The Water’s Edge.

Ever since we moved here just a little over one month ago, it has been so much fun for me to adjust to working from home.  Our dogs are spoiled to death by having us home all the time, and we are lucky enough to sit side by side at our big communal desk together.  (Good thing we like each other so much!)

But sometimes the dogs get whiny, our chairs feel stiff, and we just need a little outside stimulation.  So every other day or so, we typically pack up our laptops and head into town to work from local coffee shops.  I am totally in love with King Street, so I walk up there every chance I can get.  I mean there is a TROLLEY – doesn’t get more charming than that.

IMG_1369 (477x640)

While heading to today’s work spot, I may or may not have stopped into Banana Republic and bought denim leggings.  Are these still in style?  Let’s hope so.  I have zero fashion sense.

IMG_1364 (480x640)

Today’s coffee shop of choice – one of two Starbucks located on the long stretch of King Street. 

IMG_1370 (640x475)

We affectionately refer to this one as “The Starbunker.”  It is actually a historic seaside restaurant that was build in 1765, and all of the original stone and architecture is still there.

IMG_1361 (480x640)

It sort of feels like you are working from an underground stone cave – very charming and cozy.

IMG_1365 (480x640)

It was pretty crowded today, so we had to share a tiny table in the middle.  Usually we sit in the comfy lounge chairs in the corner, but someone had decided to take a nap there today…

IMG_1363 (465x640)

Since I drank close to a gallon of coffee this morning at home, I opted for a simple chai tea as my “I’m buying something since I’m taking up space and using your internet” drink.

IMG_1367 (640x472)

My favorite thing about working from this particular Starbucks, is actually what is waiting just around the corner.  Can you see it?

IMG_1368 (468x640)

The beautiful waterfront marina, just steps away. 

IMG_1371 (479x640)

I have always been a reflective type of person.  I think that’s why I love the water so much.  Something about sitting and staring at water makes me feel so peaceful and calm.

IMG_1372 (640x474)

IMG_1373 (640x479)

IMG_1374 (640x478)

Typically this area is bustling with tourists and families.  But on a cloudy afternoon like today, I had the waterfront almost entirely to myself.

IMG_1384 (640x478)

IMG_1375 (640x477)

IMG_1376 (479x640)

IMG_1381 (640x471)

After a short 15 minute walk around the water’s edge, I headed back to the Starbunker feeling calm and relaxed, ready to plow through my inbox and to-do list.

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A few fun things of note today…

In case you missed it on Twitter, make sure to check out my guest post over at dailySpark!

Finally sitting down and writing out my “healthy journey” was very liberating.  So after over two years of blogging, I was finally able to add some long-overdue content to my About Me page – check it out!

On a different end of the Internet, a few of my favorite fall recipes are posted in New Jersey Life Health & Beauty Magazine – yum!

Trying my very first yoga class here in my new hometown tonight.  Excited and a teeny bit nervous – wish me luck!