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Columbus Half-Marathon Recap & MCM Plans.

With all the drama of the past week, and so much going on this weekend, there is still more that I need to catch up on!  Saturday was spent celebrating all day at the beautiful family wedding in Ohio, but Sunday had an event of it’s own – the Columbus Half Marathon!  Casey and I were both signed up to run this race, and in my accident-induced haze, I actually still tried to pack my running clothes “just in case.”  Casey kindly removed them from the suitcase before we left.  :)

Originally he tried to claim he wasn’t going to run, but I would have none of it.  SOMEONE was going to run that damn race!  So early Sunday morning, after about 5 hours of sleep, we were up and getting ready to head out to the starting line.  We totally lucked out that our hotel for the wedding ended up being directly across from the starting line.  There were runners preparing and stretching all over the place.

IMG_2177 (475x640)

In the darkness of the morning, we made our way out to the starting line and said our goodbyes.  I think Casey was really nervous to leave me alone on crutches, but I knew I had friends meeting me later, and there was no way I was not going to cheer for him.

IMG_2178 (640x472)

As the gun went off and the runners started moving, my eyes welled up with tears.  This was not the way this morning was supposed to go.  I’m glad that I was able to get my race envy out of the way though, so I’ll be primed and ready to smile and cheer at the Marine Corps Marathon next weekend.

IMG_2184 (640x470)

Runners moving so fast that they were a huge BLUR!  I kept my eyes peeled for Casey, as well as three friends – Chuck, Kevin, and Amelia – all running the full marathon, but in a dense field of 15,000 runners I didn’t see a single one of them.

IMG_2186 (640x468)

Even though I didn’t get to run the race myself, I had a great time as a spectator.  I was actually really impressed by the Columbus Marathon, and am definitely planning to add it to my list of “must-run” in the future.  The runners took off just as the sun started to come up over downtown.

IMG_2187 (472x640)

Once the bulk of the field had passed me, I made my way down about four blocks to the turn just past the 9 mile marker.  I wanted to get to an earlier spot, but realistically I was just too slow on my crutches to get anywhere else.  This was still just three days out from my accident, and I was trying to juggle my camera and my bag on crutches.  When I finally made it to the turn, I was SO impressed at the number of spectators that came out for this race!

IMG_2190 (640x471)

Not too much later, the first wheelchairs started to come through, and we knew the runners wouldn’t be too far behind.  I have so much respect for the hand bike competitors.  I remember feeling really overwhelmed by the sheer number of them at MCM last year.

IMG_2191 (640x477)

A few minutes later, the lead runners came through!  Just two neck and neck, leading the way…

IMG_2192 (640x477)

I had calculated in my head that if Casey was running 7 minute miles, he should be to mile 9 right around 8:30ish.  Like clockwork, he showed up as expected!

IMG_2196 (640x473)

At that point my mom, sister, and Lindsey had all found and joined me, and we all screamed his name and cheered.  I started waving my crutches in the air like a maniac which got his attention, and a smile.  :)

IMG_2197 (640x479)

Once we saw him, I knew I would have just about 20 minutes to get to the mile 12 marker which was one block away.  Sadly, one block takes me a LONG time, so we started hoofing it over there as soon as Casey passed.  Sure enough, still looking awesome – he flew past us just before the turn for the finish line.

IMG_2204 (476x640)

It will take a lot more than a Chevy Tahoe to stop me from cheering on my speedster husband in a race.  :)

IMG_2200 (480x640)

Here’s an overhead shot of the area where full marathoners kept going and half finishers turned off to the finish chute.

IMG_2205 (640x478)

I thought it was kind of rough for full marathoners to essentially have to run RIGHT past the finish line at the half-way point!

IMG_2207 (640x480)

Soooo many runners, and such a great (somewhat reflective) view of downtown Columbus.

IMG_2208 (640x473)

The four of us made our way to the VERY crowded finishers area almost a mile away, which was really hard for me to get to on crutches.  As we headed there I realized Casey and I had made a huge oversight in not communicating a meetup spot, but I just assumed we would find each other right outside the runner’s recovery area.

