The Next Food Blog Star?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve never met a food I didn’t like.  I have always LOVED to eat!

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And when I wasn’t busy eating, I could be found outside playing in the sunshine.  My mom used to have to hunt me down in the summertime and drag me inside as the sun was going down. 

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Even as an adult, I sometimes need to be convinced that we don’t need to be running around outside ALL of the time.

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For 15 years, I stretched, tumbled, and twisted my body as a competitive gymnast.

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Today, I like to call it YOGA.

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And ever since the beginning, I have felt a strong connection to animals.  Even the scariest and slimiest creatures have always held a place in my heart.

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So it doesn’t really surprise me that two years ago I decided to stop eating animals, and instead just embrace the beauty that we get to live among them.

And as a vegetarian cook, I try to highlight all of the wonderful foods that nature and plants can provide us.

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Even as a little girl, my love for entertaining was evident.

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And today, my favorite thing in the world is to be surrounded by friends and family, hosting parties, and preparing delicious food.


Feeding others just simply comes naturally to me.

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So in August 2009, I left the safety of my full-time salaried job in non-profit fundraising, and I went to culinary school to fulfill a life-long dream.


In school I learned to make delicious and beautiful food, and found my calling to create healthy, vegetarian meals.


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And now, I create and write about food every day, and I pinch myself that life has changed so much for me.

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Project Food Blog is a culinary blogging challenge hosted by Foodbuzz, that will last until December 13th.  Through a series of ten challenges, a panel of judges along with YOUR VOTES will select the final Foodbuzz Food Blog Star.  And why should that be me?

My journey from the office world to the culinary classroom allows me to create food that can be appreciated by both the beginner cooks and the seasoned chefs.  My mission is simple:  create beautiful, vegetarian food that makes people want to eat more, and makes the concept of “health food” seem a little less scary. 

Chef Photo

Because in the end, nutritious and delicious food is what keeps us healthy and able to be active, so that we can enjoy our lives to the fullest.  And THAT is something to get excited about. 

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Voting begins tomorrow!