sound, to discover that our moving truck actually bottomed out at the bottom of our driveway.  About ten minutes of panic and the threat of having to UNLOAD the entire truck later, Casey announced that he had an idea.  He gunned the truck out of it’s stuck position in the ditch of our driveway, and then built a bridge out of a rolled up rug and some wood planks, to propel the truck over the dip where the driveway meets the street.  It was HORRIBLE and I was holding my breath, but it worked!  He is a genius.  I waved him on and he headed north!

Back inside, I said goodbye to my kitchen.  So many great cooking memories in this house.

IMG_9933 (640x472)

Recognize this image?

IMG_9936 (640x477)

Thank god for my mom, I never could have managed the cleaning and the dogs without her. 

IMG_9935 (462x640)

We wanted to give Casey a good lead, so the two of us decided to take the dogs for one last walk around the old hood.  They were VERY excited and incredibly anxious.  The empty house made them so nervous!

IMG_9938 (640x464)

One mile later, we piled into the car and headed toward our new home!  The dogs were not totally convinced that this was a good thing.

IMG_9943 (640x480)

Before long, we took our first break for some much needed coffee.  At this point I had been running on three days of hard-core physical exertion and VERY little sleep.

IMG_9946 (640x479)

One of the things I was most nervous about for this trip was physically getting the dogs there.  When we moved from OH to NC I drove them in the back of our Honda, which was NOT a pleasant experience.  I was crossing my fingers that the combination of more space in the SUV plus cushy dog beds would be a better scenario.  They were a little anxious at first…

IMG_9939 (640x480)

And did a bit of bouncing off the walls…

IMG_9941 (472x640)

But within about ten minutes they had calmed down and were happy to snooze in the backseat. 

IMG_9955 (640x459)

Meanwhile, I had mom behind me following the caravan.  It was so helpful to have her to help with the dogs at the gas stations and stops.

IMG_9956 (640x480)

I stopped to let them out after about 4 hours, and found this fun grassy area where I actually ran them for a bit to burn off some energy.  The other folks pump
ing their gas thought we were insane.

IMG_9962 (640x479)

Before I knew it, Virginia welcomed me!  MY NEW HOME STATE!!

IMG_9965 (640x480)

Unfortunately, Virginia also made me sleepy.  Or perhaps that was the 36 hours with almost zero sleep catching up to me.  Either way, I got a disgusting sugar-free energy drink out of sheer desperation.

IMG_9972 (640x480)

My mom tried to get away with eating a Snickers ice cream bar and NOT have it documented on the internet.  Doesn’t she know me?

IMG_9973 (640x465)

A little over six hours of driving later, I pulled into Old Town, Alexandria and immediately remembered how much I LOVE IT here!  It is seriously the cutest neighborhood I’ve ever seen.  And here’s what you’ve actually been waiting for this whole time – pictures of our NEW HOUSE!

I only have a few for now, but trust me there are many many more to come.  Starting with the main side of our beautiful, updated kitchen.

IMG_9977 (640x480)

Bright, sunny living room with a working wood-burning fireplace…

IMG_9978 (640x480)

Big master bedroom, which we are actually going to use as an office and guest room combo…

IMG_9979 (479x640)

My personal favorite room – the most amazing bathroom EVER!  Check out that soaking tub and the double headed shower…

IMG_9980 (479x640)

And the third floor loft room, which will be used as our bedroom…

IMG_9981 (640x478)

After I ran around and took pictures, we got to unloading.  It was a nightmare.  My muscles and energy were just so dead from moving everything INto the truck, and I had so little left to give for the move out.  One of our biggest obstacles was this box spring, which we tried to get to the third floor. 

IMG_9983 (479x640)

About two hours of attempting and one sawing incident later, we determined that the box spring was NOT going to make it up the steps.  I had a minor breakdown and then decided that it was just a bed, and life would go on.  The box spring now lives in a dumpster and our mattress is on the floor – sad.  We ended up unloading a little over half the truck before declaring ourselves too tired to continue, and left the rest for the morning.   

Casey ran to the store to get snacks and dinner, and while my food itself is undocumented, I can assure you that the majority of it was eating about half of this huge baguette smeared with jelly.  Delicious, indeed.

IMG_9982 (479x640)

That’s it for day one!  Much more to show you tomorrow – things are starting to come together!  But for now, I really need a good night’s sleep.

Thank you so much to everyone for all the warm wishes and happy thoughts!  It’s so fun to share it with you guys.  Can’t wait to unpack my kitchen and COOK again!

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Heather     at 11:27 pm

so glad you made it! I would have had a breakdown about those things too! I hate not getting enough sleep, it makes you just feel so awful! I hope you get some much needed rest tonight!!!