IMG_2211 (640x478)

We made our way there and searched around for a while with no Casey in sight.  I kept hoping he would borrow a cell phone and find out where we were.  Eventually he DID borrow a cell phone and called me…from the hotel…which he had already returned to.  Meanwhile, I was over a mile away at the finish line.

IMG_2212 (640x472)

A few choice words to myself, and BIG congratulations later, we finally found each other outside of the hotel.  I was SO PROUD of him for such a good run.  Are you ready for his finish time?  1:33:12 – a 7:07 pace, beating his PR by three minutes.  I have no idea how he runs that fast.  He is incredible!  :)

IMG_2214 (472x640)

After the accident, Casey originally said he wasn’t going to run.  I am SO glad that he changed his mind and that I could be out there supporting him.  Next year I am determined to be out there running it myself!

And speaking of my runs, I am starting to accept the reality that I am not running the Marine Corps Marathon in 9 days.  It would truly take a miracle.  Because he is awesome, Casey volunteered to run it in my place.  (Who volunteers to RUN a marathon 9 days out?  He is in amazing running shape.)

I emailed the MCM staff and explained my situation to see if I could get a late bib transfer and have them switch our info.  They emailed back and said no.  :(  I understand though – rules are rules.  So here is my question to you – do you think it would be wrong for Casey to run with my bib number?  He is fast, but still not quite fast enough that he would disrupt any age or division rankings.  He would simply be running in my place, with a bib that I paid $110 for.  Any thoughts on this?

Update:  Casey and I are “play by the rules” types.  I had NO idea that switching places was such a serious issue, and we would never do anything that would upset race directors or potentially get us in trouble.  We have so much respect for the sport of running.  I guess I didn’t really think that one through all the way, huh?  Thank you all so much for your helpful responses!  We will both happily cheer on the sidelines, and I will try to defer to next year.  :)

Whether he runs MCM or not, I am so excited to cheer for all the friends that will be up here running – Jen, Matt, Freya, Erika – and others.  Running is hands down the BEST spectator sport ever.  :)

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Evan Thomas     at 6:27 pm

I think Casey should run. I mean, that’s a lot of money for no one to enjoy, right?


Theresa     at 6:29 pm

I absolutely think Casey should run it!! Without a doubt :)


Liz @ Blog is the New Black     at 6:31 pm

Glad Casey ran and did so well! I think he should run… but I don’t know anything about marathons/bib rules, etc.!


Allie (Live Laugh Eat)     at 6:35 pm

I can’t believe they said no :( I think he should run anyways…if it’s really ‘against’ the rules–could he scratch his/your time or something?

There will be many many many more marathons for you to run in the future m’dear.


cassie     at 6:35 pm

im sorry you didnt get to run, but i know youll be back out there before you think you will be! i ran the half on sunday, too! it was my first race ever and i finished in 2:13:59 with a huge smile on my face. i think next year, ill do the full and i think you should be there, too!

get well soon!


Chase     at 6:35 pm

Hmmmmm… I’m a play by the rules kind of gal, but as long as he doesn’t upset any prize winners, I don’t see the harm.


Anna S     at 6:45 pm

If he really won’t mess up any prizes or rankings, I don’t see the problem.

It stinks they couldn’t change it!


Ida     at 6:45 pm

I’ve purchased a couple of bibs off craigslist myself. I don’t think it’s a big deal if Casey runs in your place. He could just not wear the shoe tag, then you wouldn’t have an official time.


Sarah @ Going on Goals Reply:

I agree, he should run for you, but not wear the shoe tag.

I think that is the best way to allow him to run but also eliminate any chance of him affecting others in your age groups standings.


Meagan     at 6:47 pm

If Casey truly wants to, I think he should go for it. You paid too much money. I don’t think it’s a big deal for him to go instead of you.


Runeatrepeat     at 6:50 pm

I think he should run. It was way too much money to just throw away. It was way too much of a shitty thing that happened to you to just skip it all together on top of everything else.

I say he runs it. I would search down someone to use my bib if I couldn’t do it.


