Waking Up with Vegan French Toast.

What to do when you wake up and realize you are out of rolled oats, steel cut oats, and anything else that could be subbed for oats?  I’ve been doing a lot of my cooking in the evening recently (which makes it very hard to take pretty photos), so I thought I’d seize the opportunity to mess up my shiny kitchen bright and early in the day.

After a quick run through of what we had on hand, I checked a few of my favorite blogs for some breakfast inspiration.  Ultimately, I settled on a Vegan Double-Dipped French Toast recipe from (Never Home) Maker (a new favorite).

When it comes to bloggers sharing recipes, I’m going to come clean about a major pet peeve.  It is SO great that we all share recipes, but unless major substitutions are being made, I don’t think ingredient lists and recipe details should be reposted on another blog.  I see this happen a lot, and not just to me, but to many bloggers!  Rather, I prefer to just link back to the original so that the recipe creator gets their deserved credit.  So with that said, make sure you head over to see Ashley’s original recipe for all of the ingredients and details.

Let’s get back to breakfast.  I started by blending a banana (I used the entire thing – my only substitution from the original recipe), along with almond milk, cinnamon, and chia seeds in my food processor.

IMG_0720 (640x480)

And while that whirred away, I prepared the “toast” part of our French toast.  The main reason I chose this particular recipe was because I saw that she had used English muffins.  I’ve mentioned this on here before, but English muffins are hands down my favorite substitution for sliced bread (also veggie burger buns!).  I took three English muffins (for two servings) and sliced them straight through the middle.

IMG_0724 (480x640)

When my batter was all finished mixing, it looked a bit like frothy chia banana soup!

IMG_0725 (640x472)

Poured it into a shallow bowl, and dipped my muffins in to get a heavy coating on both sides.

IMG_0726 (640x480)

Then I carefully laid them on a HOT non-stick pan, and let them get nice and brown – flipping back and forth a few times.

IMG_0727 (640x472)

The “double-dip” portion of the recipe involves essentially making the French toast, and then re-dipping the slices back into the batter to get additional soakage and coating.  Ohhhh yeah.

IMG_0728 (640x471)

I like French toast to be really crispy, so I let mine get nice and browned on both sides before pulling them out.

IMG_0729 (640x480)

Topped them with additional slices of banana and a generous drizzle of strawberry syrup…

IMG_0739 (640x480)

BOOM!  Amazing (and HEALTHY) vegan French toast, oozing with goodness all over the plate.

IMG_0731 (640x480)

I don’t usually do a lot of calorie talk here, but I thought this one was worth mentioning.  Since I used English muffins as a bread sub, the actual “toast” portion of this breakfast was only ~200 calories.  Add the toppings and batter and I’d say the grand total was around 350 calories total – pretty darn amazing for French toast!

IMG_0734 (640x480)

Check out those chia seeds cooked into the coating – YUM.

IMG_0736 (640x477)

Definitely not a bad way to start the day.

IMG_0737 (479x640)

Now, what can I possibly make for lunch to top THIS?  :)