Allie (Live Laugh Eat)     at 11:50 pm

WELCOME TO VA!!!! Hurry up and get settled so we can play. Your new place looks beautiful…hope it was worth all that chaos. Sorry about the bed :(


Shannon, Tropical Eats     at 11:50 pm

whew! looks like a whirlwind of moving madness!

glad you arrived sound and safe though :)


Sarah     at 11:56 pm

I know it is an unexpected expense, but you can get a box spring that is in two pieces for just such a situation. I remember this fight with my boyfriend’s mattress but it was only one flight of stairs. Ugh! Good luck with the rest of the unpacking!


Erin Reply:

This is just what I was going to suggest! We had exactly this problem at our new house (though we were warned about it), so we ended up getting a split box spring. (You can get splits for all sizes of mattresses–ours is a queen.)

An extra expense, but it was SO much better than sleeping on the mattress on the floor. I was actually amazed at how much better and more settled I fit when we got our bed set up, finally. Amazing.

Good luck!


sassy molassy     at 11:59 pm

Ooh, i love your fabulous new kitchen! And that bathtub looks amazing and great for ice baths. ;)


Chelsea @ Strawberry Sweat     at 12:03 am

The house looks beautiful! I know how physically exhausting moving is, but it will be worth it! I hope you sleep well tonight!


jenT     at 12:06 am

Okay, so I’ve never commented on here before even though I’ve been following you for awhile! I noticed your mom’s Butler t-shirt and as a fellow Indiana Butler fan, had to comment! Best wishes to you on you move!!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Haha, YES! My little sister just started her sophomore year at Butler. My husband is from Indianapolis and still has a lot of family there too! We are in Indy several times a year – such a great city.


Jean@RoastedRootsandPumpkinSpice     at 12:11 am

Yay! Glad you made it to VA safely.

I’m very excited for you to start cooking also :)


shorty     at 12:11 am

SOOO exciting!!! I am loving your new home already! I hope all goes well and that you will get your rest once you are done. High fives to your mom for helping out, love her cute smile…she just seems so sweet:)


kathleen     at 12:18 am

Yay! You and the pups made the trip o.k. :-) I’m sure they have explored every bit of the new digs. Hope the unpacking process goes quickly and that you have fun buying the new furniture pieces you need and setting up your rooms. Love the photos!


Lauren     at 12:28 am

I love reading about all of your moving adventures!!! Makes me excited to move again (not anytime soon) BUT the roadtrips and new space are fun!!! I LOVE YOUR NEW KITCHEN!!! I am excited to read more about your new home and DC adventures!!


Emily     at 12:35 am

What a beautiful house! You are encouraging me to look outside Denver city limits…we love living here, but it is super expensive for not a lot of house.

What an adventure…so glad Casey was able to think clearly and take care of the stuck moving van!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

We don’t have a lot of house either, and its very $$$ too, but it’s the right amount of space for us with no extra wasted room. Perfect!


Kristina @ spabettie     at 12:46 am

I hope you get settled quickly into your new awesome home…

box spring or not..;

… the same thing happened to me once… that was NOTHING.

We survived a 90 degree Windstorm that took our ROOF off – and it LANDED on My Car. :) that was within a MONTH of move in… you have no problems… :) :) :)


Kristina @ spabettie Reply:

gosh, I’m sorry… reading this now it sounds like I was belittling your move process, and I ABSOLUTELY did not mean that :)

I was hoping to commiserate and make you feel better.

I hope things are going smoothly now, and that you are happily settling in. :)


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Haha no worries! We are starting to get settled! :)


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT. So horrible – I would die! To lose the house and the car in one swoop.


Ashley @ Nourishing the Soul     at 1:06 am

I am continuing to love following your moving adventures and comparing to my own. We also slept on the floor Thursday night which left us nice and exhausted and sore to work a half day and drive 10 hours Friday and then unload today. Anyway, your house looks AMAZING!!! And I’m looking forward to reading about how you settle in and create new adventures there. Get some rest!


sarah     at 1:22 am

WTF judy that is MY shirt!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

She claimed it was left behind, and therefore free to wear.


maria @ Chasing the Now     at 2:08 am

Your new house is looking so cute! It sucks you couldn’t get the boxspring to work out! Will you guys be buying a new one or permanently parking the mattress on the floor?


suki @ [Super Duper Fantastic]     at 2:21 am

Alexandria!? I’ve been there once. I went to the Dairy Godmother. :P


Gillbert     at 6:30 am

You can buy really nice beds that don’t require the boxspring and that are really easy to cart around in pieces and assemble wherever. Plus it gives you underbed storage as well.


JL goes Vegan     at 6:38 am

What an adventure! Glad you’re “home” and can begin to get settled in. The new house is gorgeous!


Laine @ Beets, Butter and Mountaintops     at 6:39 am

Congratulations on your move! Hope you got a good night’s sleep.

