Coming Around.

After Monday’s disastrous doctor’s appointment, I was a little apprehensive heading to another new doctor this morning.  Luckily I did my research a bit better the second time, and I am happy to report that my new doctor was wonderful and exactly what I was looking for – hurrah!

Many of you have asked what’s going on with my injuries and healing, and I haven’t mentioned it too much since there isn’t really much to tell.  Today’s appointment confirmed a few things I had already suspected myself – there is still a good bit of swelling and fluid collecting in my left knee.  Because the wounds are still healing, the doctor wasn’t able to do too much assessment, but she did give me the OK to start trying to stretch it out a bit more and get it moving around little by little.  In the next week or two, I’ll be seeing an orthopedic doctor to figure out what happens next.  As for the cut itself, I’m still rocking the temporary stitches…

IMG_2547 (640x480)

Now I’m just waiting for them to fall off – then we’ll be able to tell how bad the scarring and lingering damage might be.  The cut itself was WIDE open when it occurred, so they had to sort of stretch my skin back together to stitch it closed (gross, I know, but you guys keep asking!).  Because of that, combined with the fluid and swelling, I haven’t been able to bend my knee in two weeks.  It is really uncomfortable to bend it much, so I have been propping it up and walking with a strange limp since I ditched my crutches on Wednesday.  At least it looks like it is starting to heal back together!

IMG_2546 (640x459)

As for the other injuries, the bumps and bruises are beginning to fade and are starting to feel a bit less sore.  It’s amazing how long the body takes to recover from a trauma!  Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before the traces of this whole ordeal are just a few scars and memories.

IMG_2548 (640x480)

On a much brighter note, we finally ventured off of the couch today.  For the past two weeks I have been in my house almost all of the time, trying to limit activity and rest my healing legs as much as possible.  When I left for my doctors appointment, I was shocked to see how much had changed – while I was stuck in my own little medical meltdown in my house, nature had moved on and done it’s thing. 

IMG_2539 (640x484)

Gorgeous changing trees everywhere!

IMG_2540 (481x640)

Old town gets more and more beautiful every day.  I have heard so much about the Christmas celebrations here, and I am literally counting the days.  No one loves Christmas more than me.  :)

IMG_2541 (479x640)

Walking around the streets today, I can’t help but think about what this weekend should have been.  I should be carbo-loading and planning my race day outfit.  I should be making plans to head to the expo tomorrow and pick up my race packet.  None of those things are happening because of someone else’s carelessness.  But you know what?  It’s okay.

I had my pity party at the starting line of the Columbus Marathon – realizing I wasn’t running, and overcoming the sadness of opportunities lost.  So this Sunday’s race is going to be different.  I’m looking at this accident as a chance to start over.  Even though I was finally hitting my stride, prior to that I had been in kind of a running funk for a while.  Maybe there was a bigger plan to help me get back on track, and fall back in love with the sport that has played such an important role in my life.  And when the day comes that I can finally lace up my Mizunos again, I am certain I won’t take it for granted.

Instead of feeling sad, I’m looking forward to this weekend.  Casey’s parents had originally planned to come into town and cheer for me, and instead now I’ll get to spend more time with them on the sidelines.  I get to cheer on my friends (and strangers) and watch people conquer the physical and emotional challenges of a marathon

Because as any runner knows, despite what it may seem – running is not an individual sport.  Sure, it’s your two legs getting the job done, but very few people get to the starting line all by themselves.  Running is about sharing your victories (and failures) with family and friends, swapping stories with training buddies and running groups, and supportive spouses who toss you Gatorade and worry when you do your long runs.  So on Sunday, I will still participate in the Marine Corps Marathon.  Not as a run
ner, like I originally planned, but as a friend, cheerleader, smiling stranger, and fellow marathoner.

IMG_2542 (640x474)

And you can be sure that no one will be cheering louder than me.