Macrae     at 6:53 pm

Hey Emily! I’ve been following your blog for a little while and had to finally chime in because I love it! I think they should transfer the bib, BUT since they won’t, I totally agree with Ida above. I’d say do it without thinking twice, but Casey is so fast, what if he placed in YOUR age group?! That would be awkward :) So not wearing the shoe tag seems great! Also, you could probably defer to next year if Casey opts out….


Alicia     at 6:55 pm

He should definitely run! That’s a lot of money!


Hillary     at 6:57 pm

That is soo sweet! He should run it for sure!


Kelly     at 7:02 pm

Okay, you’re going to hate my answer, but I don’t think he should. I had a friend do the same thing a few years back–her boyfriend ran in her place. The race people found out (not sure how, but they were able to confirm that the person running with her bib wasn’t her because the pictures showed a male running), and she was barred from registering for sponsored events for 3 years. Not worth it…


Taysa Reply:

This story makes me think he shouldn’t run and you should just take it as a loss. It sucks, but someday in the not too distant future you will be feeling better and you don’t want to be barred from running marathons yourself.


Lee Reply:

I would be scared of this!


Aimee Reply:

Isn’t this bound to happen given the professional pics they take along the way AND your email to the event coordinators?


Rachel Reply:

And your blog is public and someone could easily send this to the race organizers…. not worth the risk. Dont let Casey use it. Suck it up as loss. Not the end of the world. Also, if you could potentially run it. Your stitches should be out by then no?


Lindsay Reply:

Yeah I would say no…at the very least I would say go for it but not cross the finish line. It’s fraud, and with you being public and asking already and they said no. Asking forgiveness after is one thing, asking permission and then forgiveness when you don’t get the answer you want…mmmm I see trouble…


Lucy Reply:

Seriously? Thinking that because her stitches are out she could run? She didn’t cut herself, she got hit by a truck.


Rachel Reply:

How could anyone miss she got hit? We have heard about it in every post since. I get it… I know it sucks and hurts no but it is not like she got ran over, has broken limbs, had surgery, etc. I know it must have hurt and was really, really scary, but it happened. Accidents happens and people recover.

The human body is pretty amazing and with the right rest it could really be possible. That will be over two weeks after the accident. I dont know the extent of injuries (besides the obvious stitches and swelling), and all I am saying is it could maybe be possible. Would she run as fast as if she hadnt been hit? No, but if in 9 days she is feeling up to it, why not? Could just try even since she has the bib. Casey shouldnt use the bib bottom line though.


jessica Reply:

Rachel that’s seriously the most awful advice I’ve ever heard. Emily’s body is in shock from the accident, she’s been pretty much resting her legs since then with no physical activity, and you think it would be ok for her to shock her body even more by attempting to run a marathon? I’d say $110 is hardly an expensive price to pay for resting it out until her body fully recovers than to risk life long injuries to run one marathon.


Rachel Reply:

What is the bad advice?? If she is feeling up to it to give it a try? How do you know how her body will feel in 8 days? She doesn’t know how it will. No one does.

I would also argue she hasn’t been resting her body… she got on a plane, went to a wedding, went to watch a race, etc. Her leg really should have been elevated as much as possible to get the swelling down in the first few days. The pain is from the swelling.

And I mentioned nothing about the money. It seems like she really wants to run. If she isnt feeling like it in 9 days then she doesnt run and no one uses the bib. Very simple. $110 is nothing. And I would bet she is going to get a settlement anyway so even if $110 is a lot to her the money should really have nothing to do with her decision to run or not.


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Hey Rachel,
I’m not going to get into the rest of the issues here. Just want to let you know that I HAVE in fact been resting in all of the down time that you DON’T see on the blog. I am well aware that pictures of me laying in the couch and sleeping aren’t exciting blog material. So instead I have mostly shown you the few things I have done since the accident – the rest is ALL rest. As far as my knee goes, beyond the stitches my left leg will not bend. Hoping to get it moving sooner than later. Thanks for your thoughts.



Rachel     at 7:05 pm

He should run, of course! It seems totally fair and very appropriate considering the circumstances.

Your story is truly inspiring, by the way. You’ve been so open with our experience. I think it’s good to share what you’re going through and feeling with others. It helps!