I have a split box spring, which is pre-sawed in half. It makes it so much easier to get up funky stairways since each have is around the size of a twin bed.

My movers are coming on Tuesday and I just hope the boxes don’t topple over on me before then!


Laine @ Beets, Butter and Mountaintops Reply:

“half” – obviously I was typing this before I had had my coffee.


coco     at 7:05 am

your new house in Alexandria is beautiful!!!
good luck with the rest of the unpacking!! :D


Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen)     at 7:34 am

Sounds like a crazy couple of days for you. Sorry for all the stress. Hopefully today will be the beginning of calmer times. Love the house. I love Virginia. My whole family lives there and I wish that I lived closer to them. It just feels so homey and warm there. Good luck today Emily! I hope it is a good one!


Lee     at 7:46 am

Glad you made it safely. I love that bathroom, especially the tub.


Therese     at 8:02 am

Congrats on your new home! Can’t wait to see what trouble you guys get into from now on! ;)


Ginna     at 8:11 am

Wow Emily! U are so lucky you only had to travel 6 hours! Both our cross country moves have been about 1500 miles a piece! Not fun! I totally understand about the dogs – we planned our trip on rest stops for Chloe, LOL!

So you guys donated tons of stuff to downsize right? Was it hard to do?

Love the new place! Congrats and Goodluck! VA is a great states!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

We donated a TON of stuff, and sold a lot on Craigslist too. Not hard at all – just took good management of all the emails and appointments. Got almost $1600 in sales!


Kristin (Cook, Bake, Nibble)     at 8:20 am

Beautiful house!

Glad you made it to VA safely :)



Allie     at 8:24 am

welcome home!! the new place looks great!


christina cadden     at 8:36 am

Yay for your new home! Glad you guys made it there safe!


MaryBe     at 8:51 am

Moving is the worst! But you made it and your new home is beautiful


Jaclyn     at 8:52 am

Welcome to Alexandria! You’re going to love it. Best town ever! =)

I live in Mount Vernon about 15 minutes south of Old Town. I’m totally in for a blog meetup sometime!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Yes! I will let you know as soon as I get something together. I want to ride the trail down to Mt. Vernon on my bike.


Cindy     at 8:58 am

Welcome to Va! It is a beautiful weekend to be moving in!!I love Old Town and you guys are so lucky to be living there!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

We FEEL very lucky to be living here!


Anna @ Doing Good & Living Well     at 9:03 am

Welcome to VA! Your new place looks super cute and don’t worry about the box spring too much — a ton of places sell bed frames for just your mattress now. (Not just Ikea — ours came from Crate and Barrel.)

Also, you must be my new neighbor. I live around the corner from King St. (Eisenhower Ave.) Welcome welcome!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Hurrah – we must be fairly close! I am on the other side of the Alexandria Cemetery.


Katie     at 9:03 am

Double shower head?! Awesome! Btw- you guys may want to check out IKEA for the bed option with no box springs. You know how are bed sits low? It’s just a mattress – a little weird to get used to, but not bad.


Brittney     at 9:07 am

Wow, you are amazing girl! Not sure how you did all that with so little sleep!
We actually have a queen bed with two smaller box springs put together, so I know they sell them that way. Check it out if you still need box springs for the new bed :)


Gwen     at 9:12 am

Welcome to NoVa! Hope you have been able to get a little rest before you finish unpacking! If you didn’t already know – Trader Joe’s is on St. Asaph and Whole Foods is on Duke Street! And the Mt. Vernon trail is THE BEST for runs and bike rides! :) So glad to hear about your new life here! (I live in Falls Church and work in Old Town!)


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

How fun that you work in Old Town!


Sara T.     at 9:25 am

Glad you guys made to VA ok! Welcome!! My husband went to college in Salisbury, NC, so I know how dreadful the drive to NOVA can be! Hope you’re settling into your house ok…that sucks about the boxspring–we almost had the same problem with our king size mattress when we moved into our house. You can always get a bed from IKEA that doesn’t need to had the box spring foundation. Enjoy getting acclamated! :)


Laura (spokesnoats)     at 9:30 am

Your face of disgust after drinking the Monster does not go with your “delicious” shirt! Good luck with the rest of your move.


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Hahaha that drink was disgusting.


Victoria     at 9:49 am

Treat yourselves to a new platform bed! Then you won’t need the box spring and it will still sit normal height of the ground! Love the kitchen in the new house!


Kristen @ Kristen, Sweetly     at 10:36 am

Congrats on starting to get settled! The miserable exhaustion will be over soon, and then you can do all the super fun things with setting up. :-)

And if you can’t get a box spring at all up to your super cute room, it will be alright. When I was younger, I used a futon mattress straight on the floor, and it was sort of a fun change.


