DC Rally to Restore Sanity.

This morning started off with a trip to the airport before the sun was even up!  Casey and I hit the road to Baltimore to pick up his parents, who are in town visiting us for the whole week!  It is such a nice treat to have them here.  We are secretly hoping they will fall in love with it and want to move here.  :)

We got some brunch and hit up the farmer’s market in Old Town, before setting out on our day’s adventures.  Casey and his mom are both big fans of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, so we braved the crowds to head up to the mall to be part of the Rally to Restore Sanity.  We assumed it would be a mad house, but I wasn’t really prepared for just how crazy it would be.  This was my first big DC event, and it made me appreciate just how cool it is to live in a place where important things are happening.

The minute our train pulled into the station, we knew we were in for a wild ride.  I have honestly never seen that many people crammed into one spot.  It was just a never-ending wall of bodies.  To be honest, it made me a little nervous.  I’m not usually claustrophobic, but for some reason being packed in like that underground made me feel a little anxious.

IMG_2550 (640x479)

Eventually we made our way out into daylight.  There was so much energy in the crowd – it felt spectacular.

IMG_2555 (640x462)

It was such a perfect day to be out on the Mall and enjoying the sunshine.  It is finally VEST season – my favorite time of year.  Casey makes so much fun of me for it, but I have a thing for puffy vests.  I have three of them.  :)

IMG_2556 (480x640)

We got down to the Mall area where the rally was taking place and found ourselves lost in a giant sea of people.

IMG_2559 (640x465)

This is about as close as we could get – we could see the stage and hear the speakers and musicians, but we were still probably two city blocks away.

IMG_2560 (640x472)

IMG_2561 (640x495)

Even if we couldn’t see much of the rally itself, it was fun to be part of something big.  Not to mention all the beautiful scenery we had to enjoy!

IMG_2562 (640x478)

It is so fun having Tina and Eddie here!

IMG_2563 (476x640)

All sorts of people came out for the rally – crazy costumes (I think Halloween played a big role in that too), all sorts of funny signs (my favorite was “Fear the McRib”), and one guy even brought a piano with him!

IMG_2564 (468x640)

Some people definitely went all out to deliver their messages.

IMG_2568 (640x470)

We walked around to the side of the stage to get a better view where we could see a bit more, and from there we could actually see Colbert taking to the crowd.

IMG_2567 (640x479)

Eventually we decided the crowds were a bit insane, and we set off to
find a less packed-in area to do some sightseeing.

IMG_2570 (640x474)

We made our way over to the Capitol so that we could walk all around it.  Tina and Eddie haven’t been here in a really long time, and have never really done much sightseeing or exploring – it’s fun to get to do it with them.

IMG_2573 (473x640)

Gorgeous colors of fall everywhere.  What a wonderful city backdrop.

IMG_2576 (640x358)

I know I talk about it all the time, but this city just never gets old.

IMG_2577 (640x480)

Jeggings!  :)

IMG_2579 (481x640)

The view of the rally from the Capitol was AWESOME. You could see just how far the crowd stretched into the distance.

IMG_2583 (640x477)

I’m really interested to hear how many people they think came out for today’s events – I have to guess it was hundreds of thousands. 

IMG_2585 (640x479)

It was a little hard for me to get around, but I’m rocking a new fancy knee brace, and just took the walking nice and sloooooow.  Hope my company wasn’t annoyed to have to hang with the slow poke all day.

IMG_2589 (479x640)

Even as the rally neared the end, there were people camped out everywhere you can imagine.  Check out the steps of the Archives!

IMG_2594 (640x472)

People even started climbing statues and trees to get a better view.  Pretty bold if you ask me!

IMG_2595 (443x640)

The rest of our afternoon was spent battling metros, and eventually making our way back to Old Town for a delicious Thai dinner by the water.  It was fun to participate in our first big DC event.  I can only imagine what it is like to be here for the Inauguration and other big political events!  Looking forward to many more events in our new city, and a wonderful weekend of sightseeing and exploring with my in-laws!

(Wrote this post last night and as I went to push publish, my battery died – grrrr.  Off to cheer at the marathon!)