Ren     at 7:13 pm

Hi Emily,

I have been following your blog for a couple of months now. You have been such an inspiration to me as I try to live a healthy and active lifestyle that I actually went through and read all of your archives from the beginning. It was incredible to see your transformation along the journey of the past few years and I felt like taking the time to do that gave me a slightly better picture of who you are (as much as you can know someone from just reading their blog of course). My prayers are with you as you recover from the accident. I respect your honesty with us in not sugarcoating the rollercoaster of emotions you must be feeling right now, and proud of you for letting yourself feel them. That can be so, so hard.

As for the upcoming marathon, I think Casey should run. Maybe he could run at an “Emily pace” and try to finish at the time you were shooting to finish at yourself? Maybe that would be a challenge in its own way to him, instead of the usual getting your best time, and would be another way for him to honour the fact that he is running this race specifically for you.

Anyway, best of luck in your recovery. Thanks for always being you.


Quirky Jessi     at 7:13 pm

I’m with the others and think he should run if there’s a way to drop his numbers from the ranking. I don’t think it’d be fair if he ‘did’ disrupt the rankings.

After seeing Kelly’s response, it concerns me that you guys could get into major trouble for this, but if Ida is right about just not wearing the tag (or some other alternative of not actually having numbers recorded….he could just record his own numbers), then go for it. It’s obviously a personal call, but you did pay for the race already and the circumstances were unavoidable.


amy     at 7:21 pm

Aww, I can’t believe they said no under the circumstances =( I’m sure this is a silly question, but will you be getting your money back then??


Kelli     at 7:28 pm

I ran under another person’s bib in Chicago so I don’t see a problem, just as long as he would not alter an age/sex top spot. He certainly won’t be the only one. Don’t worry, you’ll be back at it in no time, I’ll be cheering you on!


John Densing     at 7:32 pm

My wife pointed out your post. I am one of the race directors for a large marathon. Many of the large races that sell out quickly (MCM, NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, etc) have ‘private eyes’ that have scanners and scan the race numbers to look for someone ‘banditing’ – or illegally running- a race. If they catch this, both the registered athlete and the bandit are barred from the race for three years. It is not worth it. See if you can get a deferral. It’s a lot easier to hide if it is a girl your age running, but he would just stick out like a sore thumb.

Feel better.


emily @ the front burner blog Reply:

Oh wow. I had no idea!! Thanks for the heads up. I definitely don’t want to do anything like that or upset race officials. Thank you for letting me know! We will cheer together from the sidelines. :)


Regina     at 7:41 pm

As a Marine wife I think Casey should run. And here’s why I prefaced my opinion:

Because in the Marine Corps things happen and it’s the unwritten code of the USMC to support your brothers (and sister’s) in arms. When one goes down, the others are there to fill their shoes and pick them up. In daily duties, in the field and while deployed. So in that spirit, seeing as it IS the Marine Corps Marathon, I feel it’s only reasonable that your husband be there to “fill your shoes”. I’d also make that argument if something like the above happens (where they tried to ban you). Although after 9 years as a Marine SO I can’t imagine them doing something like that. Good luck!


Lindsay Reply:

Also a Marine spouse and I disagree. Honor, Courage, Commitment; with honor above all else. She didn’t die in combat, she just got hurt at an inconvenient time. Sucks, but not a good enough reason to bend rules.

Feel your (eat your entry fee) pain though Emily! It’s my second year missing the MCM, last year was an ITB injury 2 wks before the race, and this year I’m 23 wks pregnant. We’ll BOTH be in the game next year!!! :)


Regina Reply:

Lindsay– I can see where honor would play a role if Casey was a woman trying to pass as Emily and trying to place with her bib, pretending to be her. But to run in her place 1) so that the money for the entry fee isn’t lost and 2) to fill in his wife’s shoes because she can’t because of an injury is not dishonorable. I’d actually see it AS honorable because he’s stepping in to support her as any good partner should.


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

CONGRATS on being pregnant! How exciting!! I honestly had no idea the bib transfer was such a big deal. A no brainier now – definitely not running!