Paige     at 10:40 am

Woohoo, glad you made it safely! Good luck with unpacking…you’re SO CLOSE to being done!

Can’t wait to read about all your adventures in Alexandra/DC


erin     at 11:41 am

Roughly 3 moves ago, we had a crazy stairway and had to ditch our box spring, as well. My eyes were opened to a whole world of split box springs! At least you are there now! You can deal with that sort of junk after you get settled.


Grace     at 11:45 am

The boxspring & truck bottoming out might have made my head explode. Moving is awful. :/ Your home is gorgeous – how lucky you are to have found such a place in Old Town! We weren’t so lucky when we were looking back in May, so we ended up out in western Alexandria. Hope the rest of your moving in goes much more smoothly & if I can assist in any way, I’m just a short email away. Welcome to Virginia!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Hope we can meet up soon! :)


Amber K     at 12:08 pm

I’m so glad you made it safely! I would be curled up into a ball on the floor at this point if I were you, but I am amazed at how much strength you have left!


Katie @ Healthy Heddleston     at 12:45 pm

Have fun getting settled in! I’m so glad you made it safely! Your old kitchen is so cute–definitely recognize the image!! Your new kitchen is equally as cute though too!


Jillian@ ReshapeYourLife     at 1:26 pm

That’s so exciting! Glad the drive was pretty uneventful, and I love the new place!! Can’t wait to see more pictures!


Jackie (Peaces of Earth)     at 3:20 pm

Congrats, Emily!!! Your house is beautiful! Eventually you will be all settled and can put moving behind you and it all will be totally worth it!


Neen@Broad Bean to Runner Bean     at 3:30 pm

ohhhhh this is the good part, where you get to get unpacked and set up your new home! good luck chicky x


Sarah K. @ The Pajama Chef     at 3:39 pm

your new house looks great! have fun settling in. :)


Jordan     at 4:37 pm

Good luck with moving to VA! I used to live in Rosslyn, but I love Old Town. Hope everything works out great for you! The house looks gorgeous. Virginia also has awesome running trails along the Potomac River! I’ve since moved to Seattle, and one of things I miss most is the Mt. Vernon Trail … Have a great day!


Stacey (The Habit of Healthy)     at 5:02 pm

There’s something so sad about seeing an empty house and leaving all the memories behind. But the new house looks amazing and it sounds like it’s going to be a good move for you. Glad you arrived safe and sound.


Annie@stronghealthyfit     at 5:07 pm

Glad you got to your new home safe and sound! That’s the most stressful part- the transit, I think. I’m the same way, if I don’t have access (and control) to a kitchen for awhile I get a little antsy to cook :-)


Billy     at 5:32 pm

Hope you get to break in the Mt Vernon trail while we are having this nice temperature here in the area.


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

YES! I found it Sunday morning – amazing!


Leanne @ Radiant, Balanced & Fit     at 5:33 pm

How exciting to be moving! Your new house looks so cozy & cute! I can’t wait to see pictures once you’re settled in =)

…and that tub! I can only imagine how great itll feel to soak in there after a long run!

Cute puppies too!


Lisa (bakebikeblog)     at 6:38 pm

What a mammoth day :) Congrats guys!


Tina     at 9:17 pm

I hate moving and all the stressful things it brings. It never seems to go 100% smoothly. At least it always feels SO good when its done and you can get settled into making the house a home. :)


Babs     at 11:22 pm

that shower rocks :)


Samantha Cernock     at 9:09 am

I LOVE your new kitchen and bathroom.


Lindsay     at 10:09 am

You are very welcome! Thanks for the shout out :) I hope you’ll have a No. VA/DC meet up!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Yes! Hopefully soon!!


Ashley     at 8:43 pm

I was sitting here showing my fiancee pictures of your lovely place and he came up with a good idea! Apparently they sell split box springs. Might be worth looking into if you’d prefer not to sleep on the floor! :)

Love the pictures of your new home and neighborhood!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

I have heard that too – might be something to consider! Thanks!


Laura     at 9:50 pm

Your new place is sooo cute! I’m excited to see how it all comes together:)


Brynne     at 9:47 am

AH your new houselooks beauitful! especially the kitchen :)


Cati @ crave and create     at 6:45 pm

Oh, your house is beautiful! I’m just catching up after a busy week x2, and I’m having fun moving vicariously with you. :-) Moving is SO stressful, but so exciting at the same time!


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[...] may remember that back in Charlotte, we actually had a treadmill at our house.  But when we moved to Virginia and did a major downsize, I ended up selling our treadmill on [...]

Stacey (The Home-Cooked Vegan)     at 5:08 pm

how did I miss this post?! I’ve been a loyal reader for forever! ;) Your new house looks awesome, and the old one was very pretty too!

Oh, and I have that same tank top from Victoria’s Secret :D Except mine has paint stains all over!


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