Jayna @ Healthy Living Bites Reply:

AWESOME thinking Regina! BTW- thank you for your role in helping to keep our country safe (sorry to high jack the comments).

Emily- totally understand the decision NOT to have Casey run in your stead, but it’d be awesome if the Marine Corps could see this comment and understand the reasoning behind the thought for him to run in your place. I hope you at least get it deferred. . . that way you have a goal to work towards as you heal! (it helps, it also helps to be able to have dates in mind. . . dates that are reasonable!)


Rachel     at 7:41 pm

I think you can still defer to next year with a fee, that way you don’t have to worry about bending the rules and you can both enjoy being spectators this year!


Lauren     at 7:45 pm

Wow, go Casey!!! I think he was really running this 1/2 for you, which is why he did so awesome. ;)

YES!!! Omg, I don’t see anything wrong with him running as your Bibb. Seriously, he is basically your other 1/2 anyways and he is doing this on behalf of you. I think it’s not only okay, I think it’s the sweetest thing in the world.


Kath     at 7:50 pm

Go Casey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t believe FREYA is running!


Emilyeatsclean     at 7:53 pm

Dang Casey is fast!! What a great time!! At first I was thinking that Casey should run the marathon in your place (I mean dang that is a LOT of money), but after reading the comment above about “scanners” or “private eyes” at marathons and the possibility of getting banned from a race is kinda scary……I don’t know what the right thing to do is?!?! Good luck with your decision.


Krystina (Organically Me)     at 8:03 pm

I think he should run. Also, congrats Casey on an awesome run!


Pauline     at 8:13 pm

Casey should run!

Forget the “scanners” and anyone else who says differently. It’s just a race, after all. As we know from your recent accident, there are MUCH bigger things in the world to be worried about. Wishing you a speedy recovery!


Avery     at 8:14 pm

Your strength is so inspiring! I think it’s so awesome that you had the courage and desire to go cheer your husband on, in spite of your injuries! Keep it up! You’re awesome :)

P.S. — Holy fast husband! Wow. I think Casey should definitely run. There’s no sense in letting a good race go to waste!


Kate     at 8:16 pm

Casey should run!


tina     at 8:19 pm

i totally say have him run it!

your positive attitude about this stuff is amazing, rock on girlfriend!


Stephanie     at 8:38 pm

I think Casey should run, but then I also would hate for either of you to get in “trouble”. Its a tough call! If you can get it deferred to next year, that’s what I would do.

Best of luck with your recovery. You were in such great shape before the accident that you wont have a problem getting back up to that fitness level again. And if you ever need some advice, I work for a great physical therapist in DC. Maybe I will see you and/or Casey at MCM!. :)


Miriam     at 8:41 pm

I think you could have a clear conscious if Casey ran it without a race chip. That way he’s not officially running, but you’re still getting your money out of it.


Stephanie     at 8:42 pm

I would suggest deferring your entry to next year, just in case. I’d be too worried about him getting caught (especially because it’s a guy running with a girl’s number) and BOTH of you getting banned in the future, which is a possibility. Sure, you’re out the transfer fee, but at least you’re already guaranteed a spot in next years race!


Anotherpage     at 8:47 pm

YES! YES! YES! I think he should definitely run in it! I don’t think it would be wrong at all! You paid $110 and had a tragic accident happen- you should not be penalized by this! …anymore than you already have to! So I say go ahead and let him RUN!


Lindsay     at 9:11 pm

Casey should run!


Jenny     at 9:12 pm

That’s sad they aren’t letting him run for you! Especially for what happened to you! It should at least be a sympathy yes : ) Have fun anyways, and I thinks it’s honorable of ya’ll to follow the rules!


Bess @ Bess Be Fit     at 9:17 pm

Casey’s a great runner! From the looks of the comments, don’t let him run for you! It’s unfortunate if you lose that money but hopefully some race official will understand you got hit by a car…sort of not something you plan for!! Anyways you looked cute cheering him on, its nice to see you smiling!


Heather     at 9:22 pm

what an awesome time, he did great! I bet you are so proud! so sorry you won’t be able to run the race you trained so hard for!


beth     at 9:31 pm

I know with such a huge field there can’t be many exceptions to rules or else everyone would be pulling something, but man, you’ve pretty well documented your situation here :(

on the upside, now that you’re living in DC, if you defer to next year that gives you so much time to run sections of the course and have an amazing hometown MCM next year! and congrats to casey on being such a fastie.


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 9:34 pm

I was going to say Yes! He should run – until I read everyone else’s answers. There are some smart readers out there!


Sarah K. @ The Pajama Chef     at 9:42 pm

the columbus marathon looks awesome! i’m sorry you couldn’t run it though.


MB     at 9:56 pm

I’ve never commented before but LOVE your blog, and wish you a speedy recovery xoxo <3


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Thank you so much! That means a lot :)


Annie@stronghealthyfit     at 9:57 pm

That shouldn’t be such a big deal, for Casey to take your number. I think he should do it!


Brandy     at 10:26 pm

Yes! He should run. He doesn’t have to cross the finish line!! You have been quite a trooper and this would be the best way for you to experience this race that you have trained so hard for. :)

As for Columbus – that was my first (and third) marathon. Definitely a fun course! No problem passing by the finish line at the halfway point though – you usually still feel pretty darned good at that point. If you went by it at mile twenty, well that would be pure torture. :)


MA*     at 10:40 pm

Whoa, listen to the race official! Does the money go to any cause other than the production of the race? At least you could feel slightly better about losing the $ to something that will benefit from it.


Liz     at 10:40 pm

I think the restrictions on bib transfers are overkill. I understand the liability issues involved, but it creates more hardships than it helps, in my opinion.

Also, funny aside, the female winner of the Columbus Half is my trainer. And it was her first half! Really hoping I can learn something from her…


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

That is awesome!


whitney     at 6:50 am

I understand your pain with the whole not being able to run thing.

I have been training for the richmond marathon and hurt myself during a long run. I now have crutches and a cracked pelvic bone and my marathon is in 3 weeks.

It’s a hard thing but there is always another one. I’m so glad your husband chose to run! I’m not sure about the marine corp one. I don’t’ think it will really mess anything up though. A time is a time.


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Boooo I am so sorry about your marathon. Hopefully we will both be in top shape next year! :)


Amy     at 7:02 am

I have no real comment on the marathon – I just don’t know what you should do!

I did just want to comment, though, to tell you your shoes are so cute! Where did you get them?


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Haha they are my old lady walking shoes! I love that you like them – I love them too! They are called Terrasoles – I got them here in Old Town.


Therese     at 7:55 am

Way to go Casey! Holy shmoly!!!

Who knows, perhaps this was meant to be in some strange way that you just don’t know about yet. When you DO run MCM next year you’ll be AMAZING!!!


Kristy     at 8:03 am

7 minute miles? that might be the definition of EPIC!?! :-) I bet you were an EPIC cheer-er!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

YES! He is so fast. :)


J     at 8:10 am

Bummer that they won’t lat you transfer! I am a play by the rules kind of girl and I don’t think he should run with your number. You are lucky that it is a race that allows deferrals–many races don’t! I say go out and watch the race with your husband. It will be hard I’m sure but hopefully it will get you excited about next year’s race.


Katka     at 8:14 am

Firstly: congratulations to your husband – he is amazing (i wish mine would run with me lol)
Secondly: I am so sorry about the race, but it does not seem reasonable for him to run – i think you made the right decision. but 110 $ lost suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leanne @ Radiant, Balanced & Fit     at 8:53 am

Dooooo it!


Katie     at 9:07 am

I see you already got the issue figured out about MCM. Back to the other race- I just visited Columbus for the first time in September and it is such a nice city!! Really lovely shops and restaurants and parks. Glad you made it out to cheer!


Stephanie @ The Cookie Battle     at 9:14 am

I know that it’s a sensitive issue and all, but I feel that in extenuating circumstances such as this, exceptions should be made. But that’s just my 2 cents!


Maryann     at 9:54 am

Hi Emily,
I’m not a runner so I’m not getting into any discussions.
You are lucky to be alive and are bruised all over where you can not even see. So you are doing all you can do. You might need Physical Therapy for your knee. We sell Hot Tubs it sure would help after the stiches are out. It would help loosen it up. We’re too far away from you.
You go girl and do a little each day. Don’t force it. Time heals All wounds as they say and it’s true.
Lancaster Co Gal


Jocelyn @ EnthusiasticRunner     at 10:03 am

I know people who are doing in for the NYC Marathon….unless he is going to win the whole thing :) Totally let him run in your place!


Katie @ Shared Bites     at 10:35 am

It sounds like you are already super-positive about this whole issue, but here are a few additional bennies of taking this year off:

1) MCM is the morning after Halloween. Now you can party all night!

2) MCM is an AWESOME spectator race. I know you won’t be that mobile, but there are so many great spots to watch from downtown. Because of the course, you’ll be able to see your friends a bunch of times.

3) Boston is sold out for 2011 anyway (don’t worry, that’s a joke). ;)


Katie @ Shared Bites Reply:

Well, the morning after Halloween celebrations…


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Haha love the Boston joke. That was NOT happening. :) I actually cheered at MCM last year, and loved it so much that I decided to run this year! Third time’s the charm?


Becca     at 11:14 am

Okay, I’ve never commented before, but I stumbled upon your blog from Kath’s blog….and can I just say that I am already in LOVE with it! You are just such a sweet light despite all that has happened in the past week! I also appreciate your honesty about the ups and downs of your emotions. Honesty is refreshing!

I’m sorry about the marathon…but hopefully you will be back on your feet by then and have a great time being a spectator!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Hi Becca – so glad you found the blog! :)


Stacey     at 11:19 am

I’m glad he still ran it too! There is no way I would let Jason quit a race just because of me! And your husband is amazingly fast!! His finishing time is awesome :D


Amber K     at 1:25 pm

I”m so glad to see that you hare making a wise decision! Not only in resting, but also not going against the rules.

While I really think that it sucks that you’re out the money and experience, I’m always irked when people try and bend the rules or laws. They are there for a reason.


Amber K Reply:

wow, I meant ARE making a wise decision. ;)


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

I agree. I’m not mad that they won’t let me transfer. I understand that people would take advantage of the system if they didn’t have rules in place!


Julie (A Case of the Runs)     at 5:56 pm

I also think that the race coordinators should be more understanding!

If it were me, I would do what one person suggested: give him the bib but not the tag. Maybe he can hide part of the bib so the pix don’t come out.


Amelia     at 7:35 pm

Great race recap! Sorry that I missed seeing you. I guess next time you run Columbus :)

You’re so right about the brutal turnoff for the half-marathon finishers. The worst part was for the last mile of the half everyone kept yelling “You’re almost done” and of course the fact that everyone was cheering and we still had 13 miles was ROUGH.

Thanks for being a great spectator! You’ll run MCM soon enough :)


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

I am sad that we missed each other. :( I thought that turnoff looked terrible! I am SO proud of you for another solid marathon! Perhaps the Pig in the spring?


Hilary     at 10:11 pm

Wow. I’ve read a lot of the answers and honestly, I’m mad. I think what the race officials are doing is just bullsh!t. you were HIT BY A CAR. You’re not bailing b/c you didn’t train properly or even trying to get your $$ back. You’re just trying to be sure your bib is ultimately represented.
I think they’re just being a$$es and are using their “official” status to hide behind to ultimately screw you over.

Just FYI- race officials (if you’re reading this)- I will never run your race. Your cause will never get my $$$. Have a heart.


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

It’s okay. I totally understand that rules are rules – it makes sense. People would abuse the system otherwise. I will just come back stronger next year!


María     at 5:19 pm

Hope they let you defer it or even get your money back, but I don’t think Casey should run in your place. I’m glad you made that decision.
This year in Buenos Aires Half Marathon the organization made a concious effort against banditing and illegal bib transfers and I have to applaud that, I support 100% legal racing.
Also, in such a BIG marathon they can’t really pay attention to every last minute claim, even a very well founded as your is. That could escalate into insanity very easy!
Hope you get better